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Adult Theme

This game has an adult theme, both in violence and sexual content. In addition to consensual role play, you will at some point lose to an NPC and trigger a defeat message, which is a typically a lengthy pre-generated paragraph of how the attacker sexually assaulted you. These can result in programmatic pregnancy if you have female parts. There are merits to help avoid this, but eventually you will see this happen to you or a party member. Additionally, some quests have sexual content in their text.

Background (Short Form)

See various pages in the theme section for long version.

A nanite virus has overrun the world. The result is a wide and wild variety of mutations. There are furries, living robots, monsters, and mythical beings of nearly all shapes and sizes. Most people are driven mad by the virus. Many feel the need to procreate with anyone and everyone, whereas others act on some instinct related to their mutation. You are one of the sane people helping control the less sane people and put the world back together.

You will start off human at character creation, but NPCs infect you in battle. Also, players can exchange infections by vials. Mutations are not completed by a single infection, and players commonly have partial mutations of several types.


See the category for further details.

Perks (formerly known as Merits) mostly are used to determine how the mutations will affect your appearance. You get a total of 50 points to spend, 20 of which are free at the start. After those free points, each perk will cost 10x Point Value in EXP. There are also some perks that give in-game advantages, although the advantages are often small.

Determining how big your cock can grow or how many breasts you can have may seem silly... until you're infected by strains like the Ember Matriarch (14 breasts total) or the Happy Hugely Hung Hyper Horse (50 inch long cock). Also consider the side affects of having and not having a perk. Being infection immune or resistant might cut out a large part of the game for you. Having a vagina means the possibility of pregnancy. Lastly, having more than 20 of cock or a breast bigger than the body is useful only for showing off and roleplaying.

Writing a Description

The game gives you an automatic description that includes your skin, arms, legs, torso, breasts, penis, and vagina. If you took the 'Looks Human' perk, you will get a 'They look surprisingly human' line in place of all body parts. This automatic description should never be contradicted. In your custom description, you should include things like hair, eyes, clothing (some go nude), and distinguishing features. Avoid background details, emotions, and things people couldn't know simply by looking at you.

Writing a Background

Where were you before?

In the chaos of the outbreak, people came from all over looking to get away from the ones that didn't keep their sanity. Some people don't remember where they came from. Others come from a wide variety of backgrounds. All three factions aren't picky about who they hire as new agents. The only requirement is (some) sanity.

How did you get there?

Currently, there are two cities and three starting factions. You somehow managed to end up as one of the sane people instead of the horny crazy people. How did you manage to do that? Zephyr and RSX help people who survive initial infection through drugs, whereas Prometheans are said to do it through sheer force of will.

Starting Factions


Your typical giant evil mega corp. They employ and exploit equally regardless of furry, metal hide, or plain old humanness, all under the guise of putting the world back together (so says their employee handbook).


RSX tolerates mutations but prefers humans. In terms of role play and theme, mutated agents will always be low-level workers. They are a government organization in an era where government is falling apart. They are trying to help put the world back together and seek to cure all those crazy, sex-crazed furries, even if they don't want to be cured.


They want people to embrace their mutations, but not in the crazy insane way. They have very liberal views on family and sexual activities and don't want to cure people of their mutations. They do want to help the nutty ones think normally again and embrace their new bodies.

Starting Locations

  • Zephyr is located in Fairhaven, California, USA. There are furries in the streets, but there's a wider variety of creatures elsewhere.
  • RSX is in located in the northeastern part of Fairhaven. They were previously located in Woodfield, Washington state, USA, but they decided to move their headquarters to Fairhaven to collaborate more closely with the other major factions.
  • The Prometheans are located in New Dawn, a large village on the northwest side of Fairhaven.

Theme points

  • Your faction probably saved you from the infection in some way. Drugs to keep you sane? Food, clothing, a bed, and guns to fend off the crazies? These are things that you probably got from your faction.
  • Mutations of all shapes and sizes are common, but you may or may not consider them normal. Maybe you were human before P-Day, maybe they just disgust you.
  • Getting mauled, raped, or even both on the streets is also common. You may or may not be happy about that, but it happens, generally several times a day to the weak.
  • There are people looking for a cure. Are you happy about it? Prometheans don't want to be cured. Maybe you like looking like a cosplay convention attendee? Maybe you can't wait to be human again?
  • Fucking your way out of a fight is also normal. Taking one for the team often means getting down on all fours and waiting for your attacker to finish, if that's what it takes to save your friends. Getting mutated from it is par for the course. Who knows, maybe you're into that?
  • Supplies are the one thing that are in short supply, ironically. You will probably get a lot of quests and missions to help get more supplies. Even the mega corps are shopping at the thrift store, but their version of shopping is sending someone to defeat the Collie Herms - one gun or screw at a time.
  • The streets of your city are bad, but other places are far worse. One example is Las Vegas, where the infection went completely wild and reduced the city's population to goo. Stories of horrible nightmare-ish scenarios are probably being passed around wherever your faction members meet.

Professions and Classes


See the category or the full list of proficiencies for further details.

Professions are non-combat abilities. Some have automated uses related to crafting, salvaging, etc. Each profession gives you proficiency points, and these can stack up to three times, only going as high as 30 in those cases. You can select up to six professions as soon as you start the game.


See the category for further details.

Classes give 10 combat skills and 6 unique powers, which the player unlocks as they level up. Classes can be changed anytime out of combat, without any penalties. Roles can also be selected for an additional 16 combat skills but no extra powers. You can even gain the first 4 powers from a second class with a Dual Soul Pendant item.


If you have female parts, there's a good chance you will eventually get pregnant. Some merits prevent pregnancy or female parts. If you get pregnant, you will have a charge debuff until the child is born. Once is it is born, you get a child object that you can summon to aid you in battle. Some merits and combat skills assist with summoning children.


After each victory, you have a small chance of collecting Builder Nanites. You can equip a Nanite Collector to improve this chance. These are used to craft upgrades to your equipment and via the "nanite" command.

With more powerful collectors, such as the one buyable with mako, you can also collect Infection Vials. These can be used to mutate you if they're not too strong for your body (too high level).