Ultimate Fishing Rod

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Ultimate Fishing Rod stats
Description You are the kingfisher, or king of all fish. Hell, you even seem to be able to swim like a fish with this thing in your hands.
Cred Cost 100000 Ingredients None
Salvage Rare Mechanical X 1
Uncommon Edible X 2
Common Edible X 5
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 20
Item Stats eqmulti? of No
Loadout of 5
100% chance of FishingRod at magnitude 35 for 100 rounds.
100% chance of WaterAdaption at magnitude 5 for 100 rounds.
Status Mag of -75%
Target of Self NoAoE
Type of Auto, Passive, Self
Upgrade Cost of 10
Upkeep of 3

Ultimate Fishing Rod/Extra Notes Edit notes