Uber Fox (dedication)

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The Uber Fox likes to be "above" you.


Within the Dark Forest is a hidden shrine, where you can dedicate as an Uber Fox for 50 Mako.


Uber Fox (dedication)

Groin: Deep Healing
Head: Transfixing Gaze
Legs: Charge,Feline Agility
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Solid Frame

Uber Foxes have a Lustful Musk that saps enemies wills to fight by making them more and more lustful, whereas reinvigorating allies. Their Forgetful Nibble causes an enemy to forget their desire to win, invigorating the Uber Fox while weakening their enemy. Additionally, they recover a small amount of energy when they defeat an enemy.

Thematic Information

The Uber Foxes are a race of cursed fox like beings. They can leech the will to fight from their chosen prey, and are reinvigorated in victory, leeching the very same energy for their own gain.