Twin Hooks

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Twin Hooks stats
Description Also known as "tiger hook swords", these weapons have a sharp blade, though possibly thicker or sometimes unsharpened, with a prong or hook (similar to a shepherd's crook) near the tip. Guards are substantial, in the style of butterfly swords. Often used in pairs, the hooks of the weapons may be used to trap or deflect other weapons. With a little nudge from modern weaponsmithing however, they have been breathed new life and purpose in their ability to siphon and funnel reconstructive materials from the victim to the user, essentially turning their sharpened hook points into metaphorical vampire fangs.
Cred Cost 7500 Ingredients None
Salvage Common Mechanical X 6
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 5
Item Stats Charge of 400
Cooldown of 5200
Damage of 20
Damage Type of Slash
Damage Variance of 1
Energy of 21
Loadout of 18
Penetration of 3
100% chance of DamageBuffDebuff at magnitude 3 for 5 rounds.
100% chance of PierceDamage at magnitude 3 for 5 rounds.
Target of Single Enemy
Type of Melee Vampiric
Upkeep of 6
Vampiric of 50

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