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Species: Fairy
Gender: Female
Changes gender: Yes
Location: The Grey Abbey
Must be found?: No
Events: saveword
Sex?: No
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: None


Look, it's Trixie, the story fairy! She's about three inches tall, large for her particular breed. She has bright reddish-purple hair and smooth brown skin. Wielded in her right hand is a relatively large wand of old world oak with a great fancy bauble at the end that looks like a cutely renditioned skunk girl head, grinning at you no matter what angle you view it from. Trixie is well shaped, with, relative to the rest of her mass, B cup breasts and wide hips. Her feet are covered in shimmering gold sandals of sorts. Her chest is covered in a t-shirt that reads 'Let's skip to the good stuff!'

Trixie's got a button on her t-shirt that says 'Cheaters type iwannacheat' on it, and a second one that says 'Check out the artwork credits' Hmmm.

She's also found a ballcap on that says 'load game to activate your last save word. Using saveword will replace it with a new magic word.' That's a lot to put on a ballcap that small, but for some reason you're able to read it all easily.


  • Trixie the Story Fairy is the developer's implementation of a save system that works across different versions of the game. This allows the player to bring characters from older versions into more up to date ones, or to switch between the web-based version and the downloaded version. Older save files will not work with newer versions, so savewords are the only way to keep your progress.
  • The Cheat Menu is also available through Trixie as well, though selecting any of the cheating options will result in a significant hit to the player's score. Half of this penalty can be recovered later if the cheats are deactivated.
  • Settings like Vore, Unbirthing, Oviposition and others can be controlled through Trixie's menu.
  • Trixie has no part in the story; she exists only as a way to provide menu options for the player.

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