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TinTin++ is a highly configurable open source MUD client available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and android. Installation instructions and source code can be found at https://tintin.sourceforge.io. It runs from the CLI and is entirely text based - perfect for minimalists!

Useful Features

  • UTF-8, 256 colour support
  • SSL connections
  • Has a capable automatic map generator
  • Fully scriptable for macros, event-based triggers, etc


Create an initial startup script as per the official Getting Started guide, and include the following lines:

#config {charset} {utf-8};
#config {256 colors} {on};
#ssl {Flexible Survival} {flexiblesurvival.com} {2002};

If all goes well, you should now see a message from the flexible survival server that starts with the text "Welcome to Flexible Survival". Type connect <character name> <password> to log in.

User Interfaces

One of the most powerful features of tintin++ is its scripting capabilities. Combined with a few commonly available tools like tmux, the minimalist UI can be improved in pretty much any way you want, such as separating chat channels into a different area of the screen, keeping track of your character's health/inventory/etc.

If anyone wishes to share their setup/configuration, feel free to add an entry here.

Inutt's UI

Screenshot of Flexible Survival in tintin++ with Inutt's UI

A collections of scripts that produce a reasonable UI, written by Inutt. (Disclaimer: He's also the one that wrote this page). It's in the early stages but works reasonably well, although it was intended for use on a Linux system where several other tools will be available - other operating systems may be supported, but are entirely untested so far.

It can be downloaded from GitLab, where you can also find more detailed usage instructions, and a version of tintin++ with a slightly improved map display.