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Camped at the entrance to the highway is a human male dressed in overalls, and despite Zephyr giving the call for agents, the man is wearing a Promethian illuminated helmet. He leans against the cab of what looks like a salvaged blue pickup truck and trailer, quite a few panels of it looking like they were eaten through by nanites. As everyone gathers he speaks: "I'm Smithson and I'll be driving you out to Tahoe today, because Zephyr can't be bothered to send a chopper..." He sighs, rolling his eyes a bit. "The trip will take at least a day or two, so I hope you brought camping supplies or something. You can pack your things on the trailer with mine." He points to the trailer, where a few supplies are already wrapped up, including extra gas for the truck. "Any questions?"

Firecracker perches atop the truck as the group arrives and receives their briefing. "Oh! A camping trip, yay!" the pint-sized pink pegasus cheers as she claps her forehooves together happily, ringing out hollow little sounds as they connect. "Oh, and I'm Firecracker! What're all your names?" she asks the group and each person to arrive, making sure to get everyones name for the new adventure!

Ah, the thrills of a glorious expedition outside the bubble! Excitement! Treasure! Adventure! The downsides were clear-cut, ofcourse... and Otto did so hate that rotten feeling in his gut whenever he left the signal's reach, but he'd learned to cope with it during his previous expeditions. Garbed in his battlegear, with all his armaments present, polished and primed for use, the well prepared canine took long, wide strides alongside Cerl. With a smile on his face and a kick in his step, Otto lead the way to the rendezvous point, taking care to pace himself at least a little. His mate was carrying a bit more than usual as well, after all. She had most of their supplies, despite his offer to take some of the load.

"This is gonna be great, hon! About damn time we did something like this." the enthusiastic coyote exclaims as he turns and walks backwards for a few moments, his armored boots leaving large prints in their wake. "Sure hope nobody gets flattened." A sincere wish coming from a good place, if worded rather bluntly. Once they arrive at the vehicle, he greets Firecracker with a bright smile and a wave, "Heya Fire. I had a feeling I'd be seeing you here." the canine snerks, then turns to the human "Questions? Uhhh... no. I guess not." At least not for now. Otto crosses his arms and leans against the hood of the truck, then awaits the arrival of the others, greeting each with a nod, and a smile.

Draken is nervous. this will be her first expedition outside of the bubble in years. The last one did not go so well. She walks to the place with a decidedly uncertain look, making sure to stay close to Ebreus.

Ebreus walks down the highway toward the meeting place alongside Draken. As he walks he adjusts the straps of his varius packs and pieces of equipment and taking note of where each strap rests easiest so he will be able to put them there again after they camp and he packs up again. Seeing their contact and Firecracker he smiles and continues his aproach. "Hello Smithson." he says with a polite nod. Then agressing Firecracker he says, "Hi Fire. I'm Ebreus, we're friends, remember?" flashing his Firecracker plushie to help jog her memory.

Seeing Otto and Cerl walk up moments after he and Draken did he smiles wider and says, "Hi Otto, Cerl. I'm glad you two are coming. It's seeming less and less likely anybody gets flattened." With this talk of death around Draken he uses his telepathy to speak into her head, 'Don't worry, so long as we're together we might as well be in the bubble.' he reassures her. Then remembering their contact had asked him a question he looks back to him and says, "No questions, Smithson."

Cameron arrived shortly after most people, a bulging rucksack nearly as big as he was, the most noticable being a few blankets tied to the top. The cat boy decked out in his usual hoodie and cargo pants, though he had made sure to slipe his armour on underneath just in case. As well as coming armed with a portable cannon, a small sword and a hefty monkey wrench both strapped to his waist. The kitty prepared to go on quite an excersion. His head tilted lightly to one side as he made a quick pass over his check list. Food, clothes, ammo, weapons, blankets, a pillow, rope, and a few other things that might be need, like wiring, or a square of wax. With a small nod he figured he had everything he needed, not like he could go back and get if even if he did forget something. Seeing the inquisitive little horse he smiled as he gave her a small wave in greeting. "Hello Firecracker." His baby blues looking to the others present and giving them each a small wave. "I would ask what we might expect, but if it is out of the bubble, likely something we don't know. So none from me I guess."

Arris is with the rest of the group, sitting down on top of a large blue-and-cyan duffel bag, listening in on the mission debriefing. "A day or two, huh? That's, uh, that's quite the distance. No questi... actually, do you know what kind of opposition we might be up against? Well, ah, besides a long, boring, trailer drive to Tahoe." The gator snickers a little at hir own bad joke.

Having been hiding in the shadows for hours, Cerl watches as everyone arrives. Finally stepping forth, she glances over at Otto and Ebreus and snerks. "Don't know who you two are talking to, but I heard my name. I've been here all day waiting for everyone to show up." Padding over by the truck, she looks it over and says, "Guess I'm riding in the back." and starts checking her saddlebags to make sure she has all her gear. Rope, blankets, her cases of crossbow bolts, food, water, a case of grenades...various small sundries. Yup, all here and with some room left over for things that are found.

With no questions, Smithson waves everyone to climb aboard, telling them to strap their gear in too before he turns the truck on. Once veryone is aboard, he drives out onto the highway, aproaching the edge of the Fairhaven bubble.

As he drives, Smithson adds: "No one has any idea what is out there. Why do you think Zephyr needed agents to fetch something as simple as radio equipment?"

Firecracker perches atop Ebreus's head as people get into the truck for transport. "Hiya, Ebbie and Cerly and Toey and other peoples that didn't say your names! Ready for adventure?!" she cheers happily in her new seat as the truck starts driving. Once they cross over the edge of the bubble, hardly a moment passes before the pony throws up a rather large bubble of her own with Distributed Nanomagic, reaching out in a full 160 foot radius from her position! "So who wants to play a game? She asks happily before starting it without anyone's input. "I spy with my little eye something blue!"

"To myself ofcourse. I am a great conversationalist." Otto muses once he spots his mate. She was well prepared, ad he expected nothing less of her. "Always have to be a sneaky vixen, don't you?" he chuckles and nuzzles her softly. "Glad you packed so much, we might need it." Ah, Seeing so many familiar faces made everything oh-so better! The coyote greets Arris with a polite bow and a handshake, then turns to Ebreus and laughs for a moment, then pats him on the back and muses "Hey, look who decided to lose some weight." They were practically the same height now, which was admittedly a little strange. "And you're kinda cute, too. That sounds so weird coming from me, ANYWAY!" he shrugs AND, "I CALL SHOTGUN!" exclaimed Otto before sliding over the hood of the truck and taking the front passenger seat for himself.

The road to the edge of the bubble was anything but smoothe, but it was nice to take a ride in a working car for a change. Those chopper rides were... disorienting. The rumble of the engine was almost hypnotic as the group made their way towards the edge of the bubble. Once Smithson speaks up, Otto squints a little and shrugs, "Big Z's always looking to snag something outside the bubble. The fat cats pushing pens up in their cozy offices sure ain't gonna pick up a rifle and risk their lives doing this shit, so they pay us off to stick out necks out for them. Whatever pays the bills, am I right?" he shrugs and returns to gazing at the road ahead, one arm dangling out the car door where the window normally would have been. Hearing the little pony's words, Otto knows what she'd spotted, but decides to keep quiet about it. what a little goofball.

Ebreus snerks and says, "Yeah, just got under half a ton for today." He seats himself ndirectly behind Otto, and saves a seat next to himself for Draken. As he rides he double and tripple checks his portable flamethrower as he keeps his packs by his feet. In reply to Smithson he says, "Hopefully misplaced fear and laziness." He again smiles when Otto comments on Z, "So long as they pay be enough I can afford to work one day a week and they don't try something particularly fucked up let 'em stay safe in their tower." He continues to ride quietly until they exit the bubble. At wich point he grunts quetly and says, "Welp if anyone can it's about time to start a mini-bubble." He smiles when Fire quickly oblidges his request. When Fire begins to play her game he stays quiet for now but grins wide.

Cameron gives a small nod as he removes his rucksack from his back. Strapping his cannon to the side and the heftying it over to a nice cozy spot where he could stow it away. He made damn sure it was good and strapped in. He was making sure it wasn't going anywhere. Once that was done he hopped on into to find himself a seat, which he promtly plopped down into. "I think what we will find is trouble." His gaze shifting to the others present once more, seeing who came and wondering just how many he was likely to patch up whehn everything hit the fan and knocked it right off the table. "I amCameron, it is good to meet everyone." Giving them all a smile before looking out the window. As they passed through the edge of the bubble he couldn't help but give a little shudder. He could almost feel all of his nanite's going mostly dormant, almost. He was never quite a fan of going out of bubble, but like the shotgunner had said, bills needed to be paid. He gave a small thankful look the pony's way as he felt the mini bubble spring up. Hopefully it wouldn't get to chaotic for her to keep that up.

Arris throws hir duffel bag into the trailer and climbs into the back seat of truck, sitting behind Smithson. "Oh, I thought that, y'know, a Zephyr agent set it up there awhile back then left it there. Well, if someone else set it up..." Arris attempts to stretch hir arms and legs out in the truck. "Gah, it's too cramped in here. Should've went into the trailer behind..."

Cerl springs aboard the bed of the truck, and settles her tauric body down near the cab. Ensuring that her saddlebags are securely strapped down on her back, she settles in for the long ride. Reaching into one of her saddlebags, she pulls out a small piece of jerky and starts chewing on it as she watches the countryside roll past.

Draken follows Ebreus, staying generlly quiet for now. she smiles at Firecracker, and looks back at Cameron. "I'm Draken." She says, giving him a small smile.

After running along for some hours, the sun hanging low in the sky behind you as everyone starts to enter the Rocky mountians, Smithson stops as it looks like someone set up a roadblock on the highway using an upturned semi trailer. Given how narrow the road is with a moutain on one side and a valley on the other, it blocks all the lanes, with maybe enough space for someone human sized to walk around on the moutain side. It is still maybe another 50 miles outside of Tahoe.

"I spy with my little eye something blocking the road!" Firecracker says after several rounds of the game. "Oh wait... something's blocking the road!" she says as she hops off Ebreus's head in order to fly up into the air and check on the thing from above as well as whatever may be on the other side and around it.

Seeing a thing on the other side of the container, Firecracker shouts down to everyone below while pointing a foreleg towards the semitruck opposite the trailer, "Hey, anybody know how to drive onea these big truck thingies?"

Otto leans out the window to have a good look at the roadblock. "Pfsh..." he shakes his head and hops out. Placing his paws on his waist, the coyote looks over the wreckage and whistles sharply. "No way I can move that by myself. Oi Eb. Get out here!" he waves the fox over, crosses his arms and looks thoughtful for a moment. Once the fox approaches, the coyote rolls up his sleeves, at least as far as his armor would permit, then gives his friend a nudge and cracks one of his knuckles against the other. "Come on, I can't move all that by myself Grit your teeth and let's shove that trash heap out of the way." That said, he moves over to the wreckage and finds the optimal spot to exert force upon it. His hands grip a comfortable spot and he awaits for Ebreus to come and assist with removing the blockage. Once he hears Firecracker speak up, he raises his arm and says "I can drive, but... why?"

Ebreus shakes his head after nobody guesses in Firecracker's game and says, "Is it the sky, Firecracker?" and continues to guess anything obvious after two minutes of no answers while double-checking his non-flamethrower gear now. Once Firecracker spies something blocking the road he looks up and says, "Hmm a Semi-truck's trailer. That will be difficult to move." When the truck comes to a complete stop he steps out of the truck and slowly aproaches the trailer, examining it and the ground around it. He glently puts a hand on it and the other and then exerts some pressure on the trailer. He humms a thoughtful tune as he considers their options. Upon hearing Firecracker he peeks around the side and says, "Huh, the truck's attatched. Let's right the trailer then you can drive it out of the way." He the walks back to the other side of the trailer and prepares to try moving it, once Otto is there.

Cameron gives a small frown as he sees the new obstacle before them. He lets out a small hm as he sits up straighter in the truck bed. His gaze shifting towards the surrounding area. "Huh, seems someone doesn't want us continuing on any further. Not seeing a truck, so I am guessing it was left there intentionally." Frowing as he continued to look out from the truck. The kitty suspecting some sort of trap or ambush awaited them the moment they stepped out. "I think we best be careful. He gave his head a small shake at Fire's question as he hopped off the truck bed, moving towards his gear to retreive his tank buster. A hand quickly loading a few shells into the weapon, deciding on the bean bag vareity just in case. Plus his aim wasn't quite wht it should be of late, with Kairy occupying most of his time recently. He followed to two meat shields, though rather then helping to push the trailing he opted for keeping an eye on the mountain and wait might be lurking just below the edge on the other side.

Arris sleeps for most of the drive, the gator beginning to stir once more when the truck comes to a halt. "Oh, th... I take it we're stopping here?" Just as Otto begins getting out of the truck, sie peeks out the windows, first the windshield then the side window. "A roadblock. Well, looks like you guys got that taken care of. I'll watch out for any possible ambushes." Sie opens the door, and after some failed attempts at climbing on top of the trailer, sie hops onto the bed of the truck and peers through hir bolt-action rifle at the surrounding landscape.

Cerl fades to invisibility as she jumps out of the truck bed, then moves quietly around the overturned trailer. Pulling out her crossbow and loading it as she goes, she starts looking up the mountainside for any sign of movement, any sign that the party might be about to be ambushed from above. If she sees nothing up, she'll move to examine the edges below to make sure nothing is about to come up over the edge at them, and also watching further on down the road for any signs in that direction as well.

Draken, now thoroughly at a loss as to what to do, walks back to the tuck, and holds her carbine at the ready. She glances around in case soeone is trying to sneak up behind or beside them.

Smithson looks over at the trailer, listening to everyone speak. "Well check if the semi truck has gas and use it to help push the trailer out of the way, I guess?" While the minutes pass, nothing surprising happens. No ambush, no attack, nothing out of the ordinary. Some clouds move in above, causing the evening light to become much darker as the sky turns overcast.

Firecracker flies down and into the truck before anyone else goes into it. "Okie dokie lokie, Smithy!" she calls out as she moves. Not knowing anything about driving, she decides that using everything is clearly the best plan! She toggles levers, switches dials, pulls cords, and pushes as many buttons as she can find!

Once Otto hear the new plan that they would be able to simply move the container out of the way with the attached truck, a lightbulb moment strikes. He gets into position and with Ebreus' help manages to right the container onto its wheels. It was a heavy load and they both heaved like madmen to lift it upright, but once it was done, the coyote dusts off his paws and sighs lightly. "Right. Let me see what's up here." he says firmly, then moves over to pop the bonnet on the truck itself and look inside. "Looks in working order. I'll give it some juice if the battery's dead, HEY! Someone who can drive get in this thing, try to hotwire it if the key's missing, just start the damn truck!" he wasn't sure Firecracker was up to the task, though. She just seemed to be pushing... everything.

Ebreus nods when Smithson mentions gas, it having been so long since he'd had to put gasoline in anything he'd forgotten about it. As he waits for Otto to check on wether or not there was gas he does some light stretching. Just because the nanites normally fix things there was no excuse for pulling muscles now that they were out of the bubble. He is just coming up from touching his toes, a feat that would give anyone in the truck a nice view of his ass if he wearnt wearing a trench-coat. Then with Otto he rights the trailer and walks back over to the cab with Otto and says, "How hard you think it'd be to get this thing back to the bubble if it's in decent working order?" as he watches Otto check for damage and glances over it himself.

Cameron frowned as the sky began to grow darker, a little thankful he was at least part cat enough to have the eyes and their improved nightvision. Cuase now while it was dark would be the perfect time for any ambushers to strike. Though when no threats were forthcoming he turned to look at the others curiously. "If it has gass we could always take the truck and its trailer with us." A hand knicking on the upturned trailer.He nodded agreeing with Ebreus. "I am sure something like this would be mighty useful to have. Rolling fortress Mad Max style or even just to haul goods from city to city. If it has gas, probably pretty easy." The kitty's crafter brain already picturing it as a mighty death dealer on wheels. The cat then gets a very paranoid idea and heads towards the back of the thing, towards the door. One hand on his cannon as he moves to open up the door to make sure it is truely empty and not having something lurking within.

Arris continues to peer through hir scope at the valley to the side of the truck, occasionally tilting hir gaze upwards to see any airborne threats. Glancing over at the trailer attatched to the truck, sie attempts to climb it once more to get a better vantage point. Failing once more, sie sighs and calls out to the rest of the group working on the barrier. "How's it going over there with the barricade?"

After a good bit of time passes with no threats materializing, Cerl unloads her crossbow and slings it back over a shoulder. Moving to the end of the trailer, she looks the doors over trying to determine if they can still be opened at all, or if they were too damaged when the trailer tipped over, curious now what is inside. She lets her invisibility drop on the way to the back of the truck, glancing at Otto as he plays around with the engine.

Draken, seeing everyone else relax, shakes her head. the moment everyone relaxes is when things go bad. She lowers her weapon, but stays alert.

The trailer is completely empty, and the truck turns on once Firecracker eventually turns the keys that are mysteriously still in the ignition. As the engine roars to life, the fuel gadge still reads 'empty' as if it only has a few miles left in it.

Firecracker lights up with joy as the car turns on with the turning of the key. "Yay! It's on!" she cheers before going back to pushing buttons and pulling levers and flipping switches and stomping pedals.

"Get it back, eh..." the coyote shakes his head as he looks over the engine. "Nanites will eat this thing right up, tell ya what." he perks his ears once Cameron speaks up and nods in agreement "A working truck would catch some fat creds, tell ya what. If it were me though, I'd just keep this thing for out of bubble exploration. Shit, it has a nanite battery too. Weird it's out here, though... it was designed to work inside the bubble, not out of it. Well anyway, light her up, let's see if she works!" the truck looked good enough to run. Once it fires up, Otto smiles widely and dusts off his paws.

Closing down the bonnet, he sighs lightly once Firecracker starts to fiddle with the lights and the windshield wipers. Climbing into the cabin, the coyote gently nudges her out of the way and puts the vehicle into gear. "She ain't got much in her!" he yells once he sees the empty gas tank indicator. "I'm pulling her out of the way, then shutting her off. Someone mark this spot on the map or something!" That said, he slowly presses down on the gas pedal and grits his teeth once the truck gets moving forward. He turns using the steering wheel and gently guides the massive machine out of the way, taking the container with it. Once the entire assembly was out of the way, he kills the egine and hops out of the cabin. That takes care of that...

Ebreus, hearing the engine roar to life, quickly climbs onto the truck and says, "Fire, why don't you play with Draken for a little?" and he opens the driver side door. He then hops off of it and walks aound the trailer. Upon seeing their truck again he smiles and slowly jogs back to it. He opens up the door behind the front passanger seat and gets back in next to Draken. "That's one obstical down and a huge asset for us when we return with a few dosen gallons of gas." he says putting his flamethrower back on his lap. Waiting on the others to return before closing the door and resting his flamethrower back on his lap.

Cameron breathes a sigh of relief when he finds the trailer empty of any surprises, and a little disappointed it had no treasures inside either. Hearing the coyote's words makes him frown once as he steps back to get out of the way the moving truck. "Odd it has a nanite battery." His gaze shifting to their surroundings once more. He glances down to pull back his sleeve to use his comm unit. He figured it might not reach Fairhaven from here but figured a note back about having found the truck might be worth it, even if it didn't work. He also made sure to mark down this location as he headed back towards the truck. His weapon still very much at the ready.

Arris notices the hubbub around the truck, getting down from hir sniper post with a sigh and approaching the truck. "Alright, alright, what's this yap about... a nanite battery." The gator stops and pauses for a moment. "Well, that means that, uh, this truck must have been repaired or changed or something from someone from one of the bubbles. If it's still charged, then it must be pretty recent."

When the semi roars to life, Cerl scrambles back out of the way. Knowing the noise of the truck could alert anyone in the area, she fades back to invisibility again, unslinging her crossbow but not bothering to load it yet. She watches up the mountain side and as far down the road as she can see, keeping an eye out for potential trouble. She hops back in the bed of their truck, standing just behind the cab as she watches all around, still invisible. When nothing appears and everyone heads back to the truck, she reshoulders her crossbow and then settles back down in her previous spot in the truck bed, but still keeps an eye out everywhere as they get moving again. She does not drop her invisibility though she does speak up to let everyone know she is there, as long as Fire maintains the bubble.

Draken hops up into the bed beside Cerl, also keeping an eye out. She sits on the edge, and carefully scans the area behind them for any danger.

Smithson gets his truck ready to move again, waiting for everyone to get in again. He looks back at the trailer to see if everything is tied down again before putting the truck in gear and continuing the remaining 50 miles to Tahoe. With the overcast and setting sun, the road is dark and treacherous looking, prompting Smithson to drive slower with the headlights on to avoid any mistakes. He turns past the last bend in the road through the moutains before stopping suddenly, the forward headlights highlight what looks to be a wall of fog, stretching across the whole road. As far as anyone can tell, it keeps going in all directions, the dark of night preventing any visibility past it. "Um..." Smithson speaks up. "Now sounds like a good time to stop for the night. There is no way I can drive through that in the dark."

Draken.ooc yeah.

Firecracker follows Ebreus's suggestion and joins Draken in the truckbed for the remainder of the ride, playing whatever games she can think of as they drive along. When the truck finally comes to a stop and Smithson signals the day's end, she hops up with a "Woohoo! Camping time!" With that, she zips out into the surrounding area to look for anything interesting while the others set up camp. A little while later, she rejoins the group and gives everyone a personalized, "Nighty night, Smithy! Nighty night, Toey! Nighty night, Cerly! Nighty night, Person-I-Dunno-Their-Name! Nighty night, Draky! Nighty night, Ebbie!" With everyone properly wished a good night, she snuggles up with Ebreus for the night, snoring softly while curled up in a tiny pink ball.

Otto leans out of the car door window and hisses through clenched teeth. "Yeah, no kidding. Good call on that." Hopping out of the vehicle, the coyote immediately heads to where his mate had decided to settle down for travel. He activates his Light nanomagic to use while the bubble was maintained. Select spots of his armor started to glow, illuminating the area around him just enough to reveal his surroundings without blinding anyone. "C'mon hon." he offers her his paw to help her get off and onto the ground. "Looks like we're camping here for the night. I don't mind sleeping under the stars, but we don't have the luxury of the bubble, at least we won't as soon as Fire falls asleep. Let's at least build a campfire." he turns to Firecracker and nods, then wishes her "Pleasent dreams, Fire!" befire returning to the task at hand.

Arris whistles, or what looks like an attempt to whistle, when the truck's engine comes to life. "Wow, looks like we're in the clear now." Sie slings hir bolt-action rifle back over hir shoulder, hopping into the bed of the truck. "Hm. Maybe I should have sat back down in the seat of the truck. Oh well." When the truck stops, Arris stands up in the bed of the truck, squinting hir eyes and attempting to see through the fog. "Hm. I think... I think I might see some living thing in the fog?" The gator glances around the group. "Maybe we should have at least, uh, three of us take turns keeping watch. Anyone wish to volunteer?" The gator raises hir hand, looking around the group for anyone else who wishes to keep watch as well.

Cerl looks around at everyone making camp, and shrugs. She's used to roughing it without a tent, and inclement weather has never bothered her. Instead, she starts pacing around the others at a good distance, keeping an eye out as they ready themselves for sleep. "I'm used to being up all night while on a contract or working on my research. I'll take first watch." she calls over, as explanation for why she's not setting camp herself. Once everyone is settled, she finds a darker area of the night where she can watch over everything as well as keep an eye on the strange and unsettling fog bank.

Draken settles down for an early night, quickly falling asleep.

Cameron happily gets into the truck's back, sitting with his cannon close at hand. Leaning against the side and giving his eyes a little bit of rest as they travel slowly the last little bit. Feeling the truck stop he glanced up with open eyes and frowned. "Yeah, can only assume it is the end of the road for today." He hopped out once they had found a suitable spot to set up camp. Moving over to grab his rucksack and grinned as he headed for a spot for him to set up his own little area. "We are setting up watches, right?" His hands opening his pack and pulling out a few blankets and gathering up a few extendable poles he had broght, mainly for splinting large and small legs alike, but this use was just as good too. Soon setting up a tent of his own, complete with a blankets and a pillow too. He then pulled out a battery powered latern too. As he plopped down to eat some of the dried food he had brought with him. "Oh, just in case, I am a practiced doctor. Figure it should be said in case things go side ways for us." He then gave the gator a small nod. "Sounds like a plan. I will take the last watch, I tend to be up in the early morning anyway." He also gives Cerl a small wave. "Your welcome to bunk with me if you want." Leaving it up to her whether she would get some sleep or not.

Ebreus steps out of the truck with all his packs and his weapons. He glances at the fog but abandons trying to see anything in it after a few seconds. He unpacks some of his amenities along with a tent large enough for two. He watches the rest of the group begin to pile out. "We should have some structure to our camsite. I suggest a circle of tents with the entrances facing inward and a fire pit in the middle. I'll take third watch."

Ebreus begins manually softening and leveling the ground to the best of his ability without proper landscaping tools or nanomagic before setting up his tent. Once the ground is to his liking he begins to set up his tent. "What do you think, Draken?" he asks once it is set up allowing her in first before he enters.

Smithson is busy setting up his own tent, having turned off the truck. To the light of the lamp, he sets up the campfire with experience. With everyone else set, he goes to bed as well.