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- Ariving at the edge of the fog, it looks like a whole section of the East Forest has been filled with a dense cloud. The location Zephyr gave for agents to gather is empty, and looks like whomever was here to greet everyone isn't here now. Past the haze not a single sound can be heard.

- Mokou slowly slunk through the omnipresent fog. The air was still and the world seemingly lost beneath the haze. Only a dim light that seemed to radiate indicated the sun was out, but even that was hardly enough for the fennec to go by. A hand reached out, not half a dozen feet before her the trees fading into obscurity as a half remembered dream. Her ears twitched sharply, desperate to hear anything... Yet only the quiet shuffling of her own feet, and the feet of her allies could be heard. "Alright," she said, breaking the eerie silence of the fog. "Let's not try and get separated... Way too easy in this sort of condition. Don't want to know what would happen..."

- Rune's ears twitched as he answered the call to arms. Thin ruby slitted eyes cut across the horizon as he took his place at the edge of the fog. The communique was clear enough about the possible hazards of the mixture, leaving him stepping forward with a hunter's caution. The thin mist that permeated the air left his fur matted to the fringe of his frame, slicking his physique into clarity. He'd glance back across the horizon in search of who else answered the call. "You're right...When things get crazy it tends to be... Extreme."

- The twelve foot tall mostly bipedal fenrir looks around the area, keen nose and ears alert for any sign of trouble, especially as he realizes that the meeting place is likely compromised. His ears scan around as he pulls out his comms unit, checking the signal on it in case he needs to report the situation. He tries to follow after amethyst, hearing her footsteps better than seeing her. Having not gotten a good look at the group, he was unsure just how successful this mission would be, but he certainly intended to try to bring them all out alive.

- Parthenia has arrived! She wasn't very much in love with Zephyr after how she was treated by them for her little mischiefs, but... That's where the money were. Being promised a hefty reward for calming down the beasts and cleaning up the mysterious fog, the woman couldn't have passed up the opportunity to earn some credits and have a week off, just relaxing with her loved one tide to the bed... Day dreams, day dreams... Seems like a few others were already here. All freaks, no surprise there. "Hello." She said with a nod as she joined the group from Zephyr. They were all clueless about what's happening too. Typical, just toss some agents at the problem hope they come back all well.

- A scream can be heard coming deep from within the fog. It sounds like a woman, but who can tell these days? The scream abruptly ends, like it was choked off by something else. Silence again hangs in the air...

- Another few steps carried them further into the woods, the fennec lass idly trying to keep calm. When the world is abuzz of soft and quiet noises... when nealy absent of them save a quiet breathing, and a shuffling of leaves... The world becomes a lot smaller. So she lifted a hand, brushing off her arm, the moisture of the mist and the fog clinging and weighing down her fur, making the lass look a touch too lean. "The Fog? It... happens sometimes. Flash fog its called... When due to a bit of rain, if it's a bit cooler below the clouds, the air can't hold as much water... S-so... Fog..." She lifted her hand briefly, waving about the moisture laden air, maw opening as she moved to fill the air with... something. Anything. Yet it didn't seem /she/ needed to. A flinch crossed her features, the lass instinctively ducking close to a tree, eyes wide as she looked out, gazing for that... scream. "Breath... O-okay. Seems we've... Something in the fog. L-lovely..."

- Amethyst's entire body tenses, the kitten girl stopping for just a moment as her back straightens and her ears stand up on end. After the distant scream ends, she takes another few steps forward, overtaking Mokou by a yard or so. "T-That's not good, we should hurry! There's no telling who's trapped in there, they could be hurt!" She turns back to the others, an incredibly worried expression on her face. She nearly hops up and down in place as she bounces nervously on her heels.

- Rune's head snapped in the direction he thought he heard the scream from, feeling his fur break into a bristling rise across his flesh just a quarter of an inch before matting back down with the water weight again. He adjusted his bipedal stance, keeping his claws slightly extended as he stepped a few steps closer to the fennic lass and skimmed to see the group around him. Setrian he remembered from his conversations on nanotech earlier on. He could've sworn he had seen the kitten girl before but wasn't sure. A quick shake of his head left him refocusing to see who else he recognized. Though a quick quirk of his brow rose at Parthenia's presence, remembering her training session vividly before resuming his glance to the echoed sounds.

- Setrian quickly looks in the direction of the scream. With a curse, he reports the situation through his comms unit and then, moving from bipedal to quadrupedal for the sake of speed, he bolts in that direction, calling back to the others "Stick together, I'll scout ahead." He makes his way towards the scream, his feline agility and lupine speed carrying him around the trees quickly, or through them if they were small enough.

- Parthenia speculates that the scream can not be ignored! A person in trouble. Though. In this parts it mostly is some furry freak who is most likely to enjoy whatever is coming anyways. Humanity though, she had to have sympathy, or at least try to give a damn, well, maybe pretending would be good enough. "Of course there is something in the fog. This forest of filled with all sorts of nasty shit." The woman snarled dislodging her electrified chainsword from it's resting place on her back. At least in this fog it will be easy to pinpoint her location with the roaring of her weapon. For now tough. It shall sleep awaiting it's time to sing... "This one got a right idea." The woman commented nodding to Amethyst. "Lets hurry up. Maybe that, whoever can give us some pointers." She didn't have anything that would improve her vision in this conditions, stupid not to bring it. Oh well. "Any of you cable of see through the fog? And, put your sniffers to work, let's get a move on!" She didn't seem to mind taking a point and headed inwards. Into the Fog! Into the... GASP! Forest... only to see Set, well... Set off! Good! Now, she wasn't the one in front. Winking to the rest she follows the Fenrir...

- Again, a sound rings out in the silence of the fog in front of everyone. This time, it's the sounds of wood creaking, splintering, and quickly tearing apart. Like something took a tree and broke it in half.

- Mokou shook her head, eyes closing fast and hard, ears flicking back against her scalp. Something was struggled with, unknown and unsaid. Her maw was firm and shut as she felt as much as theard the wood splinter apart. And snark. The later part though? She simply shot a faint grunt of a snarl back to the lass, shaking her head. "Water dampens scent. Have to-" she flinched, the sound of another tree splintering sending her bolting to the next, eyes locked upon something she couldn't see. "... F-fine," was all she said, flicking her tail sharply, before nodding back to the felines. "Come on... Won't... won't find out anything by sitting out here." And with that, she skittered forward, lurching to the side every so often... trying to avoid that sound... a worry...

- At the sound of a crunching tree, Amethyst turns, almost dog like as her face and ears point towards the source. She turns just once to look back at the rest of the group... Then, suddenly, her heels dig into the ground and she leaps upward, her legs and wings extending in one swift movement. Her feathers rustle in the wind as their powerful wing-beats buffet the air around her and propel her forward towards the source. Her eyes narrow a bit at the fog, but she lowers her speed just enough to be able to avoid any oncoming trees and obstacles in the air.

- His head snapped around to the new shattering sound, feeling the resurrection of adrenaline pump through his veins. A low basal growl cut through is maw as he felt his adrenaline begin pumping. His heartbeat sounded off in his ears, leaving him little clarity on anything auditory but he maintained his gaze to Parthenia's path, following after her and Setrian in hopes of a clear pursuit. "That's never a good sound to hear, if you're not the one making it, when you're trying to protect a life."

- Setrian continues straight on his path, making haste towards where the scream had been sounded from. His mind wanders for a moment at the sound of nearby ferals, but his adrenaline quickly quenches any doubts and makes him focused on the task at hand. He keeps his eyes, ears, and nose peeled for any hint of danger, as well as hints as to the location of the specific source of the scream.

- Parthenia heroically follows Set the wolf! He was only one concerned enough to throw away his own safety for the safety of others! They were... Kindred spirits in a way! Adventurers! Seekers of thril! Not much to see but the fog, the ominous tree and the fluffy but with a wagging dog tail tipping oh so wonderfully. It's like they were on a hunt! Even haid their own hawk! Well.. Cat.. But hey! Close enough! And so they ran! Now, was that cracking tree somehow involved with the earlier cry, she was hoping to find out sooner than later! Now the biggest concern is being able to keep up with the mutant ahead.

- Chasing down where the scream had sounded, The sounds of fighting can be heard off to the side. It sounds like two people fighting recklessly, yelling at one another with feral growling.

- Setrian stops in his tracks as something else catches his attention, he knows he shouldn't be this way, but his thoughts are slowly becoming more primal. It takes a great deal of effort not to outright pounce the human female following close behind. He growls deeply in a way that only a fenrir can, and like flipping a switch, an aura forms around him, both in response to and due to the change of his frame of mind. The field of dread around him only a slight warning.

- Mokou shuddered as she hit the fogbank, feet only just managing to brush against the ground as she bounded onward, eyes sharp and looking out for that sound... the sound of the scream. She breathed deeply, trying to focus herself, something catching her attention. She slowed, her hands reaching for the bark of a tree as she did so, head subconsiously turning, something having caught her attention. In the quiet of the fog, hardly keeping sight or sound of her company, she slowed, a silent frown crossing her face.... before she shook her head sharply, trying to go further, to pass that which she found, ears searching for the arguing. "L-leave the ferals! Find the people... S-swiftly!" It only took a sense of presence near the other to figure out something... Stronger and worse near the Lupine, "S-something... Something's wrong..."

- Rune's mind lingered ont hat scream drawing him closer as he heard the mixture of creatures around him. His nose twitched the second that he had smelled the new ferals drawing hsi head to shift towards their debacle. Maybe they could help, maybe they were too far gone. He couldn't be sure. His eyes snapped back to Parthenia with a focused intent. Mentally he cursed himself for his lack of survival training but closed his eyes to half slits just for a moment, seeking to tap into the keener aspects of his instincts before flaring them at the fennic's call. "You're right... but... " His gaze cut to the left, catching a human out of the corners of his eyes, dilating a moment before he'd start darting her way in a double take. Yet just as he started to hone in on her, he'd stop cold in his tracks, skidding to a stop. "How in the he... Not that fast." His head snapped back towards the sudden pause of the Fenrir and the scent that followed all too familiar to his senses. "What is it?"

- Parthenia also slows down seeing the wolf stop. There is also something a bit different about her. Not as cheery and go getty as she was moments ago... Not as happy to follow the wolf into the frey and bring justice! Save whoever it is needs to be saved. Right now... All of her focus was on the best. Thick brows furrowed and as that menacing aura surrounded the fenrir, so did her chainsword came to life. For now buzzing idly, as if deciding if it wishes to quench it's thirst for blood. "Say... Haven't we met before?" She speaks coldly.

- The ferals fighting to the side seem to keep going at each other, but the sounds of them fighting seem to be strained, like they have been fighting for way too long. The scream is never heard again, and no other sounds can be heard besides the group and Parthenia's chainsword.

- Amethyst soon catches up with the other two, and seeing that they've stopped, she lands, approaching them on foot. She hugs her arms to the sides, taken aback by the sounds of fighting nearby. "W-What is up with this... place..." Her voice trails off with a shudder, the kitten-girl beginning to look quite timid as her hazel eyes shift between the human and fenrir's faces. She hugs herself tighter, her ears folding flat, and she begins to take steps backwards. "No... No, no!" She says, fear in her trembling voice. She gives a startled yelp as Mokou arrives, but this only seems to upset her further. The kitten girl begins to look around feverishly, as if looking for something.

- The fennec looked forward in the fog, eyes wide as their numbers seemed to shift and be... off. That snark that the human had tossed about felt much colder... much more bitter. It wasn't the happy go lucky sort of snark that one shot at friends, it was the thinly veiled hate that seemed to fall when one confronted an enemy... Despite even that, she felt herself draw closer, trying to face off against that horrid sort of... dread that fell upon her. Her eyes scoured between the lot of them, falling firstly upon the one she knew as Rune... a slight twitch upon her nose. Yet those massive ears of hers caught a sound, a yelp! It drew her back, the fennec hardly realizing she had lunged across the way, rising beside Amethyst with a quiet shushing noise. "Shh, sh-shh... Relax... It... It's okay! It's okay." Her hand rose, brushing upon that shoulder, a soft smile upon her maw... warm mocha eyes reflecting more than just the felines reflection. "It's... it's okay! You're ... you're okay."

- Amethyst's timid, frightened demeanor intensifies, her knees nearly knocking together as she hunches over in her standing position, her arms tightly pressed to her chest. Her ears are rotated back and angled downward, like a cat that was about to hiss... But instead, only whimpering escapes her lips. "N-No, stop it, please, I don't want to do this! I belong to someone! Let me go!" She cries out in a low voice. Suddenly, a touch against her shoulder causes her to start, the kitten girl's face snapping to the side to look at the fennec's face... Despite the calming intention, the kitten girl jerks in the opposite direction in an attempt to get away and instead stumbles, sending her to the ground where she falls on her side.

- Rune his eyes snapped as he felt a sudden chill cut completely across his flesh. The sword that lay across his spine flared to life with the runic clarity across it's engraved edge. Noting the glow he'd draw the blade from it's scabbard across his back. He looked back down across the horizon before him, leaving his vision heloed by the shift of the fog. The vision of an auburn haired woman coated his vision reaching out towards him with her fully extended hand, her body coated in various spatters of blood,lower half, crushed under rubble, sealed. What his comrades would see was him pulling on a branch arm, drawing it tighter and harder, crying out in his rage. "Alexia... Alexia! I'll pull you out if I can... Anything I can do I would and will but please... Come on. I know we ca..." before he'd snap back and look at his clawed hands. Back and forth he'd look from the tree to his palms, visualizing them completely coated in blood. "No.... Fuck no not this. I can.. No I did everything I could. I can't."

- Setrian turns quickly as realization comes forth, the fots connecting one after the other, but it's almost too late! He stifles his growl and slaps himself hard to gain what clarity he can if only for a few moments to pass on his discovery. "The f-fog.. Nanites. R-RUN!" the last is cut out as his 'self' slips away, suddenly little more than a monstrous feral with a bloodrage, intense rut, and sharp claws and fangs, which are suddenly barreling towards the human with her sword drawn at him.

- "It is you..." Parthenia said her feet slowly move through the grass, as she takes careful steps, being in motion however slow it may be is always better than being still. "Didn't think you are smart enough to come up with such an elaborate plan to lure me back here..." Did she want to hear an answer? No probably not so much. She didn't care! All she cared about is that Fenrir, that bastard! That filthy beast. She could hardly imagine anyone as hated as he was. The roaring of the chainsword was evidence enough. She wasn't looking for a chat and yet she was ever so slightly puzzled... What was that little outbreak? Mocking her? Again? She motions to the fog with a smirk. "A nice touch. Very scenic. But I'm done with running. I'm here to gut your feral ass." She was going to add something about having a team with her but... With a quick glance she figured they were all... Tripping out and... Not as fit for combat as she would have wished. Oh well.. A hand reaching for community, and with a few strokes of fingers her combat armor comes to life, nanites buzz excitedly around forming a barrier.

- The forest and the fog seem to close in on the group, chaos causing them to come apart at the seams. As their time in the fog stretches longer, it continues to seep into their minds.

- Mokou could only look down at the lass before her, a trembling in her flesh and her bones. The fennec slowly blinked as the girl crumpled beneath her, seeming to withdraw in upon herself... A slow frown finding its way upon her muzzle as the girl did so. The lass tilted her head, those wide ears twitching as she looked up. Woodland could be seen within the confines of the murky sphere of fog that was her world. Her pelt seemed to shiver, hands rising to her sides as she tried to brush away the mist... It was wrong. Her ears though caught far more than the simple dripping of mist, something shouted by her side, the words murky and conflicted. She shook herself, the massive wolf to her side sending... more than a few notes of fear upon her maw... This is why she wasn't meant to be here... She bolted. Feet crushing undergrowth and pawpads only just gripping upon the bark, she fled from there with the speed of a lady possessed... She wasn't meant to be here... Too cold. Too damp...

- Amethyst watches the feral fennec flee, her arms pushing herself up. She doesn't stand - it was unknown as to whether she even could - but her ears perk up just slightly, a glimmer of hope in the kitten's voice. "M-Master...?" She nearly whispers at first in disbelief, but then begins calling out in earnest, her little voice strained and stifled by the fog. "Master! Help me! Where are you...?" She sobs, getting onto all fours and crawling in a direction. The wood and stone in the ground cut into her knees and hands, but she doesn't wince, only seemingly worried about moving forward.

- Rune blinked as the forest cut around to blur into a vision of the full mansion that had him protected/possessed before breaking into the dawn of the great new world. The chandeliers that had broken from the collapse of the feral onslaught left him secured as he curled his way back away from the former tree/sisterly vision. His claws cut back into a shock as his eyes flared seeing Amethyst crawling to the fleeing fennec, visualizing it as a fleeing caretaker. Though with the jarring bolt of Fenrir's clawing form he'd take in Parthenia's form and the veneer of her armor just as it did his mother. Though suddenly with the first jarring cut of the clawtips scraping across the armor's cast he'd narrow his gaze as her body shifted before his eyes have a sudden whipping demonic tail, flaring back out in the coated metal tip only to have the whole scene crushed before his eyes in a cacophany of blood in the wake of her final words. "Run". That last word ignited a fire in him as his gouging claws came out in switchblade fashion, leaving the surging electrical charge pouring through his flesh in an outcry to charge towards the Fenrir with an instinctual rage.

- Setrian crashes into the human with enough force to knock her down, his senses alert as he growls, about to go for her throat with his powerful jaws before a scent catches his nose. He looks over in the direction of it and springs back as his eyes catch the charging.. Thing.. He cannot stay here though, he is needed. He tries to evade the two and make his way to his mate who is in trouble, the scent of blood from her the only thing on his mind as his primary instinct is to defend her and his young.

- Parthenia blinks... Blinks again... Expression on her face changes from hostile to one... Of puzzled. She should probably be scared but.. somehow she was more concerned with something else. A set of mixed feelings in her head as she.. Backs off. Was she running? Well, sorta. Was she running from the big dog, not really. It was something else. Something unseen, something that was all around. And as much as she wished to indulge herself in this battle. Something about this particular Fenrir was off. He wasn't THE Fenrir. This one shouldn't get the pleasure of having his way with her. Not here, not now... Something was off. Slowly she was backing away as the best charged at her. A twig! A dreaded evil twig in her wake was enough for that fatal misstep! A slightest twist of an ankle to compromise her stability as he slams into knocking her back and... Sprinting away. She raised a brow not even getting a chance to put her weapon to use. Well... Away we go. She gets back up and... Sprints back where she came from, Rune seems to be on Set's tail giving her ample time! The second she gets out of that fog, a call to Zephyr will have to be made.

- The fog's effects are in full swing, only for it to suddenly switch off. Like turning on the light in a pitch black room, clarity returns as the fog stops effecting everyone. The thicknes of the fog even begins to recede, revealing that even the thin mist has ended and the sun can be seen through the forest canopy.

- Nearly a hundred feet away from the commotion, Mokou fell. It wasn't a gnarled root or branch that caught her, but she went tumbling either way. Head swinging down, body almost crumpling against the foot of a tree, her eyes were locked rigid and open. Her chest beat at a hundred miles an hour, her hands reaching forward, clenching two roots that sprung up from the ground. The sound of commotion reached the furthest tips of her ears... And she stared at that hollow. At that breach in the woodline and at the ground beneath her. Flesh was white with tension beneath her fur, her tail falling limp behind her. Gasping for breath as though she had run a thousand miles... not a hundred feet... She gagged. Nearly choking, she pressed back her legs, doing everything she could to prevent from curling... Between those raspy breaths, a near silent murmuring was given, looking down to the ground, looking that muzzle, something gently dripping from the end of her nose, falling from her eyes... "I... I... I am... M-m... Me... Ah... I... I'm.. m-me... I'm... H-human..."

- Amethyst stumbles on her knees, and with a whimper, she rests on her rump, twisting her torso and looking back at the Fenrir charging her. She cowers, her arms rising to protect her face. Despite the fog clearing, her body still shuddered with anxiety and confusion.

- It was when he felt the wind cut from the Fenrir's adjustment, he'd pass by his side but the surging electricity around him didn't spare the arched attack. THe current still splintered off towards the beast in the wake of his claws until he grounded himself anew. Though when he hit the ground he felt his mind clear. the vision of his family and the building's collapse clearing to unveil him as the fenrir he knew for his intelligence. A new pallor crossed his face before he'd turn back to the sounds of each persona that had joined them being in a different state of disarray. "Where did... Mom? No that cant be but... Rain and .. How am I feeling a light mist when we were..." It was then that it hit him, seeing each of the members of the team, recognizing the fenriri first, the remnants of blood that trailed off from one, no recollection where they had gone to, and only his mixed memory for where he had seen her trail away. "What the hell is going on with this mess. I shouldn't be seeing anyone. Especially not them... where? Did they make it? Were they healed and I didn't know it? ...Wait.. wait..."

- Setrian grunts at the jolt of electricity upon his side, but continues on, his mind slowly returning as he neared his mate, but his concern no less prominent. "A.. Amethyst. Are you hurt?" He asks in concern, still coming out of his feral trance.

- Parthenia was for the most part unaffected, able to shake off the effect even after such a long exposure and now, with the damn thing gone she breathed a sigh of relief. Seems like the revenge wouldn't have worked out even if it was tHE fenrir. Oh well.. Back to designing better equipment so that she could stand a chance against the dam mutants. Some were just so though. She looks over her shoulder relieved to see that everyone seem to be coming back to their senses, and shuts the sword off. Now, to report to Zephyr. 'Evil fog machine in the Eastern forest area caused mental instability.' That followed by the list of possible effects she have witnessed and experienced herself as well as a rather disappointing fact. The lack of knowledge is nanites were somehow involved. Most likely so due to how fast the thing dispersed.

- No sign of how or why the fog was here can be found searching the forest. The fighting ferals are colapsed and bloody but the nanites would heal them in time. As for the scream and the ripped wood, a tree was found torn open and fallen on it's side, a huge burn mark seared through the bend where it tipped over, and the woman is gone. Returning to Zephyr, everyone is asked for their reports and what happened to Annie, the woman that was supposed to be with them.