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A template to standardize the format of single-player NPCs providing descriptions, locations and relevant events.


Put the following on your page, filling in the blanks as appropriate. Note that you can leave out any parameters which don't exist or you don't have the information.


  • changesspecies: NPCs who change from one infection to another.
  • changesgender: NPCs who change their gender (shifting from one to another or becoming a herm)
  • combat: NPCs with whom there are scenes in which you fight them
  • mustfind: NPCs who require an event to find or to make them available at a location (as opposed to NPCs who are located someplace at the start of the game).
  • events: NPCs who have specific events related to them.
  • bunker: Whether the player can bring this NPC to the Library/Bunker.
  • sex: Whether the NPC is available for sex with the player.