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Saturday June 1, 2019


Three jeeps are quickly being supplied at the RSX Headquarters, operatives running around to quickly prepare a vehicle assult. News has gone out for field agents of the three factions, and time is of the essence. Confirmed intel has shown that the group known as the Children of Tahoe have actually captured a Packmind wolf from Oregon, and it is everyone's plan to intercept the Tahoe convoy. A thin fog hangs in the air around Fairhaven, hopefully not a foreboding sign for things to come. black bunny girl with close-in combat gear stands impatient near the back, watching for agents to arrive.

"Nice wheels!" a voice rings out, an energetic fennec standing atop one of the jeeps would be wagging his tail. he was laying atop the roof of one of the vehicles in the stereotypical 'draw me like one of your french girls' pose. "Don't lose your cool now, I'm with the team! You lot need to keep your eyes open more, though! I practically waltzed in undetected!" he'd laugh as he likely grabs the attention of the soldiers preparing for the assault. Hopping off of the jeep, he'd move in and grab the bunny girl's hand giving it a firm handshake. "Heya good lookin! What's cookin'? We ready to cause some chaos?" his brows waggle, vibrant yet mischievous smile ever-present on those foxy lips of his.

The Packminds and the Children of Tahoe... the two greatest dangers to life as we know it in Ebreus' consideration. The two of them together is important not to respond to the call for agents and so the Hellhound finds himself swooping to a jogging landing, fully clad in his combat gear and toting his usual array of weapons, just outside RSX headquarters. Bounding into the jeep area, "Came as quickly as I could." he says. Spying Magnus he smiles a bit, "Glad to see you here. We'll need all the capable field agents we can get."

Arris approaches the RSX building on foot, triple-checking her gear as she approaches. She's loaded her AW magazines full, six magnum bullets have been pushed into the cylinder of her revolver, and her offhand pistol has been fully loaded with liquid bandage "paint" balls. As she approaches the trucks, stopping at Magnus' side, she gives Luna a formal nod. The gator's heard of her a couple of times, and spotted her infrequently at her friends' place, but never really had much of a connection outside of simple work. "Y'know, I'd comment on the weather to break the ice, but I think we're all thinking the same thing. Fog's eerily foreboding, knowing what we're getting into."

The fennec to her right gets a discreet pat on his butt before the gator slides away, attempting to hide her grin.

A human with multiple and massvie bits, a huge pair of bat like wings are competing with space on hir back with mass of tentacles that weaving out from hir lower back. Shi is dressed with what still appears to be still starting equipment. Hir dicks are ram rod hard are leaking pre which is hiking up hir checked skirt. The armor shi wears is dripping consistently with milk. Shi is quickly waddling around taking inventory and loading equipment. Hir plethora of tentacles picking up boxes of ammo cans and medical supplies before depositing them in the trunk of the SUV's. Shi looks up when shi hears the other agents bantering with each other. Shi says rather perturbedly, "Come on stop your yapping and help me finish loading up so we can go. We're on a time table here."

Kal hums his way along the path to the RSX building, looking entirely out of place dressed in his getup. Yellow robes drape down his shoulders like a duster, his tail flicking to and fro behind. A glittering blue crystal adorns a necklace draping down his chest. He even had the bright light of the Promethean Way gleaming from the top of his head. The strange critter hopes on through into the gathering convoy with a broad grin and an excited wave. "Yay, adventure!" He cheers, paws high in the air. His robes certainly seemed to have some unusual contours underneath, some additional belongings and gear strapped on away from view. He had to keep up his looks as a performer, after all! He gives a bouncy wave to Luna, to Arris, to Ebreus and the human with a little -too- much energy.

Lythe huffs and crests the hill, walking forward to the end of the street where the jeeps are prepped to load. Looks like she's one of the last to join. Wreathed in fire, she's wearing nothing but a utility belt and her RSX tag. Long legs carry the large fire elemental towards the bunny dressed in camo. It's been too long since she's fought and she was already feeling the itch for some hard action. Feeling the rage build as the moment starts to take her, the light she eminates reflecting that. She nods and falls in, "RSX agent Lythe reporting in."

The black rabbit girl is startled to see Magnus appear from nowhere, almost looking like she was about to punch him before calming down. As everyone else gathers she looks 'slightly amused' at the various agents but quickly gets to buisness. "Hi Arris, Ebreus, Magnus. And for those who I haven't met, I'm Luna: a former Child of Tahoe, so I'm going to help these guys..." she jestures to the operatives "...take down a convoy. Everyone geared up? We got to act fast."

"Fast is what I do." the fox winks as he steps away to look at the various jeeps. "I like these. Wish I had one of my own, or several. Racing would kick so much ass." Speaking of ass, he'd quite easily feel the slap to his own, and cast Arris a sideways, albeit legitimately amused glance. Hopping onto the bonnet of one of the three jeeps, the fox pulls it up and whistles sharply. "You guys spared no expense, this looks almost NEW! Oh wow!" he'd then slam shut the bonney and sit on the roof of the jeep, casting each and every agent a nod and a wink. "Lads! We're going to be doing some exciting shit today! Clench your buttcheeks because it's ADVENTURE TIME!" He could almost hear the theme song playing in the background.

Ebreus pops a few joints as Luna asks if they're ready, "As ready as is possible... guns, explosives, nanomagic... vivid memories of the last time I was in their fog." he says and takes a breath. He climbs aboard one of the jeeps and says, "I sincerely hope everyone here has at least read the debriefings from prior engagements with the CoT. These guys are not to be taken lightly." he says, a moment later adding, "And please tell me someone has Anti-Nanomagic."

"Yup, I'm locked and loaded and ready to roll." Arris loads a magazine into her rifle before taking a glance over to the walking set of genitals that was Deshwitat. "...and, I can see that one of us is putting on their 'Sunday best' for the Tahoers." She snerks lightly to herself as she pads over to the trucks, boots hitting its bed as she lets her sniper rifle rest against its side and zips up her jacket. "No Anti-Nanomagic on my part, chief. I've wanted to get into it for a while, but I keep putting it off."

Deshwitat gives a nod to all of the agents that showed up. "The names Deshwitat Rudbich you can just call me Desh if it's easier for you to remember. Well it seems like I'm the medic of this mission. That is if you don't mind getting sticky and wet with the quick healing or I can always the old school method." as shi shi picks up the edges of hir skirt, hir tentalces fanning out behind hir as gives a curtsy. Shi gives a smart salute to Luna, "Loaded and ready to roll out. Shi turns to look at Eberus and shakes hir head, "Nope not currently in my repertoire yet."

Lythe nods and taps her nails on her brightly lit thigh, ready to get started. She slings one of the rifles she borrowed from her mom, just in case it got ranged. Getting down into a crouching position, she smiles as she listens to the other agents. "Ready and willing, let's take these freaks down," she smiles and pumps her fist at Magnus's call to action, "Let's kick some tail!" Shaking her head at Ebreus, "Just strength and thermal."

"You've got the right idea, foxy!" Kal shouts up to Ebreus, quickly bounding onto the jeep the speed-crazed fox. "Gear up? Oh yeah, totally! I'm Kal, by the way," he remarks, finally giving his name to those gathered, giving a happy nod to the black rabbit girl. To Ebreus, he offers up a mischievous grin even more than before, if that was possible! "Anti-Nanomagic? Never heard of it!~" The strange blue critter gives a quick nod over to Desh, offering a thumbs-up - and a quick peek downward at those curtsying tendrils beneath. "Nice to meet ya, Desh! I won't mind the grabbies if you're fine with my sparkies!~"

With everyone set, RSX and the agents load up into the jeeps and set out for their destination. It takes hours to reach an intercept point for the operation, coming to a stop in the middle of a highway. The silence beyond the sound of the jeeps is deafening, a lifeless stretch of road with nothing in either direction for miles. One of the operatives takes out binoculars and looks down the north-west stretch of road, yelling out "Get ready, the convoy is about two mikes out!"

"SHOTGUN!" the fox calls out and swings through the window to plop his ass down next to... some random driver boye. "NEVERMIND!" he'd handflail and wiggle his way back to take a seat next to Luna. Why did he do this? Because why the heck not. She was someone new and someone cute at that, so why not go for meeting someone new, even IF she looked like she had naught but disdain for him. The fox pulls out his MP3 player and a pair of headphones, then places them over his ears and gives the bunny a nudge. "You like tunes? What kinda tunes do ya like? Pop, Jazz, Rock, Techno, Synth, House, Dance, HipHop, Reggae, Classical so-and-so on?"

He'd spend the duration of the journey trying to socialize while listening to music. Once the call comes out however, he may have misheard something as what leaves his muzzle is "Who's Mike, and Mike?" The fennec then removes his earphones and peers out the jeep window, his tongue lolling out and flopping in the wind as the air rushes past him, his tail wagging behind him in the jeep itself. That is at least until they come to a halt... Reaching into his pack, he'd pluck out a pair of binoculars and take a big'ol squint at the oncoming envoy. "I spy with my little eye... a big'ol army jeep with a mounted machine gun on it. Looks like an MG-08 but I might be wrong on that one!" he'd shrug "There's a big'ol trailer too with a buncha crates on it, and the truck over there, we can all see it I think! Anyway, I'd best go hide if we're gonna be intercepting these goons!" With that, the fennec hops out of the jeep and moves under it, hiding beneath the vehicle to keep himself out of sight.

Ebreus hums when it seems that the new faces don't know what they're getting into. "The Children have a nanite-fog. The thing is a weapon, causes you to hallucinate, try to stay calm and think rationally if they use it on you. As for the packmind... it should be in a cage if the CoT have caught it and if you value your life you'll keep extremities away from its cage." he says. Fair warning about the dangers given the Hellhound spends the rest of the ride checking and double checking his equipment... gasmask, shotgun, spare shotgun, grenades, pistol in case of double shotgun failure.... and more.

Arriving at the strike point Ebreus climbs out of the jeep he was in and takes up position with the jeep between him and the approaching CoT forces, making sure not to be standing too near the gas tank... knowing the CoT rifles can punch through damn near anything. Hearing Magnus' briefing he levels his grand scattergun in the direction of the convoy and unbuckling his grenade pouch.

Arris jumps out of the truck when she hears the call that the enemy is approaching. Running to take cover behind one of the nearby hills, she goes prone at the top before pulling out her sniper rifle to get a better look ahead. "I see a machine gun on the front jeep, but can't say anything about anyone else sitting in the convoy. Stay sharp, everyone." Her finger rests on the trigger guard, waiting for an order to start firing before she makes any motion to do so. "If anyone has it, regulation nanomagic would be sorely appreciated."

Deshwitat climbs into the front passenger seat of the 2nd Jeep sticking hir glut of dicks out the sun roof. So over the hir comm unit shi asks during the ride out, "So I never got everyones name and what are your specialities?" Deshwitat visibly looks miserable as shi leaves the bubble. When they stop at thier desination. Shi climbs out of the jeep rather slowly when the call comes out that thier target is coming. Shi closes hir eyes, makes a couple of archaic hand symbols and mutters under hir breath. Shi open hir eyes and put both hands forward. A little Will o' Wisp comes into being as well as a huge glowing bear.

Kalsouthpaw breaks into song as they drive off, claws tapping in the air, leaving tiny sparking motes with each poke in the process. He continued this bubbly, raspy tenor of a song for the whole ride there, trying to keep folks morale up.

Once the group landed at the now silent highway, he quiets himself down - still beaming with enthusiasm despite the talk of strange hallucinogenic fog. "Oh, so they have their own magic too! It'll be like a competition!" He says cheerfully. The moment talk of an approaching convoy reaches his ears, the strange critter scampers a fair distance away from the jeeps, drops down prone, and flicks his claws about...and suddenly, what was once a bright blue critter in vivid yellow robes seems to vanish amongst the hills.

Lythe hops into the back of one of the jeeps. She looks for a place where her body won't singe someone else. Travelling down the road, she keeps a ready eye as things pass. As they move out of the city proper, she starts feeling lethargic as we move out of bubble. Being without nanites is a concept foreign and unsettling to Lythe, having been born at RSX. Still determined to kick ass, she scans the horizon looking where the agent with the binoculars called. Looking over the others, "Strategy? Take out the tires? Lay an ambush." She look at the jeeps set blocking the road. Nods and smiles at Deshwitat, "I'm best up close and personal."

As agents and operatives alike ready for a confrontation, the Tahoe convoy aproaches. Surprisingly the convoy slows down, eventually coming to a halt about 60ft away from the jeeps. With the convoy's machine gun pointed at the RSX and the RSX pointing their guns at the convoy, A winged humanoid in power armor and holding what looks like a lange laser rifle gets out of the semitrailer's passenger seat. With no other sound but the many engines surrounding them, the winged man walks forward to stand in full view. "Attention RSX! You are currently in the way of our return to Tahoe. Please move your vehicles aside so that we may progress. If you chose to side with Zephyr we will be forced to open fire."

That's when Luna speaks up, yelling back: "You know we don't want a fight, Angel. Carson's plans will lead to Tahoe's doom. If RSX gets ahold of the packmind subjects instead it wil be better for the future." The winged man know identified as Angel doesn't reply, only standing still.

The fox was fast, a visual blur even, able to trick the impossible eye of the strange winged man, he'd duck in and out of sight so quickly he scarcely even registers doing so himself. Hiding behind the jeep with the mounted machine gun, the fox need only reach out and pluck a round from it, then twist it in backwards ensuring the mechanism jams the instant the bloody thing is fired. Following up, the fox then ducks under their jeep and sets his sight on this Angel person. Retrieving some garrote wire from his pack, he could see himself moving in to trip that fucker over, oh the hilarity... but some risks simply were not worth it. With a lot of pain in his eyes, he'd put the wire away and stay hidden for now... waiting patiently as he subtly sends a message via the comm line to his team, text only reading "I jammed their mounted gun, hiding under their jeep."

Ebreus growls lightly as Angel steps out of the truck. Infernal fire licks the ground around Ebreus as he keeps his aim clear on Angel. He takes a breath and replies to Magnus' comm with text of his own, "Can you ignite their gas tank?" Creating a bubble from his NICE as the message is sent he then peeks out from behind the jeep, "I seem to recall the you lot wanting us to stay away from Tahoe. Fair enough if you're keepin' to yourselves but now you've come to fairly well-established RSX territory and take something that's not yours. Aren't you going to at least offer some form of payment for it?" he says.

Arris keeps her sniper rifle focused, crosshairs navigating over to the person standing behind the machine gun. She stays quiet, though a sideways glance is casted towards the rest of the squad. Her hope was that Luna was able to negotiate a peaceful agreement to let the packmind go; killing was something she preferred to keep as a last resort. Recalling their previous outings in the past, she could only wish the people on the trucks wouldn't flub with using their silver tongues and sharp wits today... and speaking of the them, where the hell did Magnus go? The comm message comes practically on queue, and the gator re-aims her rifle accordingly.

Deshwitat hunkers down behind one of the jeeps taking cover before looking down at the read out on the back of hir laser pistol checking out it's charge. The luminous bear trots into the middle of the road before sitting there creating another barricade. Deshwitat calls out from behind the jeep, "Well I think we have you out numbered. We don't want any unnessary violence. You should just hand over the Packmind. It's more than you can handle." as the in the middle of the road scratches the back of his ear and yawns.

Kalsouthpaw concentrates within the confines of his camouflage, having to really focus as he splits his attentions. He slowly brings forth an image of himself just a few feet to the right of where he was actually hidden, making the illusion seem like he is standing up from being prone. The telltale bulb of his Promethean helmet even blinks to life. Using some practiced performance tactics, the blue critter throws his voice with some ventriloquism, trying to match his words with his illusory duplicate's mouth movements.

"I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about you or Tahoe, but I've heard the spooky stories about the Packminds. They're bad news, even for us Prometheans. Making sure these guys are properly contained is super important, and RSX has a really good setup. You're clearly some good people, and I don't want anyone of you getting hurt due to a breach."

Pressed against one of the jeeps and taking careful aim at the head driver in the lead jeep, Lythe readies for the action to start. Seeing the text from Magnus, she chuckles to herself. Ebreus's mobile mubble wasing over them and feeling the sudden rush of nanies returning as her strength nanites get activated, she giggles evilly. Lythe silenting wishing they'd do something stupid.

The words seem to get to Angel. Even with the blank face of a power armor helmet he seems to be struggling with his choices. He starts to speak before getting interrupted by another voice coming from a man getting out of the truck in back, holding what looks like a mini nanite server in one arm and a handgun in the other. He speaks in a purely mechanical voice, possibly made deeper and foreboding through a voice synthesizer. "Unit Angel, return to your previous duty." He then steps forward, facing the group. "Negotiations will not comence. Packmind research will be conducted in Tahoe as planned. Unit Luna, direct RSX operatives to end the blockade." Luna looks suprised, and then fearful. "Carson?! You took a bullet through the skull how are you alive?!"

Ebreus takes a break when he hears the response and Luna chiming in. Letting out a sigh he says, "There

The fox meanwhile listens in and grits his teeth. So close, yet so far. Well, when words failed it was time to cause some GLORIOUS CHAOS. The idea he'd been given earlier sat quite well with him, explosions were entropy in the making after all. So the vulpine does what came naturally. He plucks out his dagger and stabs a hole in the fuel line leading between the engine and gas tank, causing a leak of flammable liquid. That done, he runs out from under the truck, aiming his finger right at the spot where the fuel trickled down onto the ground. A sharp, bright plume of fire errupts from his fingertip, striking the ground and starting a massive fire. Within mere moments the entire jeep was engilfed in flames, before the gas tank bursts and leaves the entire vehicle completely totaled. As for Magnus, he'd be running towards his team!

Ebreus takes a break when he hears the response and Luna chiming in. Letting out a sigh he says, "There's a distinction to be made between alive and not dead." he says, grinning as he spies the fennec firestarter performing admirably. Grabbing a frag from his pack he pitches it, sans pin, aiming one of the non-burning CoT vehicles and quickly ducks behind the jeep again.

Arris glances up from her scope at the figure stepping forward. A quiet curse is muttered in her head when Luna confirms that the figure in front of them was indeed Carson. Her sights focus to aim at him as she speaks, words barely audible an inch from her mouth. "Maybe two bullets will put you down, this time..." Their negotiations having been seemingly flushed down the drain by Carson's presence, Arris' finger rests on the trigger.

She doesn't even get to think the phrase "this is going to go pear-shaped fast" before she spots Magnus scuttling out from under a truck and said truck bursting into flames. Her crosshairs rest on Carson's head still, waiting for a retaliation before she fires.

Deshwitat feels stronger discerning that someone activated a nanomagic. Peeking out when shi hears the new voice and the apparent break down of negotiations. Shi pulls out hir laser pistol and steadies hir arm against the side of the jeep as shi aims at the mini nanite server in the new persons arm. When the explosion goes off. Shi pull the trigger hoping on taking out whatever equipment it is. Shi shouts out to the party, "Hey we got this. They are at least down a vechile to escape with."

Kalsouthpaw thought for a moment that maybe this would go just fine and dandy...at least until the mechincal-sounding man came out with what looked like a nanite server in their arms. The explosion would've otherwise been a dose of ecstatic surprise for the little blue critter if it wasn't for the shiver running down his spine! Whispering to the winds from within his camouflage, Kal looks up to the sky...stormclouds beginning to gather as he allows his emotions to run free, calling forth lightning's destructive power to try and engulf the military truck in the rear of the convoy in an electrical storm. With any luck it might stop any other Tahoe operatives from getting into the fray!

Lythe giggles as she sees Magnus running. "It's time to boogie!" she shouts. Seeing that the first car is semi disabled, she leans down against the jeep and pulls the trigger of her laser rifle, aiming for the semi car driver. Using Deshwitat's encouraging words to lead the target. Cracking the windshield she hits them, but the powerarmr they are wearing takes most of the hit. Magnus' shannaigens continues as we watch the car go up in flames.

With the Jeep in flames combat is underway, Carson toggling the switch on his nanite server only for it to be unusable from the laser hole. He throws it aside and starts opening fire with his handgun, his rounds either missing Ebreus or deflecting off of his armor. As Kalsouthpaw summons his class connection to weather control, the summoned minature storm actually manages to tip over the Tahoe truck in back, the soldiers inside falling out and off-kilter. Angel, seeing the threat that the storm provided against the Children of Tahoe, imediately drew his solar rifle and shot Kal strait through the chest, downing him instantly. As Kal falls, Ebreus's grenade lands at Angel's feet, sending shrapnel into his armor and knocking him down.

The scope pointed at Carson's head takes the shot, but sudden movement from him causes Arris to miss. Cursing, she retreats further behind the hill, taking advantage of the better cover to pull the bolt on her rifle before going prone once more. Through her sights, she scopes out the battlefield, laying her crosshairs back on his head and preparing to fire again.

The quick brown fox jumps over the oncoming gunfire. He dodges, ducks, dips, dives and dodges again, like a blur in the distance as he rounds and bounds towards the soldiers getting back up from their prone state. He takes a leap over them and fires, spraying them liberally and ensuring that at least three of them have thick black goo in their eyes. He then pulls out his blunderbuss, a small pistol with a LOT of power to it, aims it at the remaining three and yips "DON'T MOVE!"

Ebreus glances in the direction of the lasor seeing the blinding light from a Solar Rifle firing and seeing one of their party fall to the ground, "Shit." he says and bounds from behind one jeep to the next to ensure his NICE bubble can reach Kalsouthpaw. "Desh, you're up." he'd say as he quickly aims his scattergun down-range at the remaining CoT, "You heard 'im. Move and die." he says training the barrel of a shotgun built for someone with inhuman strength between Carson and Angel.

A bright purple fire outlines Angel as the forest wisp also burns purple. The huge bear roars and charges forward at Angel before in a blazing beam of light obliterates the head. The body of the bear slumps forward as threads of light unravels from it's body as shi fades away. Deshwitat spots Kal falling over after the intense flash the first blast from Angel laser. Shi hustles from the cover of the jeep leaving a glistening trail of pre behind hir. Shi drags Kal back behind a jeep. Shi hovers a the gapping hole in Kal's chest. Shi concentrates will nanites forth as stream forth in a haze knitting the trauma closed.

Lythe grumbles as she sees her comrade go down and takes a shot at Angel, aiming for his wings, "Let's see if you like to hurt..." she growls. Her mark tears through his wing, burning and scortching what it hits. Thinking this is going from bad to worse, she concentrates on supression shots. She chuckles, hearing the explosive retalliation from both sides.

The threats against the lives of the Children of Tahoe are ignored, the three solders in the back who aren't covered in ink fire their solar weapons at Magnus, all three missing. They then attempt to retreat with their ink-covered comrades by running for the hills. Carson roars with his mechanical voice, a cylinder from his back being jettisoned and quickly spilling out thick, choking smoke to cover his own retreat with Angel.

The fox was not one to know that making threats was pointless against these folks. He is left having to duck and weave around the lasers fired his way. He decides against using his blunderbuss however, instead opting for something else. His fur bristles with electric energy as he attempts to fry those metal-coated scum-suckers. Collecting the force of the storm into one concentrated area, he looks almost disappointed as the others make a mad dash for it. Instead of the cowards, the fox raises his hands and focuses on the back of their fleeing boss' back. With a loud SNAP a lightning bolt flashes out his fingers and strikes his target's back. Alas, no trace of him despite the direct hit.

Arris aims at Carson once more just before he creates the smokescreen, firing a shot through it that hits center of mass. After she pulls the bolt once more, she scans the battlefield with her scope, staying on the lookout for any more potential targets to take out.

Lythe looks for the bunny and the other RSX agents, counting who needs help and who was in good shape. She moves over to check on the cargo, making sure none of the dangerous packmind were freed and on the loose, wouldn't that be an adventure?

Deshwitat sigh in relief as the color to Kal's face returns and they stabilize. Deshwitat shouts from behind the jeep, "Fuck you Angel. Hope you burn in hell." Shi breaths in deeply in a out to calm hirself down before pulling out hir side arm. Shi pops out just enough and steadies hir aim on the side of the jeep. The billow of smoke obscures hir vision ruining shot. Shi reholsters hir laser pistol and puts a hand on Kal's shoulder. Shi actives Biomonitoring Nanomagic making sure that Kalsouthpaw doesn't anything else wrong with them.

The Children of Tahoe manage to escape. While they are broken and without vehicles, Carson and his crew will likely plan out their future revenge. In the mean time, Kalsouthpaw is going to need bedrest after being revived by medical nanomagic and RSX will have to bring back the semitrailer with their aquired Packminds. This was a victory, but who knows how hard Tahoe's retaliation might strike?