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It was a warm day, even if the clouds overhead were obscuring the sun. A few mutants of varying forms could be seen moving about the camp, some hauling cargo between the pavilion and the main structure. All in all, it wasn't too busy. Most scouts wouldn't really stick around the camp long before heading off into the wilds. Today was the day that a small group would be tasked with exploring even further beyond the bubble's reach to find a solid place to build up another camp. While a few could sustain themselves indefinitely away from civilization, a new camp would certainly make it easier for others. The main goal would be to establish a route between this camp and the next, allowing for supplies to be transferred between them. In time, the new camp would be fit for scouts to rest and resupply at. The team that would be heading out was instructed to gather under the pavilion at 1200. As the departure time ticked closer, a few explorers would begin to gather for an adventure beyond the bubble.

Already beneath the pavilion, two wolves could be seen sitting beside each other. One was a black-furred one dressed in jeans and a gray-scale button-down shirt. The other was a white one with a black harness fitted around her bestial form. Zen, the black-furred wolf, could be seen looking over a map on the table while one of his hands gently pet over the white wolf's head. With a soft rumble, he says, "It is almost time for the others to show up. Ready to take another trip beyond the bubble? Mmh, I just hope it goes smoother than our last little adventure."
Sheela had made herself comfortable next to Zen, while she took a close look at the map and saw which route was in preparation. Her snow-white fur and four-legged stance made most think she was just a loyal dog, but her beastly form was more like that of a wolf. A gentle breeze blew through her fur as a crimson scarf gently folded around her neck, held in place by a brown leather collar. She had prepared herself by putting on a K9 harness that would provide enough storage space for many small items, perhaps some food, water, or even medical paraphernalia could be contained within it that would be needed outside of the Bubble. "Mmh, yes that's true, our last trip wasn't quite so hazard free. Hehe, but I'm curious to see who will join us," she growled softly to Zen while her tail wagged expectantly and her ocean blue eyes looked intently to see if she could see anyone approaching.
Shortly after, a lamia shows up - her long, translucent pink tail trailing behind her. She's wearing a black military vest with lots of pockets, and there's what appers to be a PPD-VA in a holster secured to her waist. She nods to the two wolves and adjusts her glasses before saying, "Hi! I'm ready for action!" Then, she leans forward and peeks at the map with curiosity. "Oooh, so where are we going?"
With some metallic thudding, dulled and muffled by the ground outside the pavilion, caused by the armored boots of another approaching volunteer. Appearing right out of a sci-fi movie or game franchise, this space marine-looking mutant is covered head to toe in power armor, complete with an opaque visor helmet with ear coverings, a tail covering, a miniature jetpack, a rifle, multiple sidearms, and a utility pack around their waist. This mutant steps heavily onto the pavilion floor, glancing around at everyone else assembled. "Moresson, ready to go." comes a metallic feminine voice from behind the helmet.
"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle." Magnus rumbles softly as he surveys the area. He very much liked what he saw, people were organizing and doing things! Making changes! Engaging in challenges no less! It had been waaaaaay too long since he'd last seen a certain lupine, or rather a whole two of them if memory served, but with his personal affairs no longer plaguing his life nor his health, Magnus saw it fitting that he closed that gap once more. There was work to do, and he was feeling energetic.

More than that, as a matter of fact... there were a few peculiarities about the once tainted hyena, a kind of tranquility and stoicism that were once absent in his hallucination-addled mind-brain. His past disquieting features had faded entirely, much the same any vestiges of tendrils and other such features befitting a creature of the Outer Realm. In short, he looked... pure in a way. As though a thousand ills had been washed clean from his body, soul and psyche.

In terms of attire, the hyena wore his own set of armor, albeit it wasn't nearly as sci-fi as the competition, rather it more closely resembled something one might see in one of those medieval-age stories. Plated steel and decorative cloth, it was as heavy as his thudding footfalls suggested, but one look at all the scratches it'd sustained was enough to tell was very good at what it does. The rest was a backpack slung across his, well his back. A dagger at his left hip, a broadsword sheathed at his right, a laser rifle slung over one shoulder and a peculiar device mounted on his right gauntlet. "I'm not late to the party, am I?" he'd call out, casting a wink at the crowd, recognizing quite a few of them!
As the group slowly assembled, Zen looked around and offered a wave to those who would be joining him on the trip into the wilds. Uvi was the first to approach them, slithering up to the table and inspecting the map he was looking over. "Ah, Hello. Uvi, right? I believe we met before during some sort of race through the woods. Oh, and to answer your question... I believe it would be wise to follow this river here. Even for those that tend to get lost, it shouldn't be too hard to follow a river until you find your way back to a place you know." Zen says while pointing to the map and dragging his finger along the line.

Before long, the heavy thuds of another volunteer cause Zen's ears to dial towards the sound. Turning his head to get a better look, he eyes Moresson's armor from head to toe. One thing was for certain... if there was going to be a fight, she'd be ready for it! "Moresson? Well, nice to meet you. My name is Zen. Looks like you are quite geared up! Hmm, but I wonder how that'll fair on a long trip beyond the bubble. In any case, I doubt we'll have much trouble with the minor armory you are bringing with." He says, still glancing over her entire suit.

The last to arrive was Magnus, a popular face that Zen hadn't really seen in a while. However, despite not having seen him in a while, he had still heard whispers that things were not really going well for him. But now that he was before him, it was hard to really believe that! "Oh, Magnus? How've things been! You look... different, though, not in a bad way! Glad you could be joining us!"

With his greetings out of the way, Zen turns his attention back to the map before saying, "Alright. It is nearly time for us to start heading out. The place we are going to be scouting out is a good four days or so of walking. Perhaps we could even make it in three if we double-time it." He gestures to some supply crates nearby and adds, "Before we head out, make sure you pack up a few days worth of food and any other supplies you would deem as necessary. Feel free to take a look at this map of the surrounding area too. I believe our best bet would be to follow the river eastward, but be sure to speak up if you have any other ideas. Needless to say, going beyond the bubble has its fair share of risks. You can't rely on nanites to solve everything for you. Make sure you are prepared and try not to take any excessive risks that could lead to injury or death."
It was a lifetime ago, but she could remember exactly that Lamian, that long tail swinging teasingly back and forth, awakening in her the needs of the hunt. Sheela grinned cheekily at Uvi, swinging her tail in greeting before she saw a new candidate approaching. What the hell, a space marine! Phew, not knowing the mutant yet, she immediately fell into old habits and just nods shyly before paying a bit more curious attention to the armor. Still she didn't dare to say anything, but soon the water was broken as she recognizes a very good and old friend. Excitedly her nose began to twitch while her ears pricked up as the hyena approached.

Damn was that long ago and she could remember all the adventures that made her heart beat faster. She was glad to see him again and was looking forward to another adventure now more than ever. She rises as her tail wags excitedly and a wide grin awakens on her lips before she barks happily, "Hey Mags! Oh, that's great that you're here too, then we have nothing to worry about with a team like this." A little embarrassed, she turns to the armored mutant and growls softly, "Sheela... ehm... glad to meet you." Her ears slowly sank back as she somehow tried to hide her shy nature... which of course she was rather less successful at.

Now that the group was complete, she sat down next to Zen again and was curious to see what the plan was. What challenges would await us? Will we encounter dangers that we had not yet planned for? All of this would be revealed shortly and the time would come when we would set out. So let's get to work! She first listened carefully to the instructions and what resources we should pack, but quickly saw the first hurdle. Of course she had a K9 harness that had a pocket on each side that could be filled with all the stuff you would need. However, without hands it was hard and that could be quickly seen as she rummaged around in the box of bandage stuff and puffed in frustration as she tried to stow the medications in her bag. "Zeeen, can you help me put some stuff in my bag?", she mumbled with her muzzle full before dropping the plastic package on the ground and adding softly, "I think we should try to take the most direct route, it touches the river here and there and would save us some time." A bit nervously she looks around, not knowing if the idea was good to take the shortest way.
"The river, right!" the lamia says and shifts her gaze from the map to the armored figure. For a moment she wonders whether this is going to be a simple scouting mission or a full-blown war. Even though her own equipment pales in comparison to Moresson's, she's confident that her weapon - as well as her wits and skills - are going to be enough. "Welcome, I'm Uvi, former RSX Operative. Nice to meet you." She says to Moresson while waving a hand. She could extend it for a handshake, but she'd rather not have her hand crushed. Anyway, that's also when Magnus arrives, so there's not much time for chit-chat anyway.

After the briefing, Uvi scurries over to the supplies. Free food! She rummages through it for a moment, frowning her nose at the sight of all the protein bars and other foods she can not chew with her snake fangs. Fortunately, she finally discovers some vacuum sealed fruit pulp and other sneak friendly meals. While she stuffs her pockets and satchels tied to her tail with free food, she nods and says, "Right! Let's go faster, I don't like to stay out of bubble for too long. Makes me feel very itchy."
The power armored mutant scoffs upon hearing Zen's concern. "I'll be fine, believe me. And yeah, I'll make sure to kick the shit out of anything that fucks with us." she replies simply, letting him take in the majesty that is her armor momenarily, before glancing over to Uvi and nodding and offering a simple 'mhm'. With Magnus' approach however, she does to turn look at him next. "Magnus? I should have known, you can't keep your ass out of trouble, can you?" she asks him, before glancing over to the white wolf. "Huh, it talks." she says, considering making another remark before the dark-furred wolf grabs their attention once again.

With a nod of her helmeted head, she makes her way over to the crates, picking up 6 days worth of food and water just in case. Then she heads over to study the map thoroughly. "I lived out of the bubble for years, I make it a point not to rely on them anyway. We should go the fast way. I could find our location by jetpacking above the trees."
"I've been... in a very specific way that isn't worth discussing currently, but what is important is that this has been resolved and I am itching to get back to living my life! My life here in the homerealm. OH BUT ENOUGH WITH THE GUM-FLAPPING COME HERE AND GIVE ME A HUG!" The hyena blurts out and moves in, wrapping one arm around Zen, the other around Sheela to squeeze tightly for what feels like way too long, before finally letting go. "So mister organizer, I won't eat up any more of your tine." He snickers softly, then pats his backpack. "I have about five days worth in freeze-dried stuff here. Any more and I'd need a second pack, but I'd wager we can scrounge something up to cover along the way. As for how quickly we are going to move..." The canine shrugs deeply. "As quickly as is most prudent."

When Morrison addresses him, he casts her a soft smirk. "Well look at you. I see the months have done nothing to quell that lust for violence. I'm not here to get in trouble, I am just itching to breathe some fresh air and spend some time in good company. If it serves a purpose for the scouts, then all the better!" He casts Uvi a glance and a wink. "Danger noodle. Hello." And there's a new nickname for her it seems. "Right, well... the only thing I have left in need of saying is, I don't fly. So if you're willing to do the jetpacking, have at. I shall simply be your elementary travel companion and do as is deemed most prudent."
Zen kneels down to start packing Sheela's harness with some medical supplies and food. Without having the benefit of auto-repairing nanites beyond the bubble, a few bandages and gauze could be the difference between making it back or suffering a slow death. He takes care to pack his own bag with some food, some medical supplies, camping gear, and some tools for hunting and trapping. A long length of rope, a hand-ax for breaking down branches, and a few cans of spray paint to mark their path are also packed away before he moves back to the map.

As the others get themselves prepared, Zen rolls up the map and tucks it into one of his pack's side pockets. "Alright, well, it sounds like we are opting for the most direct option. Yeah, that sounds good. The sooner we get the job done, the sooner we can get back to enjoying the finer things in life! In that case, we will be cutting a straight path between a few different landmarks with the intention to reach our final destination in three days' time." He rumbles before slinging his pack over his shoulders and making his way towards the east end of the camp. "Well, with our packs filled and a plan in mind, there isn't much point in waiting around any longer. Let us get a move on." He adds before turning around and starting the march into the forest.
A little relieved, she looks at Uvi and nods in agreement, the longer we would need, the more time we would waste to pursue other 'hobbies'. Patiently she stood next to Zen and waited for her bags to be filled. Maybe some dried meat, some water and the already mentioned medicines, even if she is really not able to give first aid somehow with four paws. "Damn it Mags, you're half smothering me!", she giggled as she gets caught in the tight hug, but clearly enjoyed it as her tail began to sway excitedly. "That sounds like a story you'll have to tell us on a nice night sometime! Hehe, and honestly, Zen's brewing skills are pretty good by now too~", she growls enthusiastically before adding, "But enough, we have a mission today and Zen will be leading us. Or at least he try~"

Somewhat intrigued by the power armor she listens to the conversation, of course Moresson also knew this cheeky and likeable hyena and that caused an amused grin to awaken on her lips before she is snapped out of her thoughts. "Ehm... hehe. Of course I can talk... I... eeh... hope that is not a problem?", she growls insecurely and tilts her head a bit. Oh right the same reaction Uvi had shown when she had first met the little wolf...maybe she shouldn't wonder about such remarks anymore, after all she looked like a Feral, what else should she expect?

When everyone else had finished as well, she followed Zen, but it wasn't long before her feral nature kicked in and she ran a little farther ahead before her nose lowered to the ground. It seemed like she was just casually continuing to follow conversations, as her twitched back and forth at the slightest sounds while she focused more on filtering the various smells. Suddenly her body formed a line as something tickled her nose, a scent of danger drawing in her senses that she had to pursue. Her paws pressed into the crust of the earth before she separated herself slightly from the group, quickly uncovering a path that bore witness to a more formidable Feral. "Here, come here...the path, the branches...something big must have crept this way and its crosses directly our path...", she growled louder so the others were warned. Quickly she could see that there were tracks that could be evidence of a massive panther or something else that is like a feline."I'm not sure what it is, but it must be of a feline nature...those paw prints....", she growls thoughtfully as she waited for the rest of the group.
Uvi frowns her nose and pouts her cheeks before responding to Magnus, "Hey, I'm not a noodle, nor any other food!" Anyway, she winks back at the yeen and adds, this time with a smile on her face, "Long time no see. It's good to see that you are still in the mercenary kind of business. As well you, Sheela." Somehow, she resists the urge to pet the good doggo.

Uvi follows right after Zen, swaying her hips to make her tail move over dirt and grass in a wave-like motion. She keeps her eyes open for any signs of imminent danger, but she's not expecting anything out of the ordinary just now. Sure, there are a few broken branches here and there, but because they are not deep in the forest, it's nothing to be worried about. The lamia watches Sheela zoom past the group and a smirk forms on her face. Sheela will make a good scout, she thinks. However, Uvi's expression quickly changes when she hears the wolf growl. Unbuckling her firearm, she looks at the rest of the group and says, "Shh, you hear that?"
A metallic scoff escapes through the armored mutant's helmet after Magnus' remark. "No, I'm still as happy to punch you now as I was before.el she replies with her own snark. debate ust surprised. But I suppose I shouldn't be.el she replies to the four-legged wolf, shaking her head.

When everyone starts moving, she begins to follow them into the woods, not seeming to pay too much mind to any subtleties besides what's obviously apparent. However, as the white wolf rushes ahead to point out the path of a large predator, the armored mutant readies her rifle in her glove-covered hands, a FAMAS G2 to be precise. She keeps quiet but ready to fire at anything that charges them. Shoot first, ask questions later. That's her motto.
"There's a big fluffy critter around here! I want to find it and boop the snoot, but we are busy bees and can't make that kind of detour." Magnus muses as he takes a good look at the tracks they'd discovered in the immediate area. "Looks like it's some kind of kitty cat too, a big one at that! Better keep our ears open, cats like to pounce on unsuspecting prey, and we don't want anyone getting their fleshy bits mauled!" He then casts a glance towards Moresson, "Well, at least you don't have to worry about that very much! Oh come now, we can just conga our way out of its territory before it has much reason to attack us." When Uvi speaks up, the hyena shakes his head. "No, don't hear a thing. But I suppose if it's closeby then we should be ready to aggressively pet this creature until it leaves us alone, so we can be on our merry way!" He chymes while readying the blade at his hip. "Silly ferals, especially the ones all the way out here."
With Sheela taking the lead, Zen watches as she falls back into a more bestial mindset. There must be so many unique smells here as opposed to their usual hunting grounds. On top of that, there was also the excitement that comes from exploring somewhere new. Perhaps she had wanted to hunt something... see what sort of prey could be found within this forest? But, it would seem as though she had found something else instead. Evidence of a large predator hunting somewhere along their path. Perhaps now it would be a good time to slow down and proceed with caution? If they knew which direction it had gone, they could also choose to alter their path to reduce the chances of encountering it. However, something was telling Zen that a fight was just what some of them were looking for. After all, you wouldn't need to bring so many weapons into the woods if you weren't planning on using them!

It had been only been a few hours in and they were already faced with a choice. Would they march into the predator's territory, or would they try and skirt around the potential danger? After a few moments of taking it slow and looking for any new signs of danger, it becomes apparent that the creature wasn't in the immediate area. There wasn't much of a point to mark a path towards a potentially dangerous area. In the worst-case scenario, the builder group would just become kitty-chow on the way to the worksite. Of course, the feral could also be a loving and cuddly type, but was that a safe assumption to make? "Alright, so... We have a few options. We can divert our path and mark a safer route, we can try and track down that feral and make the direct route safe, or we can try and sneak through and get another team to deal with it before they start using our route to move supplies. Honestly, I agree with Magnus. We still have plenty of distance to cover, and we don't know what sort of threat that feral could pose." Zen rumbles, moving closer to Sheela and taking a closer look at the tracks. In any case, they had already stepped into its hunting ground. If it caught wind of them, they might not have a choice of avoiding it.
Even if now the group was warned, where was this Feral, this feline danger that could lurk in any shadow not broken by the sun? Slowly the adrenaline, the excitement crept deeper into the snow-white wolf's body with each heartbeat. She looked closely at the prints, the clawless paws that would reveal their deadliness only when it was too late... she knew this kind of paws and she was a little afraid of them, because cats, whether Bengal tigers or panthers, they were all elegant and skillful predators. "Oh, Mags... you manage to make even the big dangers seem cute! But you're right, we shouldn't be sidetracked from our path and be ready.", she chuckles softly before focusing on the more important things again. "Mmh, I don't hear anything... watch the shadows and be quiet... we better not create any unwanted attention..." it rumbles softly from her lungs before she looks to the Moresson with a cheeky grin, wondering how we can't create any attention with such a mechanical warrior accompanying us. Hopefully the firepower was better than the stealth! As Zen approaches her, she gives his cheek a cursory lick before growling, "What's stopping the kitten from expanding his hunting grounds? We should continue our path and if we don't encounter him, we should hire another team to guard this path for now, until the camp is established." It was just a suggestion, but she was ready to go deeper into the wilderness, to follow the path we already decided to start with, because honestly... We didn't look like a scouting party, more like a small army ready to go into battle. "Maybe we can also set a trap and defeat the beast, drive it out of the woods... but for that we would also need someone willing to act as a bait.", she growls questioningly to the group and looks eagerly at the reactions.
Uvi looks around for a moment, then simply concludes, "Must've been the wind." She listens carefully to the debate while she makes sure that her PPD-VA is set to 'sonic' mode, ready to deliver a load of raw, concussive force, just in case. Uvi grins cheekily at Sheela's suggestion and she leans forward to patpet her side. "Right! You would make perfect bait!" She lets out a quiet giggle before adding, "But, we are not getting paid for fighting stuff, nor petting ferals. Besides, Magnus, whypet a big cat when you can just pet Sheela. Right!" Done with the petpats, she straightens her posture, adjusts her glasses and says, "Let's simply note it on the map and move on."
Moresson waits around while the others discuss, keeping her eyes trained on the woods around them. This time, she's paying much more attention. While she has nothing to contribute to the debate herself at this point, she does do something useful at least. She watches for any trouble.
"There is no need to cause genocide against some non-understanding wild animals. Buuuut it might come to that. Still, we aren't in a rush for anything, are we? Let's just take the scenic route and enjoy our trip through nature. I know I am not in a rush for anything, but I can't speak for all of you. That's just my two cents! Oooah..." Something seems to catch the hyena's eye. "Now we're talking. The only way this day could get any better is if the sun were shining. I yearn to feel the warm caress of the celestial lifegiver on my fuzzy hide. You folks go on ahead! I'll catch up in a moment!" With that, Magnus pauses briefly to retrieve a pouch from his backpack, then starts filling the damned thing with as many berries as he can pick from the plant he'd found. "I don't know much about herbs, but a berry is a berry is a berry. And this way I won't have to crunch freeze-dried ramen every day."
Zen shakes his head slightly and glances between Uvi and Sheela. With a low growl, he says, "You'd want to make Sheela bait for some giant cat? And Sheela, you'd want someone to stick their neck out to be bait? Come on you two, we shouldn't take risks like that. However, setting the trap for the feline wouldn't be a bad idea, but we can't just sit around and deal with every problem we come across. As scouts, our value comes from bringing back some actionable information. Now then, let us keep on moving. Keep your eyes out for any additional tracks." With a glance towards their rear, he could see that their own tracks were rather obvious to see. On one hand, it would make it easier for the ones that follow to keep to their path. But, on the other, it could lead trouble right to them. There wasn't much point in worrying about it now. If they could manage to get far enough on their first day, they wouldn't need to worry about the looming threat of a giant predator.

With an effort to move as quickly as they can through potentially dangerous territory, Zen and the rest of the group march onwards to their first destination. From time to time, Zen stops to add some notes to the map, including any signs of animals, food, or other resources. As time ticked by, the sky grew darker and darker with stormy black clouds looming on the horizon. "So much for a calm night... looks like we'll be in for a rough one. Heh, hope that suit of yours is weatherized, you are not going to be short-circuiting or anything, right?" He jokes, giving Moresson a wry smile.

Arriving at a bend in the river, Zen takes off his pack and starts to dig out some camping supplies. "Let us stop here for the night and set up camp. I could use some help getting the tent set up. Ah, and someone can get us started with a nice fire too. Let us eat and get some rest while we can." He rumbles, already starting to organize the pieces for easy assembly. "Ah, and we should probably sleep in shifts too. You know the whole saying about sleeping with one eye open... We are far from any immediate help, so I'd prefer to take a more cautionary approach. I'll stay up for the first watch... after you've eaten, catch some sleep and I'll wake up the next." He adds shortly after. Now, everyone had a bit of time to themselves. How would they all spend it? Would they make any preparations, or merely enjoy the good weather while it lasts?
Her ears leaned gently to the side as she is petted by Uvi, but the comment that Sheela was the perfect bait rumbled her softly, showing how reluctant she was to be the prey. She was a wolf, lived for hunting and nature and quickly she picked up the soft scent of the prey and she looks toothy at Uvi, "Mmh, I'm way too small to be a good treat after all, I think a long and well filling noodle, would please the Feral better." It was just of a little teasing before she got serious again and agreed with Uvi. Maybe we really should just keep going, mark this spot, so we don't lose sight of our real task. "Mmh, don't stray too long Magnus, we need your attention, even if we're going to take a more relaxed route and enjoy nature now," she growled softly while looking to the mechanical warrior. "I think Moresson should bring up the rear while I scout ahead and warn us... after all, she has incredible armor and can cover our asses~" she growled somewhat confidently as she trusted her feral instincts more and more.

Slowly the cloudy day was coming to an end, according to the map we had covered more than a good distance without facing any dangers or naughty mutants, but still there was the trail... that one clue that we were in a territory that could be full of dangers. It didn't really help that the heavy footsteps of the power armor gave away our path, but Sheela also knew that she could rely on the concentrated firepower, should it come hard on hard. She was also hungry and looking forward to seeing what Magnus had found in the forest! After enjoying some dried meat, quenching her thirst and helping a bit to gather enough firewood, she was able to enjoy some sleep. It wasn't long before she was awakened, the night had already engulfed the day and she looked into the languid and tired eyes of Zen, who had taken the first watch. Damn, she hated being woken up like that in the night and yet she knew the importance of her task...but why couldn't someone else do it. Anyway, she nodded to Zen and gave him a little kiss before quietly making her way out of the warm fire to secure the area. Damn it was a cold and stormy night, she could barely keep her eyes open and even her nose seemed to be unable to detect any scents for the first moment as all the scents were washed out of the world.

Suddenly a cracking sound, a sound that did not fit in the storm echoed through the forest. Her eyes focused into the depths of the darkness as she could detect a golden glow as a great flash of light stretched across the sky. Damn, it was a huge predatory cat, it was powerful as its form drew in the glow of the flash. Perhaps it was larger than an ordinary truck, but truly Sheela could not make out the creeping feline predator. One thing was clear, though! The crouched posture, those smooth movements... this predatory cat was on a prowl, pursuing prey to fill its stomach, and so a deep rumble of a she-wolf echoed through the thunder storm. It warned this beast, this mutant, and at the same time it would be a warning reverberation for those whose sleep was not too deep. Could she reach them all, was it possible to wake them all with this warning sound? She didn't know and growled loudly again, "It followed us... I lost sight of it, but I'm sure I saw it. A tiger, at least as big as a car, maybe much bigger... Quick wake up!" Would it be enough to wake everyone up... damn, how could Moresson even sleep in that metallic shell... shit, what should she do now?
The pink-tailed lamia was only joking about using Sheela as bait! And she knows there's no time for setting a trap or fighting, that's exactly what she said! Uvi pouts at Zen, but doesn't say anything.

Since the rest of their journey passes rather uneventfully, Uvi grows a bit bored. That's why she happily volunteers to help Zen set up a tent. "I will, I will!" She exclaims, raising her hand up as high as she can. "I'm good with this stuff, right!" And so, she gets to work, which goes pretty smootly.

Having done her part, she takes a moment to relax, have a snack and drink, before slithering into the tent to get some sleep. And, as it turns out, she's a heavy sleeper. The storm couldn't wake her up - perhaps she was tired, perhaps wiggling that snekbutt takes a lot of effort, or perhaps she really likes sleeping. Who knows? Even when Sheela makes a lot of noise, the sleepy snek only rolls and mutters, "Mmm, just 5 more minutes, mom."
Moresson doesn't respond to Zen's question, just looking over at him with that cold, unfeeling, opaque visor of hers. Once the camp begins to be set up, the armored mutant helps out with it, hoping she will get a tent. "I'll take second watch." she offers, willing to guard over the camp should anything sneak up on them.

Fortunately for her, she doesn't sleep in her armor. Before she eats and hydrates herself, she does take it off, revealing herself to be a female husky. She's dressed in a grey tanktop that struggles to contain her head-sized bust, a pair of black cargo pants, and black combat boots. Her hair is long and black, eyes a light blue. She's quite curvy, and very busty, her face certainly not bad-looking either.

In the middle of the night when the white wolf growls and calls out to get their attention, the husky is quick to rise, Regardless of any rain or lightning, she's out of her tent in a few seconds, holding her rifle, jogging swiftly over to Sheela. dedicate hat the hell is going on!?east
It was a rather jarring experience, having to trek on all the while dealing with the sensation of being pursued and hunted. Still, this was nothing unlike the kinds of paranoia he'd had to deal with in the past. Once they'd arrived at their campsite, he immediately starts to gather stones, forming the outcrop of what would be his tent soon. In these winds, he didn't want a sudden structural failure. There's that, and also lining the outer rims with rocks helped keep the damn thing from being blown away. Strangely enough though, he uses the shelter solely to store his things, and once he was nearly completely naked, the damned hyena pops back out and sits down in the rain, letting the water soak him to the marrow for the longest while. Hey, at least it spared his clothes and armor the same treatment. "There are few things as nice as a shower out in the open." He whimsically notes to himself, in all the noise of the storm having likely gone unheard. To make things even sillier, the damnable canine even grabs a bar of soap from his tent and takes a good half hour washing every inch of himself under the rainfall and wind.

Thankfully once he was done, Magnus crawls back into his tent and likely finds a way to dry off... that is until they get called out due to some kind of emergency. "Whu-huh?" The hyena peeks back out, rubbing one eye and wearing a bright blue night shirt and shorts, likely what he slept in. Comically enough, he held a fairly familiar plushie in one arm, reminiscent of a pink-maned raccoon perpetually sticking its cute little tongue out. "What's all the noise for?" He'd ask, and apply a light squeeze to the plush, eliciting a soft squeak from it. He then sets it back into his tent, and emerges fully from within, confused and a little groggy. "Our feline friend is here to say hi! I still haven't booped the snoot! Fate has delivered the critter to us as an act of providence!"
With everyone's help, setting up their temporary camp sight. After everything was set up and they had a place to relax, Zen sits by the fire and snacks on some dried meat. The sound of thunder booms in the distance as the wind around them starts to pick up. He also looked over at Moresson now that they were out of their armor. It was a bit surprising to see, taking a few moments to look at her without the hunk of metal in the way. He wondered if it was exhausting to wear that all day, or if it was built to be comfortable. Perhaps he would go around the tent and make sure it wouldn't be ripped out of the ground while they slept. He saw how Magnus was also determined to keep his tent from being up-rooted, lining it with heavy rocks. Then it began to rain lightly, the dark clouds having slowly crept overhead. It was a good thing they had managed to get set up when they did, otherwise, they'd still be working in the rain. From the way the clouds grew darker, it looked like it would only get worse as the night went on. Still, now that they had a bit of time to themselves, it was a bit amusing to see what everyone did with their free time. He could hardly stop himself from chuckling as Magnus was literally bathing himself in the rain. Eventually, however, it was time for them all to rest, save one person to keep watch.

Zen's watch didn't have anything exciting going on, just the way he liked it. And, soon enough, it was time for him to pass of his shift to another. Crawling into the tent and finding a nice spot to get comfortable, he closed his eyes for what felt like only a few seconds before Sheela was alerting them all to an imminent threat. Hastily, he crawls back out of the tent into the rain and mud to stare out into the darkness that surrounded them. He... didn't see anything. But sure enough, the predator that had followed them was looking at him with hungry eyes.

In a flash, the massive tiger that was built like a tank comes bursting out of the treeline in a burst of speed. A flash of lightning illuminates its impressive form for a mere second before the sound of gunfire mixes with the boom of thunder. Perhaps he wasn't awake enough yet, or perhaps the ground beneath his feet was too slippery, but it only took an instant for the dark-furred wolf the be sent sprawling across the mud. A triumphant roar bellows from the beast as it sets its eyes on the next target. Even as bullets pelted its hide, the ferocity of this monster would not be quelled.
Between the thundering sky, the winds that sweep like a hurricane through the tops of the forests, she could not hear the soft murmur of Uvi. It didn't matter either, because she was still watching the darkness, the one that was occasionally illuminated by the bright flashes of lightning. Right now she could no longer see the mutant, was it just a ghost, something she had imagined? Suddenly the female voice stepped beside her, for the first time Sheela could see who was hiding behind that steely coldness. However, it was a bad time to get a good look over the husky. "I saw him Moresson, he's sneaking around our camp...I'm quite sure of it, even if I can't smell him." she growls to the heavily armed husky before daring a quick glance to see if the others have made their way out of the tents. Just as another bright flash illuminated the endless night, she could see a soft stuffed animal held tightly in Magnu's arms. The slight squeak immediately reminded her of a very specific person when she sees the pink mane on the stuffed animal's head! She shakes her head, trying to forget all that she saw before her ocean blue eyes peered into the darkness again. "Uvi, come on... wake up!", she growls louder, because her fleeting glance saw that everyone was awake, except for the deep-sleeping snake, which should finally slither its way out of the tent if it doesn't want to be a tiger's favorite food.

Suddenly, another bright flash of light thundered through the night as she perceives a shadow flying towards an unprepared victim. Bloody hell, was that a huge tiger! A dark and menacing growl echoes through the night before dissipating in the gunpowdery stench of a weapon. Sheela was able to alert Moresson in time before the magazine of her weapon disappeared into the darkness. The flashes of the guns lit up the night before every 10th shot or so was drowned out by another flash of light. The beast stood just inside our camp, while the pained gasps of Zen could be heard. Full of rage, full of feral nature, the snow-white wolf charged forward...there was no consideration, no time that seemed lost...for her feral instincts fueled her anger. Before she knew it, before she could plunge her dripping mouth into the giant tiger's flank, she felt a simple kick crush that beast's torso, claws grazing across her chest and leaving splattering gashes of blood. A loud howl of suffering awoke in the night... it was the moment when everyone knew what was happening... how far this danger had already penetrated. The small snow-white body slid over the muddy ground, while the brown clay joined the bloody traces of the fight.
Although Uvi is a heavy sleeper, so something as simple as thunderstorm or canine yapping ain't gonna wake her up, she used to be an Operative, after all. She was trained to immediately get up, especially when the shots are fired. Probably even before the first bullet case hit the ground, she had already picked up her gun and stormed out of the tent. Even Zen, landing directly at her tent couldn't stop her from saving her friends.

After assessing the situation and seeing the sheer size of the brutal beast, she knows that simple sonic shot out of her PPD-VA won't do. Nor will acid spray, no pointy barbs. She's never done it before, but the time has finally came. The lamia quickly flips the switch to change it into the NEGATIVE mode - a rather unusual modification she added herself. The snake girl takes aim and... A red beam of energy flashes through the air like lightning, and hits the beast directly where its heart would be. And so, the huge tiger falls limp, brought to a near-death with a single shot, unable to continue the fight, neither to live for much longer if nothing else is done.
Moresson grits her teeth as that giant tiger manages to bite into her shoulder, causing her to fall beneath the hefty creature. She's not down and out yet though. Not so easily taken out of the fight, she lifts her rifle from under the creature, sticking the barrel against it and firing what's left of her magazine into it at point-blank in its underside. "Get this fucking asshole!" she yells out to the rest, struggling to push the thing off her before it goes in for another attack. Even in this sort of situation, her face doesn't show any fear on it. Only anger. When it falls off her, mortally wounded, the husky wastes no time. Immediately she drops her gun and grabs her energy blade handle out of her pocket and deploys it, stabbing the creature as hard as she can in its underside.
Either he was very groggy, or perhaps just confident in the abilities of the two wolves, or maybe still quite unsure with what he was looking to do, but Magnus only gets the opportunity to act once Moresson is lunged and knocked down. She'd suffer a bite something awful, the animal following up with one, two fury swipes of its claws, yet all they strike appeared to be thin air. "Not very friendly, are you little tiger thing?" The hyena huffs, his two hands clasped together, space around them warping unnaturally as he channels some form of otherworldly power. He pulls his palms apart from one another, at the same time producing a spacetime warping barrier between Moresson and her attacker, expanding it to divide the two, shoving the feline off of her entirely. Before he could do anything else however, several more gunshots pierce their sense of hearing, and the feral is immediately left reeling, then faltering into unconsciousness. "And here I thought this would be a bloodless trek through the wilderness." He dusts his hands off, then casts a glance around. "Everyone alright?" his voice sounds out, a hand offered to help Moresson back on her feet. "Nice shooting, danger noodle." He shoots Uvi a thumbs up.