Sandfire Dragon

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Sandfire Dragon

Arms: Raking Claws, Sucker Grip
Tail: Tail Smash
Head: Bleeding Bite
Legs: Skitter
Skin: Scaled Hide
Torso: Solid Frame


This nanite strain transmutes its user into a blend of human and bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), with perhaps slightly more emphasis on agamid features - they have no nipples or bellybutton, the head is all but identical to that of the original lizard species, and the limbs are short and reptilian in design, though Sandfires are generally bipedal anyway.

The strain's name is a reference to the fact that its specific bearded dragon 'ancestry' was derived from selectively bred captive specimens with strong red and yellow coloration, which were, before P-Day, known as being the 'sandfire' lineage/color morph. Unlike the 'Bearded Dragon Recruit' form, which breathes fire, this strain has no traits or features reminiscent of actual dragons.