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| Item [Bear Hug                      ]  Type [             Mutant Power]|
|______________________[        Description       ]______________________|
| You cheerfully crush your enemy between your limbs, then use your      |
| opponent to absorb some of the damage aimed at you.                    |
|______________________[        Other Stats       ]______________________|
|______________________[  Additional Information  ]______________________|
| Power   [Submission Grip                                             ] |
|______________________[     Base Power Stats     ]______________________|
| Type    [Attack, Single Target, Physical Damage                      ] |
| Target  [Single Enemy                                                ] |
| Energy  [14(Moderate)(11.7386408905423)                              ] |
| Charge  [1200(Moderate)                                              ] |
| Penetrat[3                                                           ] |
| Vampiric[0%                                                          ] |
| Aggro   [100%(200)                                                   ] |
| Skill   [Brawling                                                    ] |
| Cooldown[5000(Slow)                                                  ] |
| Accuracy[70%                                                         ] |
| Damage  [1(Light)(62 damage at level 60)                             ] |
| Damage  [Blunt                                                       ] |
| Statuses                                                               |
| \_Has a 100% chance of inflicting BluntDamage at a magnitude of 5.0    |
| for 5.0 rounds                                                         |
| S. Type [Self, MaxHP                                                 ] |
| S.Target[Self NoAoE                                                  ] |
| S. Damag[0(0 damage at level 60)                                     ] |
| S. DType[Healing                                                     ] |
| Secondary Statuses                                                     |
| \_Has a 100% chance of inflicting MaxHp at a magnitude of 30.0 for 5.0 |
| rounds                                                                 |
| Secondary Statuses                                                     |
|______________________[Variations from Base Power]______________________|

This is what the game displays when you enter the command '+rpinfo Bear Hug'. But what exactly is a power, what do they mean and how do they work? This guide will explain both what a power is and how to read the +rpinfo that you get when you type in that command.

What is a Power?

A power is anything that you can use in combat that is not an item. From the abilities that mutants use to the special effects of dedications, if you aren't carrying it, and you can use it in a fight, it is a power. If you are looking for a power and want to check what forms have that power, first, look up that power using the search bar, then click on 'What links here' to see!

What are the different types of powers?

Powers come in three types, Special Skills, Class Powers, and Mutant Powers. Under that, Special Skills come in two more types, Dedication powers and Innate Powers. Innate powers are powers you have because of your character or because of your subsciption level. Rest is a good example of an Innate power. Dedication powers you get because of your dedication which is a mako baught effect for your character. Overdrive is a good example of a dedication power. Next, Class powers are powers that come from your class. Questionable Practices is an example of a class power. Finally, mutant powers, which are the most common powers, are given to you by your mutation. They can only be kept on your character by mastering them.

How to improve powers

A power can be improved by Mastering it. Mastering a power allows you to upgrade it twice, to a level 3 power! All powers can be improved into mastery and mutant powers that are mastered stay with your character despite any mutation changes. You can also upgrade a power to a fourth level by using a boss vial. Only a mutant power can be made Epic, that is raised to the forth level, and you only get the ability to make a power epic every ten levels. To make a power epic it must already be mastered. Next we will get into how to read a power.


  • Item: Bear Hug Type: Mutant Power
    • The top line displays the name of the thing you are looking at and what kind of thing it is. This is a mutant power, but you may also +rpinfo items, Dedications and many other things.

Base Power Stats

  • Type: Attack, Single Target, Physical Damage
    • The Type line contains tags that describe what the power does. This one is an attack (used on your foes) and only one foe. Entries on this line are reminders, rather than having mechanical effects.
  • Target: Single Enemy
    • This line is important. It defines for the game who the power works on. Single Enemy is one foe, Large AOE Enemy is a whole bunch of enemies, Ally powers work on you and your friends, and Notuser means it can never be used on yourself (and your children won't use it on you).
  • Target: Area of Effect
  • Energy: 14
    • How much energy this power costs to use. This remains the same at all levels. The EnergyBreak status reduces it by the status-magnitude percentage (or increases if it is negative) which is why fighting zombies with Deadly Body Odor is so tiring. Toggle powers charge this amount once per round.
  • Charge: 1200
    • How long it takes from selecting the power to when it takes effect. A full round is 1000 of these ATB ticks, so the 1200 charge on Bear Hug is 1.2 rounds.
  • Cooldown: 5000
    • How long from when the power takes effect to when you can select it again.
  • Accuracy: 70%
    • The base accuracy of attack powers. A more accurate power is more likely to hit for full damage. The number of targets hit by an AOE is partially dependent on its accuracy. Friendly powers hit your friends automatically.
  • Damage: 1(16 damage at level 40)
    • The change in hit points the power causes. Attacks reduce the HP of enemies, heals increase the HP of allies. Some powers do zero damage to apply only debuffs.
  • Damage: Physical
    • What kind of damage is dealt. The main types are Physical and Energy. Healing on this line means it heals instead of harms. Critical damage type is rare, and only resistable by Juggernaut style defenses.
  • Statuses:
    • PhysicalDamage:
      • Any lingering effects caused by the power go in the Statuses line. This one squeezes the foe with Physical damage for a 5 damage attack once a round for 5 rounds with no further input from you.
    • Repeat attacks: The magnitude is the number of additional attacks made at 60% the original damage. The duration is the number of rounds those attacks are spread over(i.e. 8mag 2 rounds = 8 attacks split over 2 rounds, or 4 attacks every round)
  • S. Type: Self, MaxHP
    • Stands for Secondary Type. If a power has a secondary effect (typically the opposite of the primary target) it will be described on these lines. They have the same definitions as primary Target, Damage number, and Damage type.
  • Secondary Statuses: MaxHP
    • Statuses applied to the S.Target. Here you increase your maximum hit points by a level-scaled 15 HP for 5 rounds.

Variations From Base Power

  • If the mutant power was changed from the template, the changes will be in here. You will have to compute them when you read the power. For an example, see Headbutt. The variations there raise the chance of Knockdown to 100%, and makes it magnitude 2 intstead of 1.
  • Typically the variations will be for Statuses only.

Improving Powers

Class powers start with, and only ever get, one slot for upgrades. However, you can upgrade a mutant power by mastering it, then improving it, finally, by making the power epic or ultimate. Each time you do, you get an additional power slot to put Power Upgrades into. In addition, if you are feral, each epic or ultimate power gets an additional slot. Finally, you get a number of free slots to add to powers. To do this type 'upgrade (power name) slot'. You may deslot a power by typing 'upgrade (power name) deslot'. No matter how it got its slots, a single power cannot have more than 6 slots to add Power Upgrades to.

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