Pig Pen

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Not a literal pig pen, a basement actually. The floor is covered in a thick layer of mud. It seems whomever lives here is well stocked with small bottles of water, but there is no food anywhere, just a bunch of empty wrappers. There is a foul odor in the air.


Pig Pen



There is no hunting area immediately attached to the Pig Pen.


  • The pen is found by exploring "Hungry Piggy".
  • Feeding Philip the first time gives you (+1 sta) and infects. The second time, he has food for you, should you accept then you will be infected, stat change (+1 sta) and (-1 perc). Third times the charm, after feeding and more infection, he wants to join ya. If you accept he will move to the Bunker. Should you deny he will stay in his pen (but can be asked again).
  • Infectious during sexins.