Phoenix (dedication)

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Also great for warm snuggles.


In the South Bunker of the Military Complex you must help the Phoenix become reborn, then you can dedicate for 50 Mako.


Phoenix (dedication)

Head: Flamethrower, Peck
Legs: Raking Claws
Skin: Feathery Hide, Fiery Hide
Torso: Fire Dance, Nurse

Phoenixes can undergo Rebirth to save themselves from fatal damage, and their Fiery Feathers soothe allies while striking back at enemies.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Phoenix Tears This item causes Phoenix dedicants(must be actively dedicated) to gain access to the Raising Inferno ability, which lets you raise your allies. It shares cooldown with your self raising ability. 25

Thematic Information

A brilliant creature born and reborn in fire, the Phoenix can revive their friends from mortal injuries and surround them with flames that comfort and harm those who deserve either.