Palmetto Roach

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Palmetto Roach

Arms: Small Claws, Flutter
Legs: Leap
Skin: Thick Shell
Torso: Nurse

Ew... roaches?

The Palmetto Roach's body is covered in dark and chitinous flesh. His head is broad and carapace-coated, with two large compound eyes to boot. It has 2 antennae on it that allow it to feel about in the blinding daylight. On the back of his head is a large yellow stripe where his neck starts to merge that goes all the way down to the back of his shoulders. His body is slightly bulkier than most other infected, yet pure muscle underneath. It doesn't *seem* attractive, but is most certainly making it somehow. It's coated in a thick, dark brown carapace with small vents spread across it in a stylish pattern to keep it from over-heating His arms are an uniform dark-brown with a light bit of vented carapace on them. Seemingly vulnerable, hiding a strong secret underneath. They're frail and not well-built in shape, but quick and nimble for most any task. The fingers on the ends look like smaller, thicker versions of his antennae. His legs are uniformly dark-brown. They're small, yet bulky and well-muscled. These too are vented, with more joints than a normal human's, allowing abilities beyond average, but especially those abilities requiring speed. He has a small, bulbous ass that's coated in a light carapace. A private peek would reveal that: He has a forearm length insectoid penis. He has a wide hot and puffy cunt.