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PPD-VA stats
Description The Pressurized Pain Dispenser's Variable Ammunition device is number one in dispensing pressurized loads of pain to your foes. The adjustable system comes with settings to take in Blunt, Acid, Pierce, and Sonic dispersals from loaded bearings, high-grade acid, packaged needles, and concussive expulsions all delivered by the pressurized system, though only one setting is available at a time.
Cred Cost 15000 Ingredients Mako Battery X 1
Salvage Common Mechanical X 5
Common Chemical X 1
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 20
Item Stats Charge of 700
Cooldown of 2500
Damage of 7
Damage Type of Blunt
Damage Variance of 1
Energy of 14
Loadout of 15
100% chance of Stacked5WeaponDamage at magnitude 5 for 8 rounds.
Status Duration of -20%
Status Mag of -20%
Target of Single Enemy
Type of Damage Over Time
Upkeep of 7

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