Orc Lair Escape

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Orc Lair Escape

Starting Location: Warehouse District
Starting Event: Orcish Slave Raid
Event Area: Orc Lair
Requirements: Lose or submit to Orc Slavers
Creator: Wahn

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy

Finding the Orc Lair

The Orc Lair can only be found by losing or submitting to Orc Slavers in the Warehouse District during the Orcish Slave Raid event. If the player has the Dominant Feat or has less anal flagged, the slavers will not take the player to the lair.

The first time the player encounters this event, the Orcs will be chasing Val. If the player defeats all three of them, Val will go free. Otherwise, he will be captured along with the player and be put in the adjacent cell. The player may lose or submit to the Orc Slavers at any point to discover the Orc Lair.


Once in the cell, the player is given the option to Try to Escape. There are many ways to go about this:

  1. The player may search their cell in search of a means of escape. A perception check (19) will allow them to find a key that will open the cell.
  2. A successful Dexterity (19) check will allow the player to pick the lock and escape.
  3. The player may break the lock with a strength check (21)
  4. Using items in the cell, the player may jam the lock. The orcs will force the door open to fuck the player. When they leave, the lock is still broken and the player may walk out.
  5. The player may also simply give in to the inevitable and wait for the Orcs to come back and claim their prize. After wearing them out, the player is able to grab a key to escape.

Failure in any of the skill checks will result in the player being used by one or more of the Orcs and a double dose of the Orc Breeder infection.

Once out of the cell, the player simply has to walk North, then East twice to find the exit. The location of the Orc Lair is now known and the player may return later if they so choose.


If the player does not have an Orc Body, they run a chance of running into Orc Warriors while moving between any of the areas in the Orc Lair.

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/69db8614376f1eb0254a5a12dd92d360da92b2ff/Wahn/Orc%20Lair.i7x