Multiplayer Updates/March 2013

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  • The level cap is now 60! Have fun grinding.


  • Goo Girls now come in many flavors, thanks to the Colorizer!
  • Eureka accessible via Zephyr lobby pilot. Contains 2 areas so far, along with the initial implementation of its job system, accessible via 'sa list' at locations advertising available jobs. More to come.


  • Experience no longer accumulates past its cap from various sources. All xp gained beyond (1.6x required for level) is automatically trained off for creds.
  • Vampiric status/properties now affect DoTs.


  • Toggles can now belong to exclusive slots for activation, rather than just mastery.
  • Aggro change: being struck by an enemy reduces their hate for you by 1 point per damage inflicted (Cover excluded).


  • Badge announcements throttled on a per-account basis, meaning that an account-wide badge will not reveal your alts to your stalkers. Achieve in peace!
  • Combats you're not involved in no longer prevent you from Departing from your room.
  • Tormunga Dedication quest online, and its boss vial available in the mako shop.


  • Dusk Dragon dedication available via questline. Somewhere.
  • Staff can 'bless' player judges, increasing the value of +pjvotes they receive. Details available in +pj.
  • Wound-inflicting powers active in web combats now, but not against web assistants.


  • Balina has left the building.
    • Update your own danged wiki.
  • Just in time for future Milk pouches to not be NoAoE.
    • High-pressure milk explosion!


  • The Pregnancy Broadcaster research project has finished.
    • PBRD (Pregnancy Broadcaster Receiving Device) added to token store for 100 tokens.
    • When equipped, and when someone does a +mako/pregcast, you get 1% of the current maximum pregnancy time taken off of your pregnancy, online or not.


  • Two new roles:
    • Vulture: Scavenger, Back Row, Enduring Malice
    • Vault Dweller: Scavenger, Opportunity, Roll With It
  • +mako/nanonuke (nanomagic name) added.
    • Costs 5 mako to perform.
    • If any upgrades were purchased, their mako is refunded.


  • By popular demand, when you finish a search web, you should get a full report of xp/cash earned.
  • When you turn in a craft bounty, the entire area for it should vanish, preventing attempts to double turn in, or misleading folks into thinking you can.
  • You can now check for wi preferences with [if [player] likes (flag here)]...[end if] Use the short form of the flags.
  • Having Masculine or Feminine will override pronoun replacements when looked at.
  • Color Chooser added to the elite store for 50 mako.
    • Allows you to specify colors on supported forms.
    • The code to do so: [if color is present in [player]][local stat color of [player]][otherwise]green or whatever[end if]
  • Dead people should stop attracting flies stray fights.
  • The uncommon salvage gained from dailies is now more random.
  • Judges now have a new reward option, +pj #influence, which gives social influence to people. +pj has also been updated to show all the current options available to our helpful and awesome player judges.


  • Tail Wrap removed from Overdrive Fox, as it's a dedication-only power.
  • When putting mako into global research with +gresearch #focus, you are now given .1 supporter points for each mako spent.
  • Nekomata avatar installed to the avatar system.


  • New global research: Petition for Truth! Please do not think about it too hard. Please.
  • When using research #focus, you will now prompted for how much mako to spend, in case you want to research the fuck out of this silliness.
  • A new NPC, the Tactics Soldier, has been added. Speaking to him enables 'classic mode' fighting.
    • The net effect is never encountering templated monsters, everything will always be +0/+0, but you will only have a 25% chance of actually getting non-money/xp rewards. That is, things like vials, recipes, salvage, or craftmods.


  • XP and cred costs for level 51-60 are in the system. No, you can't go level up yet.
    • score and +xp have been updated to know these new values.
  • There's now an extra digit of space on salvage values.
  • Lots of fun new secret code entered.


  • The help function can now handle partial matching.


  • You can no longer attach a craftmod to a whole stack of items at once.
  • The dodge bonus applied to confused attacks now caps at 50%, not 75%.
  • Noxious Aura slightly rebalanced, lowering ConfusedMag.
  • Shrooms is now NoAoE.


  • You can no longer attempt to craft when your inventory is full.
  • scale command added. Tells you what a 1-magnitude effect would be, scaled to your level.


  • You can now disable the wf output on login, through the magic of editplayer!
  • The mission, talk, and scene editors on the web interface should stop garbling code that contains & or %.
  • Twilight Caverns added onto the edge of the Scrublands. The area itself is level 44-49, and contains remixes of several other mutations.
  • Backup monsters in a prime fight no longer give rewards, nor do they count towards mission progress in an area.


  • Craftmods dropped by enemies no longer adjust their level based upon the crafting skill of the finder.



  • The information shown when you log in regarding who you are watching for is now the same code as wf list.
  • The dedication blurbs for Nanite Adept have stopped talking about Total badges. Whatever those are.
  • Visible Womb added to the mako store. Invisible wombs are now a collector's item.


  • There is now more room for HP in the score sheets.
  • help echo is now a thing.
  • Fast Recovery coded.
  • Once a battle starts, all of your passives and toggles should 'tick' before the actual fighty-parts begin.


  • People in IDL or OOC statuses will stop covering everything they see.
  • You will now always be warned about cost when adding craftmods to things.
  • Upmentored players will no longer have an impact on the drop chances for craftmods.
  • +requests made on the web will stop putting URL gibberish into their content.