Multiplayer Updates/June 2011

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  • Nuku now added beautiful colours to Faction and Group chat
  • Also he added this nifty new feature: +census request
  • Added a background process that will look for and scrub out " plaque builds up in your ATB *directory with tons of old, expired, statuses just lazing around." Which he stated slows things *down, so there should be a noticeable improvement in combat.
  • +pj now says freecred instead of gil
  • You can no longer talk/check while dead.


  • New command, commend. Type commend (critter) to say you really like a critter. It can get the author more rewards!


  • New donation options (recurring subscriptions)
  • Role Removal for 5 mako
  • AOE Change: Each additional splash target of an enemy AOE will receive a cumultive accuracy penalty. It will hit as many targets as possible until accuracy goes negative. The penalty applied is reduced by the rank of AoE on power/item. This does not affect toggles, grenades or Ally AOE
  • Can chargen from web now
  • Doing Target on a creature now makes your pets also target.
  • Crafting: charge reduced on Light Melee items
  • Crafting: All Natural now gives a bonus to custom crafted items.
  • Crafting: Upkeep was incorrectly calculated on some crafted items
  • Crafting: Poisoned modifier was changed to deal "Poisoned Energydamage". Rumor is poisoned pierces some DR, but not clarified.
  • Crafting: Aerosol statusmag increased to +100%
  • Crafting: Salvage cost miscalculation bugfix
  • Bugfix:Glance now recognizes "Looks Human" perk
  • Bugfix: A bug that caused very inconsistent freecred gain in groups
  • Bugfix: Big Nasty combat bug fixed (unknown this is what Nuku called it)
  • Several new creatures added to map (Tarragon, Crested Wyvern, Farm Hen)
  • Monsters have an additional 30% energymod (not a change but something Nuku clarified)
  • Nuku fixed a bug with factions being required for judge created NPCs that were locking up combat. Solved simply by setting a different faction for the than default.


  • DoTs now obey the 20% maximum reduction rule.
  • XP>Freecred conversion rate significantly increased when xp capped
  • Crafting: Subtle recipe added to game
  • Science channel added for theorycrafting
  • Attack drone upgraded (this is the template used for children)
  • Readiness buffed
  • Softcaps on resists at 50% and 75% removed
  • Mission debugging turned on. Shows kill credit percent at end of mission. Need 33% kill credit to get a roll. Credit is granted if you get xp for a kill. (AFAIK no changes except for debug messages, but lots of new info)
  • Work in progress: Patrols for webgrinding interface.
  • XP/Freecred group contributions wiped if you switch groups.
  • Pets should get proper genital sizes everytime


  • Buff stacking changed. Can't have two powers of same name in effects. If I howl and you howl yourself, you get the better duration and better magnitude of the two but not both. Item stacking isn't affected since they have different accessory slot numbers.
  • Nanite Fine Tuner added to mako shop
  • Mutation priority changed, female mutations should prefer to remove male parts and vice versa
  • A bug was fixed for kangaroos, they can now breed despite oversizedness in either direction.
  • DoT obeys damagebuff
  • NPCs heal more often, use nurse less often (10 rounds)
  • Controlled Burst now has roles (+rpinfo controlled burst)
  • Commend now works on infection name or critter name.
  • Pounce defense bug fixed
  • Ink Cloud cooldown upgrade fixed (Also note ink cloud was changed to a buff at some point, not previously documented in change log)


  • Children now take 5 upkeep
  • Children split reflected buffs, so if you have 2 children out your armor will now be half value for each.
  • Returned damage is now capped at your own max hp
  • Anole icon added to web
  • Multi-roo pet exploit removed
  • Rest now works at 0 energy
  • Slime Toss energy cost raised
  • Enduring Minions reduced in effectiveness
  • Death scripts on creatures won't activate if you're over 5 levels under them (no quest credit)
  • AI now uses buffs better.
  • Web combat has had some pretty major changes. I don't understand them all so hope I get it right:
    • Web-combat now follows your location correctly
    • Web battle actually obeys your commands, and waits for you to make a move in manual mode
    • Gives combat summary at end of combat now (an accuracy bug was also fixed on this)
    • Fixes to targetting on the web battler
    • If you're in an invalid zone, the page just tells you that you found nothing


  • Can perk kill 2 perks for free now.
  • Enduring Minions fixed to match the new numbers reliably.
  • Looks Human perk now displays breasts/pregnancy. It also sounds human when they talk
  • Mission command now lists the instance you will go to.
  • Kids now have birthdays. Future births will assign it. Previously born kids will get a birthday the first time they are summoned to the current day.
  • Creatures should spawn with full hp
  • Converter no longer works on summons
  • +Mako/smell added for custom smells
  • [Public] Nuku says, "By demand, there are now benches, and even a fountain, at the new dawn crossroads."
  • +Mut now shows groin instead of cock


  • Loadout/upkeep now shown in equip listing
  • Loadout calculation on crafted items fixed. Before it did integer math that caused large rounding errors.
  • Deep healing mutant power added (male version of lactaid) but not placed on any creatures yet.
  • Roo recognizes if you were once a roo and lets you use teat without retesting; Easier rededication.
  • Cock Slap added to two creatures.
  • Centaurs have been relocated
  • Liberated Youth inherit childs birthdate


  • Powers rebalanced. Almost all offensive powers have been changed. See normalization thread for details, I won't go into any more detail her.
  • Fixative should give a message if they wear off mid fight
  • AI updated, it shouldn't keep re-summoning kids/pets that are already there
  • Training should now be 'quiet' and not alert the room. (All but epic)
  • DoT ticks in combat should now use their customized name, if applicable
  • Adepts who shift should now do so quietly for the rest of the room, it will be a single summary line now.
  • +help bodypart powers added
  • Consuming boss vials now causes a prompt to be sure.
  • All Natural now gives +3 loadout every 3 levels
  • Pets/children should now appear with all toggles -ON-.
  • PET SCALING ADJUSTMENT: If you have 1, just 1, pet, it will not lose a level.
  • Born Leader perk added
  • If you @force a pet who is stuck at a prompt, it will now LEAP TO ACTION. A: It tells you what program it's stuck in. B: Gives you the option to terminate the program."
  • Builder: It is now possible to give critters custom AI, making them use powers under specific circumstances, talk to the room, pose, and otherwise act organically."
  • Builder: Rooms can now be disabled for riding
  • Builder: A monster can now be set with a 'spawn time' property. It string parses. If the string parse returns 1, it can spawn otherwise it won't."
  • Crafting: Recipe Shop added to woodfield
  • Crafting: Make menu system reordered to be more sensible and provide a summary yes/no prompt
  • Crafting: Craft Upgrade has been revamped. Now only items that actually CAN be upgraded will display.