Multiplayer Updates/December 2012

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  • The mako icon in the web interface has evolved! Someone forgot to hit B.
  • You should no longer see inflated XP and freecred reports after a battle due to web combats.
  • Help files for training, items, recipes, and channels updated.
  • Oh my god, you guys. String parsing now supports the 'or' operand!
    • Keep in mind that this is still experimental, and works left-to-right. [A and B or C] can come true if just C is true.


  • The pregnancy quest in Zephyr's basement now knows what eggs are.
  • Help file for crafting updated, help salvage added, 'help make' removed and merged with the above.
  • When you leave a party (by changing parties or by leaving the room as the group leader), your mentored level should reset back to normal, instead of holding whatever the group leader made you partymentor over to.
  • Things that use the [random X to Y] string parsing will now actually pick randoms.
  • Both the Tail and Arm Dividers have been overhauled!
    • You only have to make a single divider with the recipe. It is no longer consumed on use, but can be used over and over again to toggle itself on and off.
    • They set your tail/arm divider status directly, so it takes effect faster.
    • They properly gives you the 'Tails' or 'Multiarm' flags, which are even visible if you type flags while active.
  • The Reward Token Purchase available in the elite store now directly gives you 5 reward tokens on use, instead of doing nothing or bugging out.
  • Upon reaching 100 supporter points, you will now receive a shiny new assault rifle to use on your web avatar.
    • You'll put your eye out!
  • Bloodsport coded and placed on Leech's head.
    • Oh, and the mutation got some other little adaptations. Hanging around in hotels is good for you, kids!


  • Monsters that summon pets will now only summon up to four, just like a player.
  • The help file for repairs has been updated.
  • Hitting 260 total supporter points now gives a +10% chance of finding infection vials and trinkets in battle.
  • All standing orders on the salvage market and token markets have been refunded, as they will never be filled.
  • Gift Wrapping added to the elite store for 1 mako. Wrap things up festively. And lately!




  • Somehow, the mako pool for the game expansion has been completed. Holy shit, you guys.
    • Those that gave particularly big donations to it in the last few days have gotten some extra swag. You know who you are.
      • For clarification, those people got a Platinum-studded supply crate.
  • Platinum Studded Supply Crate added to the elite store for 50 mako. Contains one elite salvage of a random type.


  • Merry Crimbo! Three extra +rewards have been handed out in the spirit of the season.
  • The cock count on Parade Dragon has been dropped from 14 to 12, to keep pace with the Jonses.


  • Help files now tell you if there are any subcategories that you might want to check out.
  • The help file for items has been updated to talk about droprange and sorting.
  • There is a badge for sale in the elite store: [New Year 2013]!
    • Costs 5 mako, gives you two new accessories, and ensures that any New Year's accessories that get added in the future are also granted to you.
  • 'Diseased' monsters now only proc CriticalDamage half as often as before. Hooray for modern medicine!
  • Powers granted to a pet by a modifier will now be shown when you look at said pet object.


  • If someone with male organs uses masturbate inside of a +womb room, there is an impregnation chance. Actions have consequences!
  • The web token market now uses the same model as the salvage market, making all purchases and sales instant, swayed by the ebb and flow of demand.
    • Do remember to close out all your existing buy/sell orders!


  • HP regeneration that recovers less than 5% of your total health no longer causes a line of spam.
  • Alts fighting in the same party no longer receive rewards.
    • This is not a policy change. Do NOT play with yourself. That's what masturbate is for.


  • Nano Magician pool closed, merit added for 5 perk points. Entertain nanites with card tricks!
  • Non-recipe based equippable items (such as a laser pistol) will now equip from your backpack if you use them.
  • A large number of public areas have been put onto the map. If yours was missed, and you want it on there, open a +request.
  • Players who are Modified will no longer be told they need to take some roles before gaining a level.


  • +roll command added. Useful for random numbers based on in-game stats.
    • Type +roll (stat)+(stat2)+(modifier) to make a roll. Example: roll cock size+cocks+2 Example: roll Survival


  • When clicking on the red 'you do not have enough salvage' link, when making things in the web interface, you will now buy from the new, automated market.
  • Lots of little tweaks to make the new instant salvage market far less swingy whenever people buy things, especially the rarer things.
  • The 'you typed a command that makes no sense' message has been updated to actually tell you that the newbie channel is a channel.


  • The web salvage market has been drastically altered. You now buy and sell directly on the market instantly, with the going rate slowly changing to rise and fall with demand.
    • If you have any pending orders, you might want to cancel them.
    • You can still place a min/max price when selling on the market.
  • Desperately Horny implemented.
  • The Kitsune pool that changes your gender has been updated to keep up with the latest definitions of sexuality.


  • Hero Recovery, when used in the web interface, now grants +2 energy recovery per round for 10 rounds.
  • Automated Trapfinder added to the elite store at a price of 1 mako for 2 uses.
    • Also added to the mall for freecred.
    • When you are in a patrol puzzle, hit a trap, and fail all other methods of disarming (the roll, Luck of Fools, etc), then one charge of the trapfinder will be used to save you from the trap and have a chance at blowing up the other nearby traps on the map.
      • Oh, and there are badges related to its use available.
  • Single Sexed now properly excludes One Way, Never Drop a Sausage, Never Cover a Hole, Maximum Length, and Maximum Depth.


  • The holiday accessory pack now contains a snowball and a candy cane, making the pack 16% more festive!
  • Promethean and infected agent ferals no longer have random parts from other mutations. Sorry.
    • All high precision nanite scopes have been reclaimed, and the 50 mako has been refunded.
  • The patrol puzzles now tend to keep the traps clustered together, rather than spread out through the map.
  • Patrol puzzles shoudl also now consistently give more rewards on the bigger fields, and reward based on the general success ratio for *that size*. Expect a little less on the small fields, but much more on the large.
    • Nuku smoothly says, "In order for a trap to be placed, it has to pass a 1d10+1 roll vs number of traps close by."
    • Nuku smoothly says, "So, to start, it has to roll a 10 on the 10"
    • Nuku smoothly says, "Once one is placed, a 9 or 10 is good enough"
  • +womb/mark added; allows you to mark those inside your womb with your scent.
  • You should stop recovering 1.2938573 or whatever patrols at once. Whole numbers for everyone!
  • +census has been updated to include demographics on peoples' gender preferences. +census orientation.
  • Getting beaten up in a web combat now gives 1 (level modded) point of Wound.
  • Hero Durability, used in web combats, is now much stronger. Buff duration has been upped from 5 to 20 rounds, the 10 magnitude DamageResist is now a 5-magnitude buff for physical, energy, and generic resistance, and now you also get a 10-mag defense buff.
  • Hero Accuracy, again from the web combat, now gives +2 AoEmod for 10 rounds., in addition to the accuracy boost of 15.


  • Holiday Accessory Pack now available for sale in the elite store! Gives you a bunch of new, festive accessories to play with on your avatar sheet.
  • Wounds continue to fester:
    • Wounds will no longer heal during battle.
      • They will, however, properly heal faster while in triage.
    • The game will now alert you every time 10 wounds have healed, akin to how you see your HP and energy slowly tick up outside of combat.
    • addwounds (number)=(reason) will now add wounds to you voluntarily, to facilitate their use in RP.
  • Uber Foxes can now change their colors!
    • @set me=Uber Fox/main:color!
    • @set me=Uber Fox/secondary:color!
    • @set me=Uber Fox/socks:color!
  • Typing +mako/role no longer makes things explode.
  • There is now some information in the help file for string parsing/if that details how to handle some basic 'OR' functionality.
  • New NPC, Ansolon, is hanging out in the Woodfield Library, and he wants your dyes, and is willing to pay for them.
    • There are badges based around selling him dyes.
  • Feesh can now properly know to make fun of you if you used capital letters.
    • That's right, he's actually less sensitive now.
  • Oh dear, the web interface appears to have frozen over.


  • When you are slaughtered in a fight, you will no longer receive the normal debuffs for having died.
    • Instead, you are given the 'wound' status, at a rate of 2 points, scaled for level.
      • If you respawn, you suffer 5 points, again scaled for level.
      • If you submitted, you suffer 2.5 points, scaled for level once more.
    • Wounds reduce your max HP by their magnitude, where one point of magnitude means one less HP. They stack up, and fade at a rate of one per minute.
    • Dying in web combat does not cause wounds.
    • Powers will eventually be created to allow you (or enemies) to inflict wounds.
    • That icon of a blood drop on the web interface is a wound display.
    • There is a help file for wounds.
  • The Nano Tubes research topic has completed!
    • 'Nanite Filament Kit' added to the mall. While carried, the range on your nanomagic is doubled. You can also consume it for a one-time range boost of x5 to their nanomagical powers.
      • Of course, this is assuming that range would actually apply. Biochem, for instance, doesn't care. Thermal, however, goes nuts with it.


  • 'Mint Frosting' purchased as a color.
  • Nine new badges added, (at the 50, 100, and 500 marks) for impregnations, siring children, and giving birth to children.
    • These are not retroactive. Sorry, previous baby factories.
  • When using the rolling system and specifying a skill, you will receive a bonus of 10, 20, or 40 for 1, 2, or 3 points in that skill.


  • [if [looker] is herm] and [if [player] is player] string parsing now works properly in room descriptions.
  • [set <status> status of <target> to <magnitude> mag for <duration> rounds] is now a valid piece of parsing in room descriptions and NPCs.


  • Extra logging has been added to patrol puzzles. Expect more tuning shortly.
    • For starters, the first click will now always be safe. It also won't have the prize inside, but hey.
  • +womb rooms no longer count when the game is considering what rooms to scrub.
  • Tanukis can now only have up to a dozen vaginas at once. Quit being so greedy; save some for the rest of us!


  • New status, QuestFinder. Assists in finding those items that web missions have you search for.
  • Monster HP bars are now full-width again.
  • There is now a very, very small chance that a templated monster will have a random dedication.
    • Not your dedication, naturally. Us supernatural monsters need to stick together!
  • Web mission "A Strange Happening" has been fixed. Please file a +request if you got cut off when doing it previously.
  • +sdesc <text> now sets a temporary short description (the thing you see if you +glance), which is reverted the next time you change rooms.
  • You can now edit your descriptions in the web interface.


  • Talakai no longer raise the horniness of those around them.


  • Female horniness now implemented; the chances of seeing heat messages go up as it increases.
  • +groin now shows your horniness.
  • Being in a room with an Uber Fox or a Talakai (or at least someone with their Talakai Essence going) will make you get horny faster.
  • Uber Foxes and Talakais are now always at least a little horny.
  • Your 'cumcount' or 'heatcount' stat now rise faster if you're hornier.
  • Humans, people with Looks Human, and species that don't suffer from heat will no longer put out horniness spam. They still suffer, and may see it on themselves, but they don't go telling it to everyone in the room.
  • The Heat Blocker can now be toggled from within your inventory.
  • Mental Focus and Constant Pleasure merits coded.
  • Hey, remember how distills were supposed to stop being usable a few days/weeks ago? That finally happened.
  • Kitsune now has a suitably busy butt on the Who's Online page.


  • Lots of changes to how horny all you weirdos are:
    • Horny males now smell of musk.
    • Masturbation now triggers your 'bred' timer, as if you had emptied yourself into someone else.
    • The Sexual Urge Control Kit now prevents you from getting horny.
    • String parsing! [horniness of [target]] reports overall horniness, [horniness cock of [target]] is for male horniness, and [horniness cunt of [target]] is for the female side.
    • The Heat Blocker also now protects you from seeing male horniness.
    • Idle players (at least, those more than an hour idle), as well as people who've gone OOC will not spam the room with horny messages.
    • You will only see one of a specific player's <Heat>, <Horny>, <Lust>, breeding, or filled message on a given tick.
  • Stocking Caps can now be used to get a little salvage. Hooray!


  • Energybreak wasn't working. It does now. Sorry!
  • Nuku softly churrls, "Happy Holidays! To help celebrate, mako is on sale! You will get 10% more than usual for the whole month."
    • This stacks with the current 10% early-donate bonus.
    • Trialpay is affected by this, as well, and will now offer more of whatever moon currency it has these days.
  • Players with balls are now subject to getting horny. Over time their sexual need will rise and, just like heat, they will express themselves.
    • Having sex (using the fuck command or breeding a female monster as a male in combat) will relieve this need, as will using the masturbate command.
    • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "If you totally stone cold ignore it, your lust will build up high enough that you'll just give up mid fight to relieve it." That's going to be an upcoming flaw! Aw boy!


  • 'Snout' flag coded. See something that has a muzzle or a long nose? Check its flags with flags (monster). Missing snout? File a +request!
  • HP bars adjusted slightly, and can now work in really tiny windows.
  • AoEGuard status coded. Causes you to reduce the effective accuracy of an area-of-effect attack that does not target you specifically. Like those plastic sheets at a Gallagher show.


  • Maximum vaginal depth via Tanuki leaves is now 100, to match the maximum penile distance.
  • Basic Construction Nanomagic and Techno Nanomagic got their powers!
    • The former makes you better at finding salvage and trinkets, the latter improves your ability to find mechanical or electronic salvage.
  • Paternity Test added to the child care section of Zephyr. Allows you to find out who your baby daddy is, without having to bother with daytime television.