Multiplayer Updates/August 2011

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  • Tiny Chain added to Jack's Hardware: Consumable applied to inventory items or stacks, preventing them from being trashed. Applying another to the same item or stack cancels the first one.
  • Stockings added to the general vendors. Exact effects currently unknown.


  • Bugfixes:
    • Mako market no longer selling phantom mako for 99999 creds
    • Passive effects only fire 1/round now, preventing Heavy Armor energy hemorrhages
    • Monotreme Enabler no longer producing infertile eggs
  • New role: Artillerist
  • Looks Human now displays individual body parts (and Total) under +mut as Human


  • New +census options:
    • +census mako
    • +census online level



  • Added support for email services:
    • Mail sent to <anyplayername> are delivered to your in-game +mail
    • Email can now be sent through the +mail command e.g. +mail name@domain.tld=Email Message
    • Mail sent to your character through +mail or page-mail will be forwarded to your +account email address if you are not logged in.
    • You can change your email preferences via the web interface Settings tab, if you do not want to receive email from the game.


  • Bugfix: Group crafting perks now apply their skill modification to all skills required to forge an item, rather than just one.


  • Helicopter rides between cities are now free to characters under level 10.
  • Sonic Screech upgrades buffed.
  • Crippling Bite upgrades buffed.
  • Poison Bite tweaked.
  • Transfixing Gaze tweaked.
  • Plated Hide upgrade buffed.
  • Sting buffed.
  • Zephyr lobby now separated from 4th & Main. Go 'Z' to enter the lobby from the intersection, and 'Out' to get back to the streets.



  • Nanite Adepts must now possess an inactive dedication in order to be able to shift to that dedication's supernatural form. They still need the Total Badge, as before.
  • LFG channel now appends the player's level to their message.
  • Typing 'auto on' now automatically continues the fight, without the need to type 'pass'.


  • Mako Battery system overhauled. You have a set value of charge innate to your character that is consumed until it runs out. A mako battery will be consumed to recharge it to 100% when it hits 0%
  • Shift Native added, this command uses 7% mako charge to shift to the native form for anyone who has used the nativizer or any Youth Liberated Child.
  • If you try to use hero revive and have no hero points left, it will consume mako battery charge and let you ressurect.
  • You gain mako charge @ 100% when leveling and if you have all the "lucky" badges it will attempt to increase your mako charge to 100%.
  • Nanite adepts can once again shift to dedication forms they do not possess, at a rate of 2% mako charge per body part, or 10% for a whole body shift.


  • @room command added to allow people to add stores/storage/triage/training/crafting to rooms at the cost of applicable items in backpack. Note: @room will only work for rooms created for YOU. If you own a room and the command is not working, let Damaged know and he will fix it.
  • +badge/sort <descending> added to let people sort their badge list by name (autos to Ascending, can add 'descending' to change that)




  • Tanuki gift shop now stocks Leaf: Breast Amount; there is a hard cap of 36 breasts at this time.



  • Visiting the website now recharges your mako battery by 10-25%, once per day.
  • New item in the mako shop: Nanite Focus Device. It allows a character with an inactive Nanite Adept dedication to shift individual body parts. Still requires a Nanite Fine Tuner to be in your inventory, as usual for partial-shifts.
  • Sugar Rush and Delicious Treat added. No known mutants have this power yet, but they were announced.


  • Single Sexed perk added
  • @room/lock added. Players pay mako charge to pass the lock. The owner of the room is exempt from this charge.
    • The room owner can assign a mako charge fee to the room and set a time limit for how long a player has access.