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Dog Song says, "Fixed broken Color Chooser stringparsing on the Lizard Girl skin description."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken Color Chooser stringparsing in the Blue Sphinx Kemonomimi torso description and Tricky Trunker head description."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some awkward phrasing in the Margay head description. Fixed the Banana Slug defeat and Rainbow Cassowary oVictory targeting [player] instead of the victor/loser."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Error in whisper that made it bork with a single carrot-sign is now fixed."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Sizes can no longer be taken below 1 using custom offset."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "The toy commands have been updated, as has Raincatcher and Rainmaker functionality. +toy #help should explain all the commands. Old command will still work jsut the same! +toypreg has been added so that you can toggle off pregnancy chances when using either toy. Default is on. If you want your tentacles to fuck but don't want chance of bebes, Make sure to +toypreg or +toy #preg your Rainmaker=off for example."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Preg? will now show when you +gear/view an item that has it."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Shock collars are now targetable using their full name with the remote command, instead of just collar."

Codeberker Inutt says, "shock <player> is now also available for remotely activating a player's shock collar. (Subject to the same trust check and needing a remote mako toy as the remote command)."

Codeberker Inutt says, "use remote on <person>'s <toy> now also joins the methods of triggering a person's intimate toys at a distance."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Some small typos found in Fuck code have been fixed and may make fitting into others easier."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Greetings short people! Embarrassed by your diminutive stature? Well now you can worry even more! All players with unitless height below 5 are now fractionally shorter, returning size 1 players to an average height of approximately 6 inches."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Those with hidden bodyparts should no longer see errors from the size command. Hopefully... :-)"

Codeberker Inutt says, "Bovine Binders and other concealing items should now correctly hide their respective body parts when other people view your +size."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Rumor has it that something funny's been going on around the Plushie Machine within the Abandoned Toy Factory. Maybe it might be something to investigate and take a +view around, huh? Could be a now-public form hiding around there somewhere."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Capitalisation in +mut fixed"

eWrecked Glitch moofs, "Mastery is now possible when in a pinch."

eWrecked Glitch moofs, "Color formatting bug in +gear/view has been solved so that description color code doesn't create incorrect width."

eWrecked Glitch moofs, "Plushies made should no longer have the Custom Desc: extra line."

eWrecked Glitch moofs, "Huge bug-hunt done in ChildCare program (This handles Fuck, Preggers stuff, all that jazz). This may affect multiple dealies, now that it's fixed, and we'll see."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken stringparsing in the the Banshee oVictory message. Fixed nonfunctional Chubby support code in the following forms: Kage Fiend, Kappa, Keagle, Manly Incubus, Ophanim, Uber Fox, Vampanda, and Vulpogryph."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Size Limit updated and Husky Den's NPC now can measure sizes more effectively. This includes taking into account thinks like Small Frame."

Codeberker Inutt says, "+womb/+engulf/+suit/+vore no longer cause a program error when called with #help, and instead now actually display the help text."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Shock collars will now appear in your autodesc when worn, and can be given custom names and descriptions with the +toyname/+toydesc command in the same way as ordinary non-shock collars."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Accidental lack of ability to have sex has been fixed. It totally wasn't because I uploaded the wrong code or anything... :-S"

Codeberker Inutt says, "Given the lack of negative feedback, the relative size of bodyparts used during sex is now calculated more consistently with most other size code."

Dog Song says, "A new vaginal sex scene has been added to the Bound Egyptian Mau in Hotel Oblivion. This content is courtesy of Alester as part of the Writing Bounty program."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "A new, copyrighted item has been made and placed in the Elite Shop. Molestive Clothing. With it, you can flood a clothing recipe with nanites, making it periodically molest you when you're wearing it. info Molestive Clothing to check the item description out."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Mysterious Glowing Keys earned throught he mako pools will now have the correct props and be stackable with others. All current existing keys are stackable."

eWrecked Glitch sultrily slurgles, "Error in code giving Prime Specimen Primers created by the 100-pack a cost of 5 instead of 4 have been fixed. All primers in inventory have been corrected. Should other primers pop up that don't stack, let us know with a +request."

eWrecked Glitch juicily gulps, "You've got a purdy mouth. At least, that's what they like to think of themselves! The Gulper Eel have made their presence known on Saltpeter Isle. New Staff Monster"

Codeberker Inutt says, "Following the rediscovery of some half-finished code written by an unknown staffer at some point, vibrators have received a bit of an upgrade. You can now +use one to select which style of vibrator you have from a choice of vaginal, anal, or cockring, then use the normal +equip/remove commands to... well, equip and remove them. They are now proper toggled devices, so when equipped *and activated with a remote*, they will now also produce periodic messages in a similar way to plugs. Plug/dribbling/leaky/etc messages have also been tidied up a little."

eWrecked Glitch juicily gulps, "Winged and Armwings flags are now properly capitalized in code when perks give the flags. Other checks put into place to help ensure capitalization for flags taken from forms."

eWrecked Glitch juicily gulps, "Thanks to an Infection Update, the Tiger Shark has been given Leg Splitter support. Ever wanted the lower half of your body to be that of a shark? Here's your chance for being a taur of the aquatic predator."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "Thanks to Stretch Goals, the Skunk Bat form has been updated with both Color Chooser and Leg splitter support."

Dog Song says, "Fixed several typos and inconsistencies in list editors. The typo "get help be" was fixed to "get help by", double-spaces after punctuation have been changed to single-spaces to match the rest of the game's format, and the ,h output now consistently ends in periods."

Nuku smoothly says, "Skills cap at 36 instead of 40."

Nuku smoothly says, "Skill cap nudged up to 40 on the web page, even for combat skills?! Clear madness, and yet, it is done."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "No longer limited as to how many skills can advance towards maximum."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "+help files under Getting Started for Professions and Skills and Proficiencies have been updated to reflect the changes."

Dog Song says, "Added mention of sa <action title> shift to the Getting Started/social actions helpfile."

Dog Song says, "Updated the full status effects list helpfile to remove mention of the cap on the Size status."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "Some updates have been made to the web interface to help fix potential image issues."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "Tags command has been revised a bit, and it now has a #help file within."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "+Nickname #help updated."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "H.A.R.E. Description cleared of a typo, and given a slight nudge downwards. It was packing too hefty a punch. (Primary damage lowered from 20 to 17, secondary from 16 to 13)."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Additional outpost equipment enabled for the +roomequip command (egg hoard/boxing bag/compost heap/garage/milker)."

Avatar says, "Item (1642550274) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Infertile Ixchel?. +poll/view Infertile Ixchel? to look at and vote in this poll."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "Fixed bug in armsdesc (and another in random cock entries) for autodesc."

eWrecked Glitch churr-squeeks, "For convenience, +sex command made so those with Fluid Gender can quickly switch their gender perks in a single command rather than using the editplayer prompt in a several-step process."

Nuku hisses, "The Female Lamia form has a new swanky avatar"

Full archive of updates can be found in the Multiplayer Updates Archive