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Tinkering Little Critter squees, "The Combat Boots recipe has been finished and added to the Token Store. For those whom have been looking for a reliable source of KnockdownResist on the item side of things, remember to tie your shoes properly!"

Chinthliss says, "Removed the previous badge system data from the game. A backup has been taken in case any discrepancies pop up but in theory everything should be using the new one."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to a completed MPool (Mako Pool), Kemonomimi Tongued is now a vanity perk, fully coded and available. Badges have been awarded to backers who donated 25+ mako to the pool."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Correction, the name of the perk is Kemonomimi Tongue (minus the d,)"

Same Old Song says, "The Crested Wyvern form has been adjusted. Fixed the ass description having an extra 'a' in some circumstances and changed assorted phrasing. The form's size-dependent special descriptions now check for size 15 instead of 16. Since the form is size 15, the hidden parts of the description are now going to be visible by default when using the form."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed typos in the Pampered Poodle groin TF (cunnny -> cunny), Penguin groin TF (makes your cleft trembles -> makes your cleft tremble), Perverted Plushie groin desc (the bases features -> the bases feature), Serval ass desc (the fur of their tails are -> the fur of their tails is), Slither Kitten groin TF (you feel your cunts adjusts and shifts -> you feel your cunt adjust and shift), and Slither Kitten victory (as [%o of [loser]] feels -> as [%s of [loser]] feels). Fixed the Slither Kitten groin TF saying that you have a single shaft when multi-dicked and multiple shafts when single-dicked. Changed the Slither Kitten to omit mentions of scales on certain parts when neither Kemonomimi nor using the form's skin mutation."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Some streamlining of the Overworld Map code has been done to remove code artifacts from piling up and redundantcies from slowing things down. If any new errors pop up, be sure to file a +request!"

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "The % bug in poses now fixed."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed typos in the Timber Wolf arms TF (halfway down their -> halfway down your), torso TF (every fibers quivers -> every fiber quivers, waves of heat bath -> waves of heat bathe), and oVictory (callingto -> calling to). Hid the furred mane unless the player has Timber Wolf skin to avoid mention of fur with different skin types."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "In-game Monster Maker's Kemono Pattern shows in the preview, now, and double periods error potentially in Kemono Pattern displays in general fixed."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Grammar errors found in Dawnbringer description fixed while maintaining the intent as best as possible."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed typos in the Planar Hound ass desc (expresive -> expressive), Mouthy head TF (shading form the -> shading from the), Kage Fiend ass desc (protruding form -> protruding from), Goat oVictory (bare an aire of superiority -> bear an air of superiority), and Hail Hydra head desc (burgeoning form their -> burgeoning from their). Improved the Color Chooser support of the Goat form, making mention of custom color in the short skin desc and TF messages. Hid mention of curly fur in the Goat's non-skin parts if a character does not have Goat fur to better account for different skin types."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed broken parsing in the Giant ass description resulting in it almost always displaying an easter egg when you were below-average height instead of displaying very rarely when you are above-average height. Fixed old parsing in the Orthom Ovaped Victory, oVictory, and Defeat scenes that checked for specific large forms to instead check for form size directly."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed typo in Anton the bull (A -> A mixture...clouds). Fixed typos in Remi and Tila (Tali -> Tila, You throat -> Your throat, and a stray 'to'). Fixed cases in both NPCs where speech used past tense instead of present tense (said -> says). Removed an extra pause before the warning prompt for Remi and Tila's special 'Dodo Slut' scene."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed awkward phrasing in "fuck breasts" and "fuck asscheeks" commands. It now just says you cum on the taker, not "cum your cum" on them."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed a bug in fuck messages that caused an observer of rainmaker ass sex to see the message prefixed with /Fuck/Ass/Les/Msg#/1:"

Same Old Song says, "Fuck messages have been updated. Now, many fuck messages have custom messages depending on whether you're the observer, giver, or receiver. This change reduces the amount of autoformatting in each message and possible pluralization or target errors. Wording throughout most fuck messages has also been cleaned up. In addition, most fuck commands now have additional aliases. These aliases include asshole, rear, and tailhole for "ass", beak, muzzle, and snout for "mouth", rc for "raincatcher", coil(s) for "tail" (easier to find when fucking serpentine receivers), many plural versions of existing aliases, and more."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "For the few folks who have Shortfucks set in place, it should only display the short versions to you, now, even if no shortfucks enabled folks are participating."

Avatar says, "Item (1655762465) placed onto the poll board by Song, called 'X-Ray Specs: Good or Bad?. +poll/view X-Ray Specs: Good or Bad? to look at and vote in this poll."

Same Old Song says, "The Combat/status effects/full list helpfile has been renamed to Combat/status effects/full list of statuses. Why? Some players were entering help statuses and only saw the Combat/binary statuses helpfile. This should make status effects and how they work more discoverable."

Same Old Song says, "Added Color Chooser support to the Farm Hen. Hid mention of feathers in the form in non-skin parts behind the feathered flag."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Oxford comma double comma error in Supports fixed."

Same Old Song says, "Added Thin to the supports command list."

Same Old Song says, "Color Chooser support added to the Doberman form. Use color for base color (single-tone if no color2), color2 for countershading, and color3 for claws and genitals."

Same Old Song says, "Updated the Pangolin Defeat scene to account for player submission, multiple genitals, and part flags. Updated the Pangolin Victory and oVictory scenes to account for multiple genitals and part flags. Before-and-after for reference:

Same Old Song says, "Added missing impregnation and fill code to the Mental Mouse Victory and Defeat scenes."

Chinthliss says, "Fixed a couple of issues with stack corruption in the overworld map. Pretty sure one remains to do with locks."

Chinthliss says, "Fixed the other issue in the overworld. Wasn't a lock. More stack corruption."

Avatar says, "Poll 'X-Ray Specs: Good or Bad?' has ended. +poll/cview X-Ray Specs: Good or Bad? to see the results."

Same Old Song says, "Updated the Mental Mouse Victory and oVictory messages with multigenital support, accounting for the mouthless form flag, and accounting for the Doesn't Breathe perk. Prevented mouthless victor/loser from giving oral. Allowed bedicked victors to give anal to losers with a pussy if their wi flags indicate liking anal. Allowed riding anal with all configurations if wi flags indicate liking sub and anal."

Same Old Song says, "Color Chooser implementation fixes: Fixed Nanite Mage arms accidentally using color instead of color3 for the gloves. Fixed Cow Girl head's bovine ears color and color2 not working if you had no primary color set."

Same Old Song says, "Added missing Sexual tag to Make Love Not War. Reasoning: Rapid Fire Platitudes had it (and requires it), and it's a good choice for submissive characters seeking to view more Defeat scenes."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "list perks has been updated a bit. It clearly lists list perks all in the and informs of normal usage with the base command. It also distinctively has different colors for Known, Unknown, and Group Known merits."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Web Chargen Perks now no longer show depreciated perks."

Same Old Song says, "Added the Rimming (rim) wi flag. Motivation: Even for people who enjoy anal, rimming is often love-it-or-hate-it. Adding rimming as a wi flag also lets us modify scenes that contain rimming to show or hide content based on your selected preference."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed the husky den Twinky quest being impossible to progress at the rubber balls stage due to other changes since the quest was made."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed the Ice Caverns missing a Danger Level due to the property being typo'd as "Danger Leve". It's now set at 90 as intended."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Some tag corrections for Caprine forms erroneously marked as Cervine."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Roman Satyr's tags updated to include Caprine and Hybrid."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "+mako/title should now accept your saved mako titles just fine, now."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed the Lizard Girl special Defeat scene still checking for the Male Preferred perk, which has since been renamed to No Vagina. Added another safeguard to Lizard Girl to make sure it respects the No Female Sex perk."

Same Old Song says, "Added multigenital and form flag support to the Male Gator Victory and oVictory scenes. Fixed some typos and omissions in the Male Gator Defeat scene."

Same Old Song says, "Added multigenital and form flag support to the Fertile Pheasant Victory and oVictory scenes. Hid the possible unbirth scene from victor and viewer if they dislike the ub wi flag."

Nuku churrs, "Fixed a spot where too fast! can happen accidentally when following an instant power."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "sa #help now functions."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to Stretch Goals, a new Staff Monster has been introduced to the grid in an expanded area. The Melon Collie can be found in the Green Fields, adjacent to the Sweaty Jungle area."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed a typo in the Kangaroo vagina TF message: "shiv and moan" changed to "shiver and moan". Fixed the Female Alley Cat having an extra space before the vagina description if not fertile. Added form flag support to the Muslin Moth Victory and oVictory messages. Optimized the Muslin Moth Defeat scene to stop evaluating extra stringparsing after selecting a scene to play. Backend-wise, cleaned up a *bunch* of writing that tried to aggressively optimize out every character (ex. m[if snout present in [player]]aw[else]outh[end if]) to be less condensed but more legible (ex. [if snout present in [player]]maw[else]mouth[end if]). Motivation: We're not short on space for raw text storage, and legibility lets us edit faster and offer better accessibility."

Full archive of updates can be found in the Multiplayer Updates Archive