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Dog Song says, "Fixed the Kemonomimi Pattern perk resulting in an extra period after the skin description of the following forms: Arctic Fox, Cerberus Herm, Cyber Serpent, Female Snow Leopardtaur, Pewter Consort."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a typo in the Chubby Dragon groin TF. Added some minor variations to the Cerberus Herm form descriptions for feminine/hermy characters. The Cerberus Form legs description now mentions that they are digitigrade, matching their transformation message."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Latex Succufox not possessing the Winged flag. Fixed the wings not appearing in the description at all when the Latex flag is not present."

Dog Song says, "Cleaned up the description of the Commandable Nanites item. "they can use the shift command on you had typed it yourself" was changed to "they can use the shift command on you as if you had typed it yourself". Changed the room name "[Zephyr Inc]: Elite Requisitions" to "[Zephyr Inc]: Elite Requisitions, Floor 2" to match the naming scheme of the other rooms."

Dog Song says, "Fixed misinformation in the Flame Warden rpinfo description. The class is now obtained by dedicating to Sacred Warrior, not Flame Bearer. The Flame Warden description has been updated accordingly, and the class shop at the Flame Bearer dedication point has been once again removed."

Dog Song says, "New to the sandy shores of the Fairhaven Beach Front, The Steamed Dragon Spa and Sauna is now open for business! Come in, soak your feet, and take a load off in any fashion you desire. All services are absolutely free to all beach-goers!"

Dog Song says, "As part of the new stretch goal to add item support to a form, the Lion Beast has received Leg Splitter support. Enjoy prowling around as a lion-taur!"

Full archive of updates can be found in the Multiplayer Updates Archive