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Dog Song says, "Removed invalid infection vials that were awarded by Social Actions from players' NISD units. These vials could not be consumed and did nothing."

Dog Song says, "The Alien Self flaw description was slightly updated. The sentence "This flaw makes your maximum mastered powers =0=." was changed to "This flaw sets your maximum mastered powers to 0." since it was not clear to all that the =s were intended as emphasis."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Bugfix: Mutagenic perk and random vials should no longer give off-grid forms (if the form is properly marked by writing staff, that is)."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Nicknames have been fixed so they're now actually shown to other people, since that was a bit of a bug. There is now a new command for setting them too that validates the supplied nickname to head off some problems before they occur - +nick <nickname here>. See +nick #help for details."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Fixed an issue when smelling a room with NPCs that are only there some of the time, when they're not there. ...yeah, don't ask..."

Dog Song says, "The Ursa Major form has received some long-overdue fixes. The form now has all appropriate flags, tags, and powers set on it. The powers added are Bear Hug, Charge, Furry Hide, Lockjaw, Moon Glow, Mothering Instinct, and Solid Frame."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Conditionally hidden objects (NPCs doing quest or shift work mainly) no longer show up in glance and smell unless they're currently present."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Dedication points, NPC shops, training rooms, and home locations are now shown along with other facilities such as salvage sources and milkers in the location. Dedication points also now list which dedication they're for."

Dog Song says, "The basic lore Whiteboard object has been moved from "[OOC]: Starting Point" back to "[Zephyr Inc]: Triage, Basement 1". This is for two reasons. 1) It resulted in missable lore files. If a player didn't interact with them, they'd have to find the whiteboard/chalkboard equivalent in RSX or New Dawn, respectively, which was unintuitive for Zephyr Inc starts. 2) The player is not clearly taught how to interact with objects at that point, so new players in 99% of cases just missed it. --A duplicate version of the object might get moved back, pending teaching the player how to interact with things first."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Bugfix: +room #help no longer creates a room named #help."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed Social Actions crashing."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Male Gator legs description, ass description, and ass TF referring to your character's body as "green" if you have a Color Chooser active. They will now follow your primary color setting."

Dog Song says, "The Solar Dragon form has received improved Color Chooser support. See lstats Solar Dragon for info."

Dog Song says, "The Knick Knacks quirk description has been updated. The quirk now excludes precious items that are too large to carry in a backpack (such as entire gardens) or are exceptionally rare (such as nanite servers)."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Well-Known Parent quirk requiring 3001 instead of 3000 children due to a logic error. Fixed the Hole Mechanics quirk not counting the Huge Nanopack in its unlock conditions due to malformed string parsing. The following quirks have been given non-codey translations for their unlock conditions: Earthly Fortitude, Flexible Venom, Hole Mechanics, Knick Knacks, Mutant Lure, Promethean Priest, and Wisp Control."

Dog Song says, "Fixed several issues with newbie starting gear. 1) The starting equipment is no longer listed as Level 20, which misled some players into thinking they need to be level 20 to use it. 2) The Basic Nanite Collector handed out by Zephyr no longer potentially has a higher loadout value than otherwise identical collectors by RSX and the Prometheans. It had a custom true loadout of 70 set, but the rpinfo data shows 49, which it now matches. 3) The Basic Nanite Collector handed out by all three factions is now set No Trade like all other starting gear."

Dog Song says, "The Useless class has been given to everyone. The class was intended to be granted by default, but due to a coding error, was never correctly distributed to players. New players will be given the class along with the other default classes, and it has been retroactively given to all players who received the Basic Education badge."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some awkward phrasing in the Egg Raider room-wide message. Several ovi-related messages now have more consistent punctuation as well."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Hunting Territory description to specify that the Fishing Hole may be installed in these rooms. The Fishing Hole item states so separately, but this should help clarify it better."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Cum production calculations adjusted - the effect of rut was being included incorrectly and was causing the displayed cum production to be higher than it should."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Also Heavy Producer was being counted twice, which has been corrected."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Rut's effect on cum production has been increased from 1% per level to 5% per level to compensate for recent bugfix. This may be revised again later when time permits."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "The +adept command has received a slight upgrade, and now uses a different syntax that's closer to the shift command. See normalnormal

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "+adept now has partial support for loading your saved templates with +adept slot load ... (see +adept #help for details). As a reminder, this is an alpha-quality command so expect bugs and a lack of documentation. Notable things that are still to do: storing/loading your overall height; storing/loading template forms (latex suit, etc)."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "The +adept command now fully supports slot save, slot load, and slot view for storage slots."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "Due to an oversight, the +roomequip command failed to mention that it was capable of installing an Outpost Equipment: Terminal. The #help entry has now been updated, and the mention of requiring staff assistance to install has been removed from the outpost equipment's description."

.-=o=-. Inutt says, "channels command (finally) updated to work with the no-longer-new comm system."

I Code, Inutt says, "+nisd command no longer produces a stack overflow error when storing very large numbers of vials."

Full archive of updates can be found in the Multiplayer Updates Archive