Morgenstern of Death

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Morgenstern of Death stats
Description It's a stick with some spikey balls of various types of ouchification on the ends of a few chains. With some luck, you might even hit a single enemy with TWO of the spikey balls.
Cred Cost 50000 Ingredients Mako Battery X 5
Salvage Common Chemical X 1
Common Mechanical X 1
Common Energy X 1
Uncommon Chemical X 1
Uncommon Mechanical X 1
Uncommon Energy X 1
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 25
Energy of at least 25
Chemical of at least 25
Item Stats Charge of 1000
Cooldown of 8000
Damage of 28
Damage Type of Blunt
Damage Variance of 1
Energy of 25
Loadout of 20
Secondary Damage of 3
Secondary Damage Type of Healing
Secondary Status of Vampiric/100/4/5:HPBuffer/100/5/3
Secondary Target of Large Ally AoE NotUser
Secondary Type of Healing
50% chance of CriticalKnockdown at magnitude 1 for 1 rounds.
33% chance of PierceDamage at magnitude 1 for 3 rounds.
33% chance of Negativedamage at magnitude 1 for 3 rounds.
33% chance of BluntDamage at magnitude 1 for 3 rounds.
Target of Small Enemy AoE
Type of Attack
Upkeep of 10
Vampiric of 20

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