Midnight Shadow

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In a time when the tribe was one people, they faced a great danger. Midnight Shadow whispered into brother's ear, and he stole and killed from the people. Each night Midnight Shadow would whisper into another ear and turn another from the people. The people knew that Midnight Shadow needed to be stopped, and asked Quiet Whisper, the strongest of them to put an end to it. Quiet Whisper knew of no man who could stop Midnight Shadow, and instead sought out Coyote. He asked Coyote how to end the whispers, and Coyote did not know, so he told Quiet Whisper to seek the Great Mother Moon. Coyote followed Quiet Whisper and listened on.

Great Mother Moon told Quiet Whisper to trick Midnight Shadow into sleeping, for once sleeping they will never wake again, this she promised him. Coyote heard this, and his stomach panged with hunger. Coyote confronted Midnight Shadow, and challenged him. Coyote first challenged Midnight Shadow to wrestle, hoping to hold him til he fell to sleep, but Midnight Shadow was far too strong and laughed at Coyote. Next Coyote tried to give Midnight Shadow a gift of a mushroom that would put him to sleep. Midnight Shadow ate it in one bite and laughed heartily. Coyote then decided to tell a story to Midnight Shadow, incredibly long it went on for many moons, and yet sleep did not come for Midnight Shadow. Coyote fell asleep, and Midnight Shadow laughed.

Quiet Whisper looked on and saw the pride of the beast and decided to feed it with pleasant words and flattery. In it's place of power, Midnight Shadow could not fear such a little enemy, and listened to Quiet Whisper, letting him live to speak more. Growing pleased, Midnight Shadow boasted of his power, that one whisper he could make anyone do his bidding. Quiet Whisper suggested that if he were truly mighty, that he would be able to get them to do his bidding while sleeping. This angered Midnight Shadow, and he decided to prove Quiet Whisper wrong. That evening Midnight Shadow went to sleep instead of whispering, and in the morning he did not wake.

Coyote was not pleased, for he was still hungry, and ate Midnight Shadow in one gulp. Coyote's stomach grew sick, for he had taken something that was not his to take. He sought Great Mother Moon and asked what he should do. She told Coyote that he had done wrong, and now Midnight Shadow would wake again. She told him to hide Midnight Shadow and bury him where the sun would not touch.