Medusa (dedication)

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They look pretty. Trust me.


Within the Fengrove Caves is a secret chamber where you can dedicate for 50 Mako when you find it.


Medusa (dedication)

Arms: Scratch
Groin: Love Box
Head: Bleeding Bite, Hypnosis
Skin: Scaled Hide
Torso: Vitality

Medusa inherit the ability to turn those to stone with a Petrifying Gaze, as well as the ability to feed on the essence of others with their Gorgon's Kiss.

Thematic Information

Those who've connected with the monstrous Greek Serpent-Haired Seductress of serpentine locks have gained her boons as well as acquired the Gorgon semblance she bears. Deadly with their alluring features and their petrifying gaze, they are denizens to be reckoned with.