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== Background ==

Sometime before the 31st of October, 2023...

Bone-chilling wind rushed through the trees, tearing off her hood and exposing her vulpine cheeks to the the biting rain as she climbed up the steep slope in search of shelter. Using her newfound agility made the climb much easier than if she were human. About halfway to the top, she spotted a cave entrance. Potentially a place of shelter from this torrential downpour? The vixen trudged the rest of the way to the cave entrance, narrowly avoiding getting hit by a deluge of muddy water and falling rocks. She wiped her clawed hands clean on her waterlogged pants and took a tentative step inside, wary of any potential threats that may be hidden inside...

Something terrible happened that night, rendering her mute and causing her to leave her home and make the trek to Fairhaven.

On the 31st of October, 2023...

...It took her almost 3,000 hours to reach the outer edges of Fairhaven where she was picked up by a group of Prometheans who mistook her as feral. From then on... The events that follow are collaborations with other players.

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Aziraya Zhwan -

The largest, most friendliest Wolf Luna's ever met! This big softie saved her from a pack of frisky ferals who managed to corner her in an alleyway somewhere in the northwestern part of Fairhaven. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have made it to Zephyr HQ. The small fox can still feel how warm his arms were as Aziraya carried her to safety...

Deidre Doofs -

A rather adorable, shapeshifting friend of Luna's. She met them at the Fairhaven Library as a pink panda lass. Shortly after their meeting, Deidre took the fox under their wing, showing her the best bakery in town and helping her improve her terrible handwriting...

Lazuli Ark'al -

The goddess of gnoll-kind, in Luna's eyes. The fox admires the tall, gorgeous Thunder Queen who took her in. Although Lazuli won't let Luna pay her back, she keeps trying, secretly restocking things and cleaning up around the yeensune's home...

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Made by the lovely fox herself! She goes by Luna-blossom on here and KitsuneOori, or Skye Blossom on other platforms

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Birthday: October 31st, ????

Place of Birth: *Unknown*

Gender: Female

Form: A single-tailed Kitsune with Arctic Fox fur and Fennec Fox colourations.

Faction: Currently Promethean

Current Job: Scrap Mechanic (Roboticist)

Group: Aoi Tetsu

Group(Title): Sensei

Fun Fact: Her tail is her prized possession. Her stomach is also very sensitive. Please don't 'Touch Fluffy Tail' or touch her tummy without purrmission first!

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Current Dedication: Coyote

Known Dedications

Cow Maiden



Nanite Adept



Uber Fox

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