Jormungand's Fang

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Jormungand's Fang stats
Description A dagger of acid-etched Damascus-like metal with a handle of scaled hide baring near-invisibly the rune of Loki upon it pommel, it bares a sleek, moisture-kissed edge and a fillet that runs ripe with the acrid pungeance of perpetually fresh venom. A weapon of guile and devastating cunning, it is small and easy to palm.
Cred Cost 50000 Ingredients Venom of Jormungand X 1
Salvage Uncommon Mechanical X 1
uncommon Edible X 1
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 20
Edible of at least 10
Chemical of at least 10
Item Stats Charge of -250
Cooldown of 5000
Damage of 5
Damage Type of Pierce
Energy of 20
Loadout of 10
No Commission of 1
No Trade of 1
Power Type of Attack, Debuff, Single Enemy NoAoE
Secondary Damage of 3
Secondary Damage Type of Psychic
Secondary Status of AccuracyDebuff/100/15/4
Secondary Target of Enemy Minor AoE
Secondary Type of Single Enemy NoAoE Debuff
100% chance of PoisonDamage at magnitude 5 for 3 rounds.
100% chance of AcidDamage at magnitude 5 for 3 rounds.
Target of Single Enemy NoAoE
Type of Melee, Single Target, DoT
Upkeep of 5
Vampiric of 30

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