Jaded Kirin

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Jaded Kirin

Arms: Raking Claws
Tail: Tail Smash
Head: Flamethrower,Headbutt
Legs: Feline Agility
Skin: Scaled Hide
Torso: Muscle Mass


The Jaded Kirin's body is covered in long, angular scales of polished, verdant jade. Deep shades are veined with paler tints still vibrantly saturated and form billowing cloud-like patterns in mid-tones. Her head is long with a short, equine muzzle. Large, round eyes shimmer with fine, ambient irises silhouetting thick pupils. From atop her scalp, a pair of curved, golden horns bow upwards. Thorn-like tines arc forwards from their base, and their ends fork into fine points. A separate, singular horn curves up from her forehead, girthy and pointed, with her flesh grown up its length. The rims of her ears bear a finned shape, spreading back. Around her neck, a thick, olive mane flows back errantly, easily stirred by the slightest breeze. Her body is powerfully built with long, toned muscle. A billowy, olive-colored mane runs along her spine. She has 2 small breasts. Her arms are bound in toned flesh. Long fibers form flowing cuffs around her wrists. The tips of her fingers are bulbed, capped with wickedly curved, golden claws. Her legs are unguligrade with draconic feet cloven into three thunderous, golden hooves and lengthy fetlocks that flutter back like slow-motion flames. Supple and sculpted buns nestle beneath a thick-girthed taper covered in verdant jade scaled flesh. The lengthy, lizard- like tail terminates in a lengthy, flowing plume of roiling, olive-colored mane rivaling the taper for length. A private peek would reveal that: She has a torso length forked, knobby-shafted antler- like organ bearing bulbous ends instead of points along her cock. She has average balls. She has a finger length curved, horn-like clit. She has a moderately large ridged pussy.