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Known in-character as 'Sub-divisions', groups are player-run organizations that serve the same function as guilds in other games. Groups have access to a private group channel, and earn experience and freecred for the group as they play. This group experience earns the group levels, which can be traded for perks and bonuses.

Group Commands

To see a list of available groups:


To join a group:

 +group <group name> <group password>

To create a group:

 +group <name of group>

To see current group members on and a summary of the group:

 g who

To send a message to group chat:

 g <Your Message here.>

Group Control Menu

To access group control menu:

 +group #control

The following options will be presented.


 1: Change someone's Rank 

(Leader Only) Ranks are special titles used in group chat. The Leader of the group must keep the title of "Leader". All other titles are just for show.

2: Remove someone from the group. 

(Leader Only) Removes a member from the group.

3: The current short description of the group is: Your Message here. 

(Leader Only) Sets the description of the group as seen in the group list.

4: The group password is: <password>. 

(Leader Only) Sets the password to join the group.

5: The current MOTD of the group is: <Insert witty message with lots of innuendo here.> 

(Leader Only) Sets the Message Of The Day that group members will see when first sending a message to the group channel after they log in.

6: The current daily tax percentage on income is: ## 

(Leader Only) Sets the tax rate on freecred earned by members. The tax rate is actually 1/5th of what is shown. A set tax of '10' will effectively be a 2% tax on earnings. I.E. - A player earning 1.0 Freecred from a fight will see .98 freecred go to their bank, while 0.02 freecred will go to the group bank.

7: The current JP Tax percentage on adventuring is: ## 

(Leader Only) Sets the tax rate on XP earned by members. The tax rate is actually 1/5th of what is shown. A set tax of '20' will effectively be a 4% tax on XP earnings. I.E. - A player earning 1.0 XP from a fight will see .96 freecred go to their bank, while 0.04 XP will go to the group level.

The group has 115.96 XP, and is level 18. It has 6228.1 freecred in its reserves. 

No option. Just displays the group XP, Level, and freecred in reserves.

9: You currently DO get notified of group members connecting. 

Toggles notification of group members logging on.

10: Buy/Upgrade Improvements 

(Leader Only) Purchase group upgrades.

11: Send a group wide mail. 

(Leader Only) Send a mail to all group members.

12: Leave the Group. 

Just what it says on the tin. Probably shouldn't do this if you're a leader.

Group Upgrades

Group Upgrades are purchasable by group leaders. If the group bank does not contain enough freecreds, then the remaining cost will be deducted from the purchasers personal account.

Group Upgrades
Name Description Level Cost Freecred Cost Levels
Bounce Back When defeated, you begin with 10% more hp and energy!(Stacks with subscription). 2/2/2/2 5k/5k/8k/10k 4
Enhanced Training Increases the XP gained from battle. Gives 5% extra XP per level, up to a maximum of 20% extra. (needs confirmation) 1/2/3/4 0/0/0/0 4
Firing Drills Regular practice with friends makes target practice fun and effective! Every rank increases accuracy by 2% 2/2/2/2 5k/5k/50k/50k 4
Food Rationing Your survivor members can go with less food with proper rationing of all the food in the faction. At the fourth rank, your survivors can only gain up to 4 hunger points at maximum instead of 5. 1/1/2/2 50k/50k/50k/50k 4
Lab Lab space, a clean area with testing supplies and research sources to help your group contribute to global research more efficiently. Having this gets you an extra tick of research every 10/6/5/4 days. 1/2/3/4 25k/50k/75k/100k 4
Membership Expansion Allow more people to be in your group at one time. Base group size is 8; this perk allows you an additional 3 people every level. 1/2/3/4 0/0/0/0 4
Merit Everyone in your group gains a merit for a cost of the merit's value. Varies 0  ?
Nanite Harvesters Your group are experts at nanite harvesting, and enjoy increased success at it(+1% per level). 2/2/2/2 2k/2k/4k/8k 4
Ready Backup Your group has learned to always be there for one another. When doing random combat from the web interface, your group mates are always considered to be in your area, and thus have a chance to show up. Even if they are offline, they will report for duty. 2 20k 1
Real Estate Every level allows one room that belongs to your group. 6/6/6 5k/10k/20k 3
Salvage Experts Your chance of finding common salvage is increased by 5/10/15/20% 1/1/2/2 25k/50k/75k/100k 4
Skill Everyone in your group gains a point in a knowledge skill(type list skill), up to a maximum of 3. Can be taken for other skills, but not twice in the same skill. (needs confirmation) 3 100k  ?
Social Moguls Your members gain 25%/50%/75%/100% of base cash when roleplaying. 1/1/2/2 1k/2k/10k/10k 4
Toughening Improves the hitpoints of all group members. Boosts Max HP by 2% per rank. 1/2/3/4 1k/2k/4k/8k 4
Trained Medics When using healing powers, you heal for more. Does not affect regen. +2% per level. Doubled when healing others than yourself. 1/1/2/2 2k/2k/4k/10k 4
Treasure Hunting After battles, your chances of finding artifacts are increased by 10/20/40/60% 1/1/2/2 5k/10k/40k/80k 4
(Craft) Mastery Your group specializes in the creation and modification of (craft) items. When pushing yourself past the limit, you use less parts than others(it still costs more than things within easy grasp, but whoever said masterpieces were easy?). You use +25/50/100/150% the normal amount of salvage, but the required craft skill is reduced by 10/20/30/40%. This only affects (craft) skill, of course. If you push beyond the level of your group, the salvage cost is FURTHER increased by 25/50/75/100%. 2/1/1/2 10k/20k/30k/40k 4