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Giantslayer stats
Description Easily spanning two thirds of one's overall height, this heavy two-handed sword is what you'd expect to see in the hands of a seasoned war veteran in the old days. How this weapon has made a comeback raises a few questions, though there is no denying it's going to do a lot of damage if swung just right.

Slick stainless steel all along its broad double-edged blade gives it a pristine sheen, its razor-sharp edge glistens with thirst for the blood of one's enemies. It holsters comfortably on one's back, though one could adjust the straps differently if they so desire. Runic glyphs cover its guard, trailing upwards all along the spine up to its very pointy tip.
Cred Cost 75000 Ingredients None
Salvage Common Mechanical X 5
Common Edible X 5
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 25
Edible of at least 25
Item Stats Aggro Rate of 120
Charge of 800
Cooldown of 5000
Damage of 30
Damage Type of Slash
Energy of 45
Loadout of 35
No Commission of 1
No Trade of 1
Penetration of 4
Secondary Damage of 15
Secondary Damage Type of Healing
Secondary Status of [one of]DamageResist/100/5/1[or]Debuffclear/100/5/1[or]Attack/100/5/1[or]InstantCooldown/100/5/1[at random]
Secondary Target of Self NoAoE
Secondary Type of Healing Buff
Status Mag of +30%
Target of Single Enemy
Type of Big Ouch
Upkeep of 5

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