Fox (dedication)

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Outfox death from the shadow of Coyote.


Within the Fox Sanctuary in Glenstock, Oregon, one can dedicate to the spirit of Fox for 50 Mako.


Fox (dedication)

Arms: Gouging Claws
Tail: Tail Flip
Groin: Deep Healing
Head: Nurture
Legs: Vulpine Vigor
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Quadrupedal Stance, Vitality

Foxes have a strong power over the energies of life, and can strengthen another with their Vulpine Touch, or even bring back the dead with Scattered Bones. They can also assist their allies with a bit of Wild Growth.

Thematic Information

Fox, the Great Trickster's brother, often overshadowed and overlooked when his brother is around. Has brought Coyote back from the dead, and done many things in his own right, but the glory is almost always stolen by Coyote. Fox dedicants realize there is no greatness without balance, and are given the miraculous power to bring nearly anyone back from the dead, even a god, and have the uncanny power to awaken the wild spirit inside people.