Fire Station Quest

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Fire Station Quest

Creator: Kaleem

Flag Restrictions

Fire Station

Location of Quest Start: Fire Station 86 (Have to hunt/navigate for this on your own)

  1. Locate Fire Station 86.
  2. Once done enter into the Firehouse and then speak with Kenaz. Kenaz will tell you that most of the firefighters from the station are on leave, but how many of them are still within the city. He then wonders aloud how each of them is doing with the city in the state that it's in.
Speaking with Kenaz will allow you to find the Informant in the High Rise District by finding the event 'Informant'.
You must find the Informant to start finding the other firefighters.


Location of Quest Start: High Rise (Must have spoken to Kenaz at the Fire Station, otherwise you will only get a vague clue about a man in a black hood walking around town)

  1. Locate the Informant at the High Rise District. Once this is done you will have to fight off the Shemale Smooth Collie and a Leopardman about to harass you quarry.
  2. After helping to aid the Informant he will reveal himself as a man called Homaru. Hormaru will then take you to the 'Agency' which is his base of operations.
  3. Being the information dealer that he is Homaru will tell you that he knows why you are here and where the first firefighter is within the city as a thanks for saving him. He then tells you to go to the 'Warehouse District' and search for the 'DogHouse' which is the name of the event you need to run through in order to save the first firefighter. (See below for details)
  4. After finding the first firefighter, whose name is Birch, return to Homaru back at the Agency and ask him to find the other firefighters by choosing the 'findfirefighter' option in his dialog.
  5. Homaru will then point you to Apartment 319 in the 'High Rise District' where the next firefighter is holding himself up. (More info down below)
  6. After saving the second firefighter, whose name is Dagaz, return to Homaru again.
  7. Homaru will then lead you to the third missing firefighter, but tells you that in order to save this one you may need to take on a 'Chocolate Lab' body and head. The event in question called 'Save the Dame'. (Warning - This is not necessary but will open up a different version of the event for players who do so)
  8. After saving this firefighter if you chose to go back to Homaru he will tell you to return to Kenaz back at the Fire Station. (This ends finding the missing firefighters for Homaru's part of the game)
Finding Homaru and being able to aid the missing firefighters.
Getting the chance to extend the game by having Homaru 'Delay' the military. (Warning this can backfire causing the time allotted to decrease instead of increase.)
Once the three firefighters are found the player can then move towards helping Kenaz out...more on this below.


The Location of this Quest is 'Warehouse District', however, it can only be found after talking to Homaru as it is the first event area players can access to help find the missing firefighters.


After speaking to Homaru the player will need to go to the Warehouse District and find the event 'DogHouse'.

After finding the DogHouse the player will then have the option of taking either the right side of the area or left side to look over the dog show going on.
  1. If the player chooses the right side then they will be able to assist a Doberman by way of giving him oral. (This is completely option so you don't have to do so.)
If the player does chose the right side then upon going downstairs to help free the trapped firefighter...and everyone else then they will find the Doberman from before being dragged downstairs by a pair of Wolftaurs.

(Warning - at this point in the game the player must fight both Wolftaurs and if they lose even once they get a game over ending.)

Upon finding and saving the Doberman and the others the player will then get access to the area known as Tyr's Club, which happens to be an underground fighting club for mutants, as well as saving the first Firefighter as a part of Kenaz's quest-line.
  1. If the player chooses the left side of the area then they will encounter a Dalmatian Herm and have a chance to either give the mutant oral, either by eating them out or giving them head. (Giving the Dalmatian head causes the other to become incensed while eating hir out makes her somewhat pleased with the player.)
By choosing the left side the player will then go to free the missing firefighter as well the others trapped in the cells downstairs. While trying to free the others though the player will come across two wolftaurs bringing down the Dalmatian they met before.
Players then have to fight the two wolftaurs.
If the player loses either of these fights a Doberman by the name of Tyr will come down to help them out. At this point the player can then try to help out the Doberman who had rescued them after the other tries to literally 'bring down the house' or just leave.
If the player wins both fight then they will meet the same Doberman, but this time he will simply lead you out of the building with the the missing firefighter and the Dalmatian Herm you met before. (The herm is the firefighter's girlfriend.)
Either winning or losing opens the area Tyr's Club for the player.

Save missing firefighter and progress in aiding Kenaz in finding his missing teammates. Open up the area known as Tyr's Club which houses a one of a kind mutant only found there. Get the Doberman infection by fighting/fucking Tyr at his club. (Win or lose you get infected by him if you try to fight him.) Access to the LockerRoom inside of Tyr's Club which is basically a glorified area where you can put all of the items from the game you don't want into one place. This saves you forgetting about the stuff later because you put it into your Locker! So to speak. :P

Apartment 319

The location of Apartment 319 is 'High Rise District', however, this event can only be found after rescuing the first firefighter from the DogHouse event.

If 'Guy' 'Hellspawn' or 'Furry' is flagged then the player will get a different scene from this event that will automatically let them find the missing firefighter.
  1. After hunting the event 'Apartment 319' in the High Rise District area the players will then come across Dagaz, the second missing firefighter.
  2. The players will then get the option of being able to snoop in on Dagaz's business after noticing something 'off' about the other or continue on about their way. (Choosing to mind your own business leads the event to ending and this the player can return to Homaru now to find the third missing firefighter.)
  3. If the player chooses to intervene then they come back later on at night and find out what's really happening with Dagaz. (By sticking their noses into things even farther the player can get into a series of fights for Dagaz's safety.)
  4. If the player wins all of the fights, should s/he choose to intervene then they will get the chance to have some...very kinky bondage playtime with the firefighter. (This, of course, is all optional.)
  5. Should the player lose even one of the fights then they will be tossed out of the apartment and then made to come back to see about Dagaz before being able to finish the event.
  6. Players then should go to speak to Homaru to find the third firefighter.
Finding the second missing firefighter.
Being able to fight for Dagaz in an effort to rescue him and thereby able to have some sexy fun with him afterwards.
Moving the quest-line further on.

Save the Dame

The location to start this event is the 'High Rise District' area. Players must have saved Dagaz, the second firefighter, and then gone back to speak to Homaru.

If the player chooses then s/he can assume a Chocolate Lab form, head and body are needed, to get a different version of the event.
  1. If the step above has been taken into an account then the player will be required to fight off several Chocolate Labs in order to rescue Othala, the last firefighter.
If the player wins then they end the event and can go back to see about Kenaz now.
If the player loses then they will get a second chance to fight, but this time while battling only three Chocolate Labs.
Should the player win these series of fights then they will move the event to its conclusion, however, if they lose then 'someone' will come along to help the player out by defeating all of the Chocolate Labs.
The event ends at this point so players will need to return to the Fire Station to see about Kenaz to move the entire process along. (Going back to Homaru at the agency gets the other to say the same thing, thus this ends the Informant's aid with finding the missing people.)
  1. If the player does not choose to assume a Chocolate Lab's head and body, both are required to make the above version of the event come into player, then player will simply have the Chocolate Labs that would be trying to attack Othala, the third missing firefighter, and then end up being rescued by the same mysterious someone.
The event ends with the person telling the player that they should return to the Fire Station.
Final Firefighter found.
Can return to Kenaz now to finish up the rest of the quest-line.

Feeding the Firefighters

Location to quest start: Fire Station 86

  1. Speak with Kenaz following completion of the 'Save the Dame' quest.
  2. Kenaz will ask you to acquire 10 Food.
  3. Return to Kenaz and assist him to turn in the food.
Moving the quest line further along

Retrieve Pertho

Location to quest start: Fire Station 86

  1. This quest will begin during resolution of the previous quest.
  2. Kenaz will ask you to travel to the Red Light District to find and bring back Pertho.
  3. Explore or Hunt for the event Now Pertho.
  4. The event requires a successful Dexterity check. Success means you will capture Pertho and bring him back Fire Station 86. Failure ends the event, which can be found again.
  5. Assist Kenaz to twice to advance the quest.
  6. You will give given the option to admonish Mannaz. Doing so will
Moving the quest line further along
Assist Kenaz again to receive the Firefighter Coat armor.
Ability to interact with the other Dalmations.