Fire Explosion

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Fire Explosion stats
Type Single Target, Accuracy Debuff, Physical Target Single Enemy
Description A ball of fire smashes into a creature, blinding it, then molten flecks and smoke make it harder for enemies to move.
Cooldown 8000 Charge time 1500
Energy 15 Accuracy 70%
Damage 18 Heat at level 0
100% chance of AccuracyDebuff at magnitude 16 for 3 rounds.
Training Upgrades
AccuracyDebuffDuration by 4.5
Charge by -425
Cooldown by -1350
Energy by -3.75
Secondary ChargeDebuffDuration by 4.5
Secondary DefenseDebuffDuration by 4.5
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage 1 Heat at level 0
Secondary Type AoE, Defense, Haste Debuff Secondary Target Medium AoE Enemy NotTarget
Secondary Statuses
100% chance of ChargeDebuff at magnitude 10 for 3 rounds.
100% chance of DefenseDebuff at magnitude 12 for 3 rounds.

Fire Explosion/Extra Notes Edit notes

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