Extravagant Implement

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Extravagant Implement stats
Description Balance wasn't taken into consideration when this weapon was designed. This large, physical weapon is heavy, oversized compared to a normal one and it wouldn't be usable without the nanite's properties. But such disadvantages come with a reward. The stopping power of this weapon is incredible, and escaping such huge weapon is rather difficult, making it quite an accurate weapon - you can't dodge it if it blasts everything around you.
Cred Cost 60000 Ingredients Mako Battery X 1
Salvage Common Mechanical X 30
Common Electronic X 30
Common Chemical X 30
Crafting Skills Electronic of at least 30
Mechanical of at least 30
Chemical of at least 30
Item Stats Charge of 800
Cooldown of 5000
Damage of 18
Damage Type of Positive
Energy of 15
Loadout of 20
Penetration of 2
Secondary Damage of 0
Secondary Damage Type of Healing
Secondary Status of Defense/100/-2/3
Secondary Target of Self
Secondary Type of Debuff
100% chance of KnockDown at magnitude 5 for 1 rounds.
Target of Single Enemy
Type of Debuff
Upkeep of 5

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