Dusk Dragon (Dedication)

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Not as evil as they look. Really.


Within the Twilight Caverns is a shrine to the Dusk Dragon. Prove yourself worthy through cleansing and introspection to be able to dedicate for 50 Mako.


Dusk Dragons emit an Abysmal Aura that dwindles passions, bringing about serene calmness to the souls of those around them. They can also create Dusk Phantoms that assail their opponents with illusions. Lastly, they project Serenity onto their allies, reducing their desires to fornicate.

Thematic Information

Dusk Dragons are a race of lesser celestial dragon-like beings, harbingers of the twilight. They draw on the passions of others, draining out aggression and perpetuating calmness. Peaks of passion are drawn towards the plains of placidity. All the potential for passion, whether it be anger or lust, is taken as sustenance, but rather than instill others with passion to feed themselves, they draw on the rather abundant supply of it that exists already. Uber Foxes do not like them, as they're a competitor for food supply and often leave no passions to draw towards lust.


The concept of keeping a clear head, and supporting that for others as well. Quelling emotional and lustful overflow, the Dusk Dragon is not about the destruction or absolution of emotional aspects, but more about them not standing in the way of logical discourse and decision making.

Form Profile

Dusk Dragon (Dedication)

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Rending Claws Height: ? ? :Mass
Groin: - Clits: ? ? :Clit Length
Head: Drain Vitae Cocks: ? ? :Cock Length
Legs: Pounce Balls: ? ? :Ball Size
Skin: Mirage, Smooth Hide Cunts: ? ? :Cunt Length
Torso: Feline Agility, Vitality Gender: ? SayVerb: ?
Flags: ? Supports: Supports Arm Divider Supports Kemonomimi
Forms: ?
Description: The Dusk Dragon (Dedication)'s