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Cryoblaster stats
Description Utilizing the latest technology, this handy dandy utility can either tap into the small storage tanks upon itself, or be modified to feed into an actual tank worn by the user for greater effect. Madmen of military science have been hard at work on making this project a reality, however the laws of thermodynamics are harsh, even when twisted by the nanites. Instantly-freezing something is very much beyond the limit of reason, however enough applications from this implement will do just well enough to make this a worthwhile sidearm. Remember to open up with a catchphrase upon using this, "Ice to meet ya."
Cred Cost 15000 Ingredients Chemical Barrels X 1
Salvage Common Chemical X 5
Common Mechanical X 1
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 20
Chemical of at least 20
Item Stats Charge of 900
Cooldown of 3000
Damage of 9
Damage Type of Cold
Energy of 20
Loadout of 15
100% chance of Stacked3ColdDamage at magnitude 5 for 4 rounds.
100% chance of RechargeDebuff at magnitude 4 for 4 rounds.
100% chance of ChargeDebuff at magnitude 4 for 4 rounds.
Target of Single Enemy
Type of Stacked Damage Over Time
Upkeep of 6

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