Crossbow of Sunbeams

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Crossbow of Sunbeams stats
Description A crossbow of rather uncommon construction. A small barrel of bolts rotates underneath it, feeding bolts upwards.
A rather unwieldy winding mechanism is required to get the clockwork to full tension, and it's heavy.
Cred Cost 50000 Ingredients Mako Battery X 5
Salvage Common Chemical X 1
Common Mechanical X 1
Common Energy X 1
Uncommon Chemical X 1
Uncommon Mechanical X 1
Uncommon Energy X 1
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 25
Energy of at least 25
Chemical of at least 25
Item Stats Charge of 250
Cooldown of 15000
Damage of 16
Damage Type of Pierce
Energy of 30
Loadout of 20
Penetration of 6
Secondary Damage of 2
Secondary Damage Type of Healing
Secondary Status of RepeatAttack/100/5/5
Secondary Target of Ally AoE NotUser
Secondary Type of Healing
100% chance of RepeatAttack at magnitude 12 for 10 rounds.
Target of Enemy NoAoE
Type of Attack Repeats
Upkeep of 10

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