Consolidated Events Outside CEO1

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Consolidated Events:

(incomplete list)

  • Abandoned Player (background)
  • Another Survivor (background)
  • CatsandDogs (background)
  • Cream Truck (leads to random infections)
  • Failed Survivor (background)
  • Film (background)
  • Giant Egg (background)
  • Grumpy Old Men (background)
  • Helping the Helpless: Opportunity to give food to a Dalmation scrounging through a garbage.
  • Hyena Kill (background)
  • Intact Fountain (drink water or the chance to collect some infective consumable)
  • Masturbating Fox (background)
  • Politics (background)
  • School Spirit (background)
  • Soldier Squad (background)
  • Strange Preacher (background)
  • Tracks (background)
  • Wet Clothes (background)
  • Wyvern Flight (background)