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Combat in Flexible Survival is done on a turn-by-turn basis, with the player performing an action and then the monster attempting to retaliate. The basic choices in combat for a player are:

  • Attack - You will attempt to strike the creature with your equipped weapon. Your chance to hit are determined by your Dexterity and your Level. If you reduce the opponent to 0 hp, you win the fight.
  • Item - The player chooses to use an item in combat. Only combat items can be chosen and this is how healing can be done during a fight.
  • Pass - The player chooses to do nothing for his turn, letting the monster retaliate as normal. Some monsters have different victory scenes based on whether or not the player lost the fight or surrendered. As such, this can be used to let a monster win or to see their various attacks.
  • Flee - The player attempts to run away. If you fail, the monster will be free to retaliate. Affected by Dexterity, Intelligence and Level. The Gas Cloud feat or the use of pepperspray increases the odds of success.
  • Submit - You give yourself to the monster and face its victory scene. Surrendering sometimes generates different text/results from losing.
  • Throw the Fight - You allow yourself to lose the fight, dropping your hp to 0. This allows you to lose even if the monster's too weak to effectively fight you.


The damage you inflict while attack is determined by your equipped weapon's attack rating. Unarmed combat has a damage rating of 4. Combat damage is then calculated to deal 80% to 120% of this value (as a base). It can further be modified by a large number of feats. Some are specific to unarmed combat, Weaponsmaster boosts armed combat, while others can boost either form of combat. The player also may receive aid in combat (on a successful random roll) from his children (if possible) and/or a pet. For help from offspring, the player must have the Spirited Youth or Youthful Tides feat. All damage is totalled and removed from the monster's total. If the monster's hp drop to 0, the player is victorious.


After the player's action is taken, if combat is still ongoing, the monster will make an attempt to retaliate. The monster similarly will do damage at a rate of 80% to 120% of its damage rating. Players using the bo staff or the Black Belt or Dazzle feats may be able to avoid a creature's attack entirely for a round. While rare, some creatures can perform a special effect on a successful attack which may influence combat in a special manner. If a player's hp are reduced to 0 or less, the player has lost the fight.

Player Victory

After a player is victorious, the player gains experience equal to twice the enemy's level and their morale goes up by 1. The scene for the creature's defeat is shown at this time as well. Often, a victorious player can take pleasure from the creature's body if they are the winner. This is sometimes not an option for the player, as they are too excited by the fight to hold back their infected instincts. A player's libido will often play a role in such situations. In other cases, the player is granted a choice or has options in what form of sex will be done. Choosing to have sex with a defeated monster will sometimes induce infection in the player, but this is uncommon.

Monster Victory

After a monster is victorious, the player gains experience equal to half the enemy's level and their score will drop by 1 and their morale will drop by 3. The scene for the creature's victory is shown at this time as well. In most cases, the creature seeks to sate its lusts upon the losing party. Some creatures will only have sex with players of a certain gender or if they match their species. Loss to a monster almost always results in infection by that creature's strain. Some creatures are potently infectious and will cause faster infection of a player or may change a player during the course of the victory scene. Monster victory scenes can be optionally blocked through the use of the 'Control Freak' feat.