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The zoo, a place of tranquility and family fun. Or at least it provided that much until the Prometheus virus gave visitors an urge to free the animals imprisoned here. The original inhabitants have long since bounded out into the streets, now serving as unwitting carriers for the infection.

The Zoo was once a place to watch exotic creatures from far away in a safe environment, but ever since P-day exotic creatures roam the grounds that you could only wish were far away, luckily if you need a breather the main entrance and the performance area seem to be safe for now. In the main entrance is Kangaroo God who will offer a quest or two before allowing access to hir pouch where her image will ambush you, shi requires submission and for you to drink from hir twice before you may access the safety of hir womb and dedicate yourself to kangaroo.

The northern section of the zoo predominantly featured predatory felines, as someone familiar with design knows is common for an area near the entrance. Large and powerful as these predators are, they once lived sedately, pampered to no discernible end by their captors. Now, mutant imitations scour the path in search of prey, growling and snapping at whoever dares infringe upon their territory.

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