Brutus & David

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Brutus & David

Starting Location: Red Light District
Starting Event: Captured Demon
Requirements: none

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Hellspawn, Furry

Brutus and David

First Step

  1. Get a Demon Brute as your pet. (Do not cleanse him yet for an extra scene) - Demonology 101

Second Step

  1. Save David and get him to come to the Bunker. - Saving David (twice)

Third Step

  1. At this point, when the Demon Brute pet is accompanying you and go inside the bunker where David is, the Demon Brute will say something about David cursed with a scar in his chest.

Fourth Step

  1. Now, you can cleanse your Demon pet to be a nice demon. And you will call your Demon pet Brutus now.

Fifth Step

  1. Go back to the Bunker again, and this time, Brutus seems to be worried about 'poor' David.
  2. Talk to Brutus about David and he tells you that he wants to remove David's curse.
  3. Talk to David about Brutus this time. (You must pass the Charisma check to convince him.)
  4. Successfully convincing David will bring you to a scene where Brutus will now remove the curse on David.

Sixth Step

  1. Talk to David about Brutus 2 times. Then, say yes when asked if you want to give them some time alone.
  2. Choose if you want to spy on them.


Sexy times with David will have BrutusXDavid scene options to have several threesomes and the choice for the player to talk David to take Brutus on a few dates.


Choosing to spy on them won't have a negative effect on the quest, so just say YES! :P