Bastet Disciple (dedication)

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Sometimes, a pussy's just a pussy, but, other times, it's so much more.


For 30 Mako, one can dedicate themselves to Bastet in the temple to Bast in the Northeast corner of Fairhaven.


Those who follow Bastet can call upon the Eye of Ra to smite an enemy, and the Eye of Horus to strengthen allies.

Additionally, active followers can control if they are or are not fertile through their Infertility.

Ra and Horus have an odd and creepy sense of humor where multi-cunt Bastet worshipers are involved.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Girth Controller Tired of living in your perfect world? No worries! With the new Girth Controller (C)(TM) by Zephyr Inc, you can make your world just a little more interesting. Give your partners a little more (Or less) than they bargained for and make sure your man-parts are not just a perfect fit. (Disclaimer: Only works with Ixchel Jaguar and Bastet Disciple dedicants) 10
Utchat A small golden idol that resembles an eye. So long as you are an active Bastet Disciple you gain access to two new powers, Solar Flare and Lunar Cycle. 50

Thematic Information

Disciples of Bastet, the Goddess of the Sun, Moon, and Fertility. Imbued with a portion of her power and the assistance of her fellow Egyptian gods on the battlefield, the Disciples are invaluable to their allies, and a threat to their enemies. The Disciples also have the power to be fertile at their own whims where their biology permits.

Form Profile

Bastet Disciple (dedication)

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Small Claws Height: 8 100% :Mass
Tail: Erotic Dance Breasts: 4 8 :Breast Size
Groin: Scent of Victory Clits: 1 4 :Clit Length
Head: Disarming Smile, Lion Within, Purr Cocks: - - :Cock Length
Legs: Feline Agility Balls: - - :Ball Size
Skin: Furry Hide Cunts: 1 18 :Cunt Length
Torso: Costume Slip Gender: Female SayVerb: murr, murrs
Flags: Anthro, Biped, Feline, Supernatural Supports: Supports Arm Divider Supports Kemonomimi
Description: The Bastet Disciple (dedication)'s body is covered in a coat of mustard gold fur from head to foot. It looks and feels softer than silk, like touching a piece of heaven. Her head is a blended mix of human and feline. Rounded triangular ears twitch upon the top of her head with tufts of white fur just barely visible within. A curious glowing marking encircles both eyes which takes the shape of the Eye of Ra. Her jawline is extended into a very short muzzle. Whenever she speaks it is with a purring quality that shows off her sharp feline teeth. Her body is sculpted by the divine to be alluring for all genders. It curves gently into a subtle hourglass shape which presents her pert and full breasts proudly. Her chest has two large breasts, each of which are taut and have nipples that are softly glistening with wetness. Her arms are athletic and well-muscled, alluring and strong at the same time. Each five-fingered humanoid hand is tipped with very tiny claws which are seem only decorative in function. Her legs are lean and sensually toned with enough muscle tone to allow her great grace when in full motion. Her plantigrade feet also come with decorative claws which are rather short. Even so, wearing socks would not be a good idea with claws like these. Her rump is round and very firm; it's almost like looking at a model's ass. Right at the top of the coccyx rests an ankle-length tail tipped with a tuft of brown fur like that of a lion's. A glance at her groin shows that she has one minuscule pink pleasure nub and one large plump, pink human cunny, which all resemble those of a bastet disciple.