Baneful Allure

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Baneful Allure stats
Type Passive, Auto, Debuff Target Large AoE Enemy
Description There is something about you. Perhaps the way you walk, or is it the way you talk, perchance your malignant curse tugs at the strings of those around you? Irrelevant of which, those opposing you may feel a little bit conflicted about harming you, you're just so gosh darn enchanting!
Cooldown 0 Charge time 0
Energy 0 Accuracy 75%
Damage 0 Psychic at level 0
100% chance of Accuracy at magnitude -15 for 10 rounds.
100% chance of Debuffresist at magnitude -7.5 for 10 rounds.
100% chance of Confused at magnitude 5 for 10 rounds.
Training Upgrades
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage No damage at level 0
Secondary Type None Secondary Target None
Secondary Statuses
No Secondary Statuses

Baneful Allure/Extra Notes Edit notes

Mutant powers Based on this power: