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One huge WIP.

Backstory pending

  • Archaeology student, but not a very good one.
  • Plane made emergency landing during apocalypse
    • Safe until Zephyr got there; it's a pressurized tube.
  • Got into adept program, continues to be surprised that so did everyone else.
  • Found Kaiju Island early July, 2009, spent a few days examining the place.
  • Left a couple of weeks later, wading ashore fifty feet tall and with vague instructions pounding through her head.
  • The Kaiju bargain was seen as not having any downsides; extra power in exchange for doing what Balina was doing anyway? Score.
  • The vague forces that claim to be the planet demand the destruction of the nanite plague. It does this by instilling a sense of contempt and rage towards anything smaller than the Kaiju. The dedicant may or may not be consciously aware that this is occurring, but the forces are patient.
    • Some decisions are inevitable. At 50' tall, your average feral is about the size of a hot dog in comparison. Eating them becomes the obvious move.
      • After a few weeks, she was over eating ferals; they were just livestock.
      • Six months in, no real compulsions about crushing what she couldn't eat.
      • By the end of the year, she was certain that being a Kaiju was the best thing to ever happen to her.

Atma Incident:

  • Mid-February, 2010: Balina was back on Kaiju Island, performing an experiment to utilize mako in accelerating a pregnancy. A known procedure, but she was taking much more than the recommended dose, and knew she was carrying more than one child at the time.
  • Most of the girls came out fine.
  • Intended to be an all-around fighter, with no obvious drawbacks, at the expense of specialization.
    • What came out looked like a pure behemoth
  • While suckling the clutch, the island took control of Atma, leaving her much larger than her mother (at least 200' long, and about 60' high at the shoulder).
    • Basically a bigger, meaner Balina. With an attitude akin to an angsty teenager. Body is neuter (with breasts for some reason), and seem completely locked. Given that this is not the form she was supposed to be born with, this is assumed to be an intentional action taken by the forces at Kaiju Island.
  • Seeing Atma at work, Balina's conscience finally starts to catch up with her, realizing that she's kind of a horrifying monster. Spent some time moping in Zephyr's lobby, until someone sent her to New Ireland.
  • Spent much of the next month blaming Kaiju, rather than accepting consequences of her own actions.
    • In a desperate move to try and go cold-turkey, asked Sparhawk to take most of her excess mass. May have also had ulterior motives. Eventually took Taggart's advice, to her own complete amazement, and just tried to live with herself.
    • After a few weeks of ignoring self, re-combined with extra mass, going full Kaiju with others present. Managed to stay calm, realized that she can actually avoid rampaging if she knows those present.
  • Was learning to live with herself and accept Kaiju as too stupid to be evil. Socializing has improved her outlook greatly.
  • Thanks to a particular incident involving a little girl who may or may not be Coyote, Kaiju has been banished from her head, and the tank has gone missing. For related reasons, she's mostly been basking around as a Cow Maiden until she feels fit to rejoin the rest of post-humanity.
  • June 16th, 2010: Oh crap, I'm a Fenrir now.

People who can completely end me

A list kept on Balina's person at all times, updated whenever further information presents itself. Higher on the list = higher perceived danger. This is purely from an IC standpoint based on what she knows; this order is *all* out of whack if you have all the facts in hand. As of late, it's been seeing less and less use.

  • Kaylah - Probably Coyote. Bent reality to defeat Godzilla. Almost certainly a god. Well, she did have Dream in her. Just a girl now, though.
  • Loki - SCIENCE! The explodey kind. Likely to kill the city by accident. Has shown to be very good at wounding self without making a mess, and extremely good at self-destructive behavior. Is more likely to accidentally kill himself than others. Walks into explosions.
  • Cilan - Carries a virus that could very well wreck what's left of civilization. Has been neutered, but need to keep an eye on her.
  • Aidan - Nanite vampire, hungry. Not contagious. Smells of almost everything. One of the few people who gets me to lower my guard on command.
  • Rihko - Terrifying enthusiasm. Blood fetish. Enjoys melting things. ESPECIALLY enjoys stabbing things. Actively boinks Taggart.
  • Taggart - Deadly blood + eats people. Beat me in a domination fight (twice); slight compulsions resulted. Currently occupied by Rihko. Also not showing up much lately.
  • Lasair - All the dangers of Sparhawk, plus obviously crazy and bite-sized. Not afraid of Greater Sparhawk at this point.
  • Sparhawk - Oh god, packmind. Fairly certain that shi's got it under control. Has agreed to some serious testing.
  • REDACTED - Nanite-explodey, divine-sucking blood. Orgasm vampire. See lower list.
  • Sorien - Possesses a fragment of COYOTE, but is so afraid to use it that she's on this list out of pity more than actual terror.
  • Alynna - Small but expandable nugget of a fox. No longer eating people, but the fact that she smells like my last divine meal may be an issue. Would be a bigger concern if I'd seen her in the last six months.
  • Selene - Almost terminally annoying.

People I can completely end?

On the reverse side of the steno pad containing the above list, written in a shakier hand. She's a little confused about this set, but same rules as above apply.

  • Greater Sparhawk - Spar flipped out last time shi saw me. False alarm. Blame Lylianna. Back on the list after shi ran off due to a fracas in the pub. Probationary entry; investigate. Also kind of want to murder hir, if I didn't know that was impossible. Is understandably worried because apparently Fenrirs can eat souls. Have personally confirmed that Fenrirs can eat gods, but did not really feel much beyond satisfaction when eating a normal person.
  • REDACTED - Almost froze to death when I got near her blood.
  • Kaylah - So adorable I just want to eat her little face and oh my god what am I doing. No longer has a delicious god in her.
  • Sorien - A step beyond a normal dedicant, and one of the few actual pieces of COYOTE out there. Could cause a Yosemite Vial incident if I got my teeth into her.
  • Alynna - Much like Sorien, is way past normal dedication, and likely one of the few links to her patron. Plus, I already know she'll taste delicious.