Automated Multiplayer Updates/2019 December

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[Update] Nuku says, "Single-target Debug removed for direct damage, but now DoTs have debug, just to be sure it's all working."

[Update] Nuku says, "Debug complete, DoTs are now also benefitting from focused powers (that being single-target powers)."

[Update] Nuku says, "Fixed a big bug in focused DoTs that made them do ALL THE DAMAGE."

[Update] Nuku says, "Fixed a display bug in resist command."

[Update] Nuku says, "Armed with Motherly Advice and keeping a Motherly Vigil, the Den Keeper is ready to dial up those maternal instincts to 11/10! Wait, no, 40/10! As they join that club."

[Update] Nuku says, "You've already walked into their Planned Trap. Don't bother chasing them, they'll lead you to their Favored Terrain. Strategists knew they'd get into the 10/40 club today."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Confirmation: [line break] works fine in form descriptions."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Over on the dev server, trinket rewards dropped, but per-monster rewards have raised. Try it out. If I get a thumbs up, I'll port to live."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Fixed a bug that could have been causing some people to get way less freecred than they should have for each enemy in combat."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Cred from enemies in combat increased by 200%(x3). Trinket value decreased."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "Nanomagic programs now correctly require data nanomagic instead of the non-existing program nanomagic"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now use +mako/vanity (listed in +mako) to spend 30 mako to buy 1 additional vanity point."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "When you list perks, you will now be told how many excess vanity points you have spent."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now @ person (without the space) as many times as you do please within one channel message."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "Zephyr's resident Zebra chef Alex has resumed baking cakes for agents on their birthdays. As a reminder, following changes in how the data is stored, if +birthday says your birthday is invalid, YOU NEED TO USE +birthday #set TO MAKE IT VALID AGAIN!"

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "Temporal anomalies have been fixed, everyone's age should now either correspond to their birthday, or their birthday will show as invalid. No more 30 year olds born in 2015... (Reminder: update your birthday!)"

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "OK, confession time: I accidentally broke everyone's birthdays. My fault entirely, but now everyone really needs to reset their birthday again, even if you already have. Really sorry about that. (+birthday #set)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Leading a Charmed Life, the Rainbow Warrior enacts an extremely expensive Transformation Sequence announcing that it has joined the 10/40 club and is ready to fight evil wherever it lurks!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Fixed a bug with vanity point purchases not properly affecting your perk point allowances. No action is required, it's now applied. List perks to see the proper amounts."

[Update] Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna moofs, "Priapan Orca found to have 1 too many powers, Headbutt has been removed."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+birthday and time code tweaked. Hey, put down the pitchforks - I didn't touch the data this time! Imminent birthdays should now be displayed correctly due to leap years now being taken into account, and birthdays can be set without the interactive prompts with +birthday #set YYYY-MM-DD."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Following a complaint from a tenant at Zephyr HQ, the building maintenance team have been reminded that civilisation has collapsed and there are bigger things to worry about than having to paint over small holes in the wall. As a result, spare shelves can now be installed by residents whenever they wish, subject to the existing limit of one per room. (They should also work in other areas too now, but let's say that's Zephyr's fault too)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Protip: It usually is."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Oh, one more thing: If you previously attempted to install a shelf in an empty room and were told 'you cannot add additional containers to a room with a spare shelf', please contact staff to have the necessary data reset to allow installation."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "In theory, being in the form Zephyr is looking for gets you a chance for reward tokens while RPing. The more your form matches, the higher the chance. Help us understand how these infections work!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Having the singular steps perk now prevents spreading infections from ticking."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "step command is now active and ready for singular step users!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "wielding knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and an urge to perform Constant Upkeep, Pack Rats were taking their time joining the 10/40 club. What's the rush, man?"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Calming the Storm is now a toggle, as always it should have been."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Though they have a Cleared Mind, their presence can inspire Furious Thoughts. The Twilight Breaker accepts the invitation to the 10/40 club."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+bounty display updated to mention the new behavioural research bounty, and a new help file (help bounties) had been added to explain more about the types of bounties without cluttering the main list."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Improvised Explosives given an adjustment. Selfharm removed. RNG changed away from 'maybe this much and maybe that much' and instead 'maybe this element and maybe that element' and doing consistent damage."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The Firestarter is starting to flicker dimly. Give it time, no one said phoenixes rise from the ashes instantly..."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+xp display updated to show how many high octane boosts you have available, even when no +rewards are waiting to be claimed."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Second Technician Rimmer has reported in that he's finished maintenance on the plushie vending machine, and it is now displaying correct pricing information. Let's hope he reattached the drive plate correctly..."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Female Preferred perk typo updated, it (or Fluid Preference) can now be taken in combination with Modest Organs or Modest Cock."

[Update] Nuku says, "In theory, you can now join boss bounties even if you did one already, and only you will skip out on the extra boss rewards."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "While there's still quite a lot of work to do to properly fix the code, copious amounts of duct-tape and a few yards of string have been applied to boss bounties so they should hold together for the time being, or at least as well as any code hastily written at 4am does anyway. Thanks to Korune and party for assisting with debugging - you can all keep the extra vials and stuff as a reward! I like cookies btw, in case anyone was wondering... (hint hint)"

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+xp display updated - new players should no longer see several thousand pending rewards and then be disappointed when it comes to trying to claim them."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "(Note: only applies to the verbose display, not the older concise one)"

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Duct-tape has been repositioned, and the tangled ball of code that combat relies on (or one of them, anyway) seems to be giving experience to those engaged in combat once again. Apologies for the day's lost combat XP. The culprit shall remain nameless."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1576975375) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Renaming Sex Toys. +poll/view Renaming Sex Toys to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+birthday error messages and #help updated to direct people to the list of acceptable birth dates."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+toyname/+sexname command updated with all new code. Keep observers may notice why I was working on that command, but don't get too excited - they're not ready yet."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+(sex|toy)name (final command name pending the results of the poll) now augmented with +toydesc, for setting custom descriptions of supported toys."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "The Discount Nativizer manufacturing facility now has (slightly) better quality control, and they should be once again usable without causing errors. Remember that they are the cheap, shoddy version of the hardware though, and may cause unintended side effects."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Renaming Sex Toys' has ended."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+sexname command has been renamed to +toyname, and as mentioned in an earlier update is also joined by +toydesc. If you see +sexname mentioned anywhere, please report it so it can be updated."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "*sighs* Prime combat is giving out experience and vials again. I'm not sure exactly what effect this change will have on other types of combat, so if you get any extra rewards you think you shouldn't, then... Happy christmas/other seasonal celebration of choice!"

[Update] Nuku says, "The Bounty Hunter has checked their Quick Traps and donned their Kevlar Vest. They are prepared for the 10/40 club."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "Gadget Support quirk desc updated for added clarity."

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Web parsing tester updated. It still works as before so there shouldn't be any particularly noticable differences, but it should no longer corrupt character whenever someone uses it :-)"

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "*corrupt Nuku's character, that is"

[Update] Nuku says, "With a Mace Cudgel and wielding Holy Light, Wasteland Paladins were good enough already, but accept the invitation to the 10/40 club!"

[Update] �[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Just in time for the end of year celebrations, the new year (and any other holiday with a single digit month or day) has been restored to the time command!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Firestarter now has all its powers yay!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Firestarter should now start being handed out to phoenix dedicants."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Guestbook fixed."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Chocolate Bunny given both Color Chooser support and Kemonomimi support."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Female Snow Leopardtaur given both Color Chooser support and Kemonomimi support."

[Update] Nuku says, "After some extensive debugging, secondary repeats now work properly. This also fixed Wildfire, but applies to anything that has a secondary that wants to repeat."