Automated Multiplayer Updates/2017 February

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[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Dead targetting aoes should now specifically avoid trying to even include living things as a valid target, wasting AoE."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna softly chuffs, "Bug found in Front Row preventing it from having its AreaBlock affects. Bug fixed."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "The server was shut down to install firmware updates on the SSD disk array. This should address some data integrity concerns as well as a bug that was causing previously unexplained extreme I/O contention during some database operations."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "NanoList command expanded with the #learn option."

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "Keagle has shown up in the Sheephole Valley area."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "AI should now let you pick any power you have mastered, even all natural people, so Mutant Trick should work better."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You will automagically level up, if auto level up is on, at 130% xp."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "If you have 40+ xeno, looking at things will reveal their combat skills."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "In theory, powers should charge their energy on use, instead when they finish activating. Let me know how it works out."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Statuses removed from turn display to make it a lot less cluttery doing combat. status and effect commands still exist for status checking glory."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Back Row combat skill just got better. Before, it would count pets towards not being solo. Now, pets do not count, only actual other players. Enjoy!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "When looking from combat skills, skill items will now assist you."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "Weight Gain milk no longer cares if it is you drinking that heavy cream."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Energy use fixed, for real. It will take it when you first use a power, and not panic if you're out of energy when it comes time to fire the power."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "Neuter Preferred should properly clear female part stats if they are attached to you by something that overrides such a perk next time you are transformed."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Real estate now sends web notices instead of mail."

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "Issue with toll exits sucking you back in when players have Map Look enabled fixed. Also accounts for +map as well as map aliases used."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Mobs with a rank higher than boss now have significantly less hit points. Enjoy this. There will be a terrible price to pay."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The payment has been charged. Feedback appreciated."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Mega battles, hit points slashed (on top of the recent slash), their rank raises slightly, and they're a little faster."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "Web numbers now use the same numbers as MUF numbers in regards to diffiulty and pharamones."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Subtle tweak to non-combat, passive, power/item behavior to decrease load on the game."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The new function of back row vs DoTs is tested and working. Enjoy! The rpinfo of back row is updated."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "*damageimmunity should also reduce the power of incoming extra statuses from those damage types."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Muscle Memory no longer excluded from all natural to all natural folks with muscle memory and mutant trick can be happy."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Remorting no longer touches negative values."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Primes now start battle with impressive defensive power, but it will fade away in a round, just to give a chance for its helpers to show up and prepare. Not like you don't get a chance to pre-buff."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "+re functions repaired, enjoy renting in peace."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "web command now obeys the same limit as other difficulty setting options."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "For HPBuffer penetration, accuracy is capped at 4, and damage at 3. Higher than those in either do not help with hpbuffer penetration."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "In theory, if a status is about to be overwritten by a status with a lower mag, it will be quietly dropped. This requires testing."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "To help debug, the 'quietly' was made very loud."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Primes get less DI out of the gate, but most of it falls away quickly (not all of it)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Damagebuff and Healing now have a shared scale. Both are now immune to high-ranking mob immunities entirely."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Math: For positive damagebuff, (x+5)/(50+x) * 50 -- For negatives: (-x/(-x+5)) * -33 Add the result to 100, multiply by the mag, and then divide by 100."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Oops, multiply it by whatever you're scaling (damage, healing, etc)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "DoTs now use the same scale for Damagebuff as direct damages."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Primes will now spawn with less hit points."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "To allow damage values closer to what people are accustomed, new equation to damagebuff: ((x+5)/(x+100)) * 100"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Craft bounty repaired."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Salvage market repaired."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Builder nanites are no longer given as vials in battles."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "A sudden alert goes across the comm network in the boldest biggest font they could find. Someone should have told them that Comic Sans is not acceptable for such things: WARNING: NANITE CONTAINMENT FAILURE! Nanite vials are proving ineffective at nanite containment and the parts used are wearing down. Builder nanite mass is escaping them. Please turn in your vials for recycling as they have no nanites within them at the time of this message."

[Update] Systems Glitch gravels, "Majority of forms have had their mass-affecting percentages augmented to best represent their difference of density from various aspects. If you find a form that's been missed that should be different from the norm, please pop a +request."

[Update] Systems Glitch gravels, "This would include naturally very chubby or especially muscular forms, for ones outside the norm."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "With builder nanite vials no longer performing their function, nanites are drifting out of the bubble. An emergency retrofit has allowed Nanite Bottlers and Nanite Vaporizers to help stem the tide. Bottlers reduce the loss by 20% and Vaporizers by another 25% (they do stack). This degradation's base rate is 1% daily. It does apply to nanites on the nanite market, though if the owner has either such item, that will be slowed as well. The first 100k nanites held on a person is safe from degrading and doesn't count."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Nanite Controller, the perk, now slows nanite degrading by 15%, this is in addition to its existing functions."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1486337481) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Builder Nanite Change. +poll/view Builder Nanite Change to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Due to popular demand, the nanite market will now decay at a MUCH slower rate than what is held on person."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "To help combat the nanite trickle, a patch has been released by RSX that takes advantage of the higher density of builder nanites in the air. All collectors will now begin gathering builder nanites while just walking around (RPing, OOCly, having advanced inoculation qualifies!)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Test crafter fixed."

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "Minor updates to Kage Fiend, including Kemo descriptions and Kemo-specific Chubby support."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Accuracy and Defense statuses now go head to head for supremacy directly, 1:1 The winner gets the prize and gets to influence the actual accuracy of the attack being used by up to +50% or down to -25% depending on the end result (the more above the target's defense, the closer to 50% and vice versa)."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "status now displays the result of accuracy or defense, though this assumes the enemy has none of the opposite to foil you. (that is, your accuracy % is only accurate on an enemy with no defense, and so vice verse)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Targetting Device now causes AoE buffs when its trigger is fired."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna whistles, "Rugged status should both properly CD and have a proper effect on the mob statuses now."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Agents without any means to get nanites can now get a little trickle of them from socialization. (You are far better off getting a nanite collector)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "RPing now results in more builder nanites."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "cp command locked to wizards to prevent confusion."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1486403961) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Decay Rate. +poll/view Decay Rate to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "nanites in cash command now constricted to integers."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Statusboost now operates on a scale similiar to others. Math: (x/(x+10)) * 35, and * -25 for negative values."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "statusboost now displays its actual percentage value with the status command."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Rather than boosting the power of negative statuses on powers (drawbacks), statusboost will inverse itself when handling them, reducing them instead. This will work if you're at negative statusboost too in the other direction."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Builder Nanite Change' has ended."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Builder Nanite Change' has ended."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Builder Nanite Change' has ended."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Builder Nanite Change' has ended."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "tport now requires 5000 monies if you are above level 10."

[Update] Maid Treharne pants, "Maternal Love's various status magnitudes have been halved."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Haste/Charge and Recharge now both use a new but identical to each other scale. Our goal for status equilibrium draws closer."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Haste/charge/recharge now show in the status command their true effects."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Decay Rate' has ended."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Builder Nanite degrading has been smashed with a mallet to match the recent poll. Reduced from 1% to 0.14% daily(or close to 1%/week)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "BIG NEWS! Debuffers, your life has changed, for the better I hope. Debuffs no longer hit 'immunity' when striking high-rank enemies. On the flip side, enemies don't take damage for clearing off debuffs. Debuffers actually debuff things instead of being a curious method of damage! Let there be cheering!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Bloodlust has been adjusted to match its thematic, this affects things based on it, like sugar rush."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Bloodlust buffed a little(energybreak -15 to -10, duration 15 to 5)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Primes now upgrade their powers like all the other mutants they were supposed to be stronger versions of."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna lustily murrs, "At long last, claw, coil, hoof, and whatever else you might have at the end of your lower extremities can be used for fucking!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "groin now shows weight lift estimates with groin #lift"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Swapping classes dismisses pets."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Alright, digging through accuracy/defense. Here's how it goes. Take the power's accuracy, add 10 per level over or sub 10 per level under the attacker is over the defender. Adjust for height (taller is badder!). Add 5 per accuracy combat skill point. If the target not the true target? (aoe) -5 per point of back row, -1 per AoEGuard Status up to 20, -1 per 2 up to 40. Alright, finally time for statuses! The user's accuracy status - the target's defense, then scaled ((x/x+100)*50) and applied. Add 2 per group improvement firing drills. (add complex adjustment for AoEs, not doing that this second). Alright, got all that? Great, now to hit with 0% dodge, reduce that number by 45 and that's your percent. Missed? Alright, roll again with no modifiers to get 25% dodge. Missed again? Shoot, fine, here, +30 to the roll, you have to hit and score a 50% dodge! You missed AGAIN?! Here, 75% dodge for you. Go back and train."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "After chatting on pub, the modifier for your height and for your level are now considered modifiers to accuracy/defense, meaning they can be combated with defense/accuracy more directly, and also obey the same sliding scale as the rest once everything is added together."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Status command now factors in size into defense to give a more accurate number."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can no longer tar baby yourself."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You are now shown your 25% dodge accuracy when you attack. [50%/60%] would be a 50% dodge and 60% accuracy."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "status now displays the true effect of maxhp, including size modifier."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Debuffresist is now displayed accurately in status."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Vampiric, the status/power stat, was not obeying vampiric, the combat skill. It now properly gives 50% at 0, 75% at 1, 100% at 2, and 125% at 3, as the rpinfo said it would."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "#debug Vampiric given a gentle code scrubbing to be easier to read for future code work. It also displays accurately in status, already factoring your vampiric combat skill."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Running, Strength, and Stealth all have upgrades in the mako shop to have and bolster yourself with."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "When you revive from a power, you should fire off all your toggles prepare yourself instead of springing back up effectively naked and ready to die again."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Proficiencies no longer cap at your level, enjoy that."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Ixchel Jaguar has moved to keep its South American god friend company. Recall should work fine."

[Update] Code Gnome Cerulean marps, "You can now travel Up and Down the slopes of the Mountain Path."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "+groin #size now respects unit preferences."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "er, #lift, not #size"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "After some refining, doing a 'list' in the elite store is now over ten times faster."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now scale (scale)=(amount to test with) to test the scales."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now effects #filter=specificstatus to see that specific status instead of everything, so effect #filter=defense for example."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Loki given some spring cleaning. He now offers a more compelling non-combat option (illusion weaving) and his aura debuff was improved."

[Update] Code Gnome Cerulean warmly intones, "Celestial Attendant transformation no longer refers to absent scenery if you acquire the mutation elsewhere."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Call of Odin's upgrade for damage has been increased."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Odin is not going to be outshone by Loki! He has also been spruced up with upgrades to his power and base dedication."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Didn't anyone tell you? Today is THORSday, which is why we keep giving the norse gods love. Einherjar's powers given some sprucing."

[Update] Systems Glitch bleats, "A baaaaaaashful new canidae hybrid of sheep and wolf has made its way to Sheephole Valley. The Wolver Sheep is ready to give you a hug! Or a butt to the gut, whichever comes first."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Web options should include 5 again."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Whoopsy, forget that last one. My mistake."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Major bug in NPC AI found and fixed. They will now use buffs and heals properly. This could also affect players on auto beyond what they put in for hard AI lines."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Things in auto will no longer rapidly fire things with extremely low charge."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "strength lifting adjusted for people below normal (5) size."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "A new program to show off your amazing abs! Type lift to make a strength roll and see what that lets you do."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Loki snuck in an update to his dedication that Nuku doesn't even know about, even if it seems like he's typing it, the sucker."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "lift command now respects unit-preferences."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "*Note: It will broadcast to the room according to the lifter's unit-preferences. I might change that if I see a good way to do it, but for now, that's how it is."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "lift command now broadcasts its output according to the reciever's preferences. That means that if bob prefers metric, and alice prefers imperial, that's what they get, regardless of which one of them uses the command."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Lift now estimates how much stuff you can load onto your back and what you can drag around."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New, cheap, merit, rpinfo steady strength for reliable lifts."

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "Kaiju's Giant Size Dedication power has a small increase to Strength to represent their ability to handle their increased size. This is special to Kaiju."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Since generic immunity and specific immunity are applied in two seperate steps, the immunity displayed in 'resist' was not always accurate. This has been fixed. No change to how it's calculated has occurred, just the display in resist."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Weak Spot and Juggernaut have been delivered mild nerfs."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Specific damage immunity was not being applied to *Damage, this has been rectified. Immunity was also moved -after- cover."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1486841336) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Willpower as a Combat Prof. +poll/view Willpower as a Combat Prof to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Fixed a bug that caused some repeats to not actually repeat."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "For experiment sake, the atb scale has been changed. 1000 = a round, as always, but it was counting in chunks of 200. It is not back to going at a finer scale of 100. How does it work? Lemme know!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "More testing, base combat speed increased."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Test is a failure, atb scale tuned back to 200."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The commend timer does not affect checking your own creatures."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Duplicating should be behaving better now."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New group perk Weight Training."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "See rpinfo communal repair for a new group upgrade option."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Prime AI created. It is a condition, meaning the AI line its on will only fire if a prime is present. It does not affect targetting, as was suggested in the pool. This was chosen to allow all the existing targets to continue being used in such a case, instead of forcing this one AI to only be useful in an extremely narrow fit."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "resist now works on mobs and pets."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Status command now skips 'debuff' versions of statuses, since they're already reflected in the positive variation of themselves."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Huge bug in status located. It wasn't counting the negative debuffs in the new, calculated, statuses. This is now fixed."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Regen is now calculated out in status."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The Stretch for $1100 altered. It is now 'Staff runs a scene for a pending research that requires it.'"

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "Fortified has been updated to represent the various DamageImmunity types and will affect modifiers with these, such as Willful, Appropriately."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Tport's message given a slight overhaul!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Launch the Rocket can now proceed thanks to a scene run via stretch goal!"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "New Research: Passive Nanite Repair"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Passive Nanite Repair given a cred cost. Whoops."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "* the fact that passive nanite repair shows a low percentage of items is correct. Research needs at least half its nanite requirement filled to be able to complete."

[Update] Code Gnome Cerulean regally proclaims, "Time of day constraint removed from Solar Dragon dedication quest. More puzzle aspects will be reinstated later, but for now I want to be fair to everyone regardless of time zone."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Holiday forms will NO LONGER be put up for sale in the mako store! Instead, the vial machine in Z tower can now offer holiday forms. The chocolate valentine is now available. It will automatically make it available in Feburary from now on without staff involvement."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "If there are other forms you want added to its database, +request it up!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The vial machine fixed to hand out BOSS vials if the form is a valid holiday form during its holiday period. Once you have the vial, it is what it is, it won't expire."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Winter holidays in... Feburary? I guess it could work, however, alas, the holiday forms from December have been removed from the Elite store."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The edge system is now live, if a little bare on content. You can now spend your remorts, losing them in favor of specific edges, which are much like perks, and even show up in +jnote much like they do. Unlike perks, there is no limit to them, save your willingness to keep reaching for them. Spent remorts do not give you the +1%/remort advantage, but do affect the xp/cash needed to level. More edges will come, promise, so you may want to sit on them for now. To see what we have, list edge, and rpinfo (edge). To actually get them, head to where you go to remort and you can buy edge (edge). While you are there, you can also list edges to get a nice list with prices and colors!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The first two edges, Fortitude, Minor and major, are now coded!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Our third edge, Societal Mother, is primed and good to go. Fathers of feral children (with npc mothers) will also benefit from it."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, Patrol Reserves, increases your patrol cap by 50%."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Edges now show their cost in rpinfo."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Two new edges. Networker, Minor and major. Get more influence from roleplaying!(+50%/+100%, stacks)"

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1487316851) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Purchasing Remorts. +poll/view Purchasing Remorts to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Heavy Load has been added in. Credit to Busty for the desc."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Platinum Virility and Personal Oasis edges created and coded."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, Reliable Titan. It has the side benefit of replacing heroic strength, making perk points available."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "list edges is now available anywhere, and shows how many remorts you have."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "In theory, +health will show what anyone is charging if you use it while they're charging something. Testing required."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Charging report now confirmed operational."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty squeggs, "Sexy Dragoness given Leg Splitter support!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "A wide bevvy of Expert Upkeeper edges now exist to remove upkeep as a concern."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, Social Financer."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "A helpfile for edges now exists."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, deep recharges."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Research now properly obeys the nanogram scale of nanites."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1487443480) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Cosmetic Edges. +poll/view Cosmetic Edges to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, rewarded patience"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, Adaptive Resilience"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Be all the healer you can be with the new edge, Emergency Heal."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "A bevvy of new edges created, (damage type) mastery. Allows you to ignore the first 7.5 points of immunity a target has against the named damage type."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Mastery edges turned to Mastery, Type so they group together nicely."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Trivia and Terrifying Visage no longer do that 1 point of healing/damage, to ensure they can count as non-healing buff and non-healing debuff. There's probably more of those 1-healing buffs/1-damage debuffs around. Please nudge us in the right direction if you spot one before we do."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, Widened Genorisity. Get those buffs out to everyone!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Looking towards the future, a greater version of that edge has been created. They do stack."

[Update] Combat-Fox Luminosity quietly yips, "Opportunity's description has been changed to reflect what it really does."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "perk/flaw-buying during chargen no longer requires specfying whether you want a perk or a flaw. (you can do buy <perk or flaw>, or buy perk <perk> or buy flaw <flaw>). This does not apply outside of chargen."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Pregnancy Messages will now have <Pregnancy> prepended to them. Pregnancy Messages from Ferals will have <Feral Pregnancy>"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, deep pockets, +30 inventory"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "With the removal of builder nanites, there is no need to hold untold amounts of any given item at any one time. If a stack is at 99+, it will not accept more into it. On the plus side, I plan to make some items that refuse to stack be more obliging about it, stay tuned."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "No trade items will now merge with trade items, which means less stacking +reward item issues."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Scratch the last update."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "+reward batteries from the +reward command no longer no trade."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Stack limit raised from 99 to 100 for OCD pleasure."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Update for the zipper. If you have it and the room womb, the person in the womb room can exert control over you from the inside! From inside the womb, type z (command). Say, pose, and room exits are valid. " and : are valid for say and pose shortcuts."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Got a zipper? Folks in your womb can now zlook to see what room they're in and who's present."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Getting lost driving your person around and having to zlook constantly? Fixed! When you force your suit to move, you automagically get an update of what room you're now in and who's there and what exits are present."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Vanity edges now have a nice big V in list edges."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Purchasing vanity edges with mako is now functional (Just buy a vanity edge without enough remorts and it will ask) More coming!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now purchase vanity edges for 50 makolunardollars per point. You will be prompted if you try to get one without enough remorts OR you can buy one, then buy it again and it will ask you to blow the makolunardollars to switch it over and refund your remorts."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New vanity perk, Fertile Land. Make your womb truly a home that will stand the test of time."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty pants, "A pair of strange looking mutants have been sighted entering the Latex Toy Factory. Rumor is they're looking for volunteers to act as temp sex toys for the showroom floor."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty pants, "The NPC in the Latex Toy Factory office has been temporarily removed until pathing can be fixed."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New vanity edge, Many Rolling Hills."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Platinum virility and its greater cousin now both add to your chance of knocking a lady sky high."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New vanity edge, Athletic Swimmers"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Virility, both, now add to how well you fill someone up."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New vanity edge, deep heat."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty pants, "After a brief hiatus a pair of silly silicone dodos have been returned to the Latex Toy Factory office and are once again taking sex toy volunteers."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Fixed some badly optimized code in +health. Yay for speed!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New, game changing, perk (not edge), Non-Violent Progression. Every RP reward tick when you need boss vials, you have a 10% chance of getting a boss vial credit towards that level. You have a 10% chance of 10%(that is, 1%) chance of getting -2- vials at once! (1-100 roll, 1 = 2 reward, 2-9 = 1)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, advanced peace."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "It is now possible to get boss vial credit if you need one at level up. If you have a high octane in the wings at the time, you will instead get ALL the vials you need to get that level. If you only need one vial, the high octane will NOT trigger."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Eep, at +reward, not at level up."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Fix located in heavy load causing crashes, should cleared now."

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "DoT Damage Types on powers and talents should be corrected. If there are any misdisplays that show PhysicalDamage or EnergyDamage (NOT Resist or Return, those are fine), please let us know in a +request."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Not everyone enjoys adaptive resilience. Oops."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Big stacks of items will be broken down into smaller stacks over time."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New edge, Challenged Learner"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Challenged Learner and its greater kin are both now coded and ready for action."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty pants, "The Dodos in the Latex Toy factory have been hard at work setting up another volunteer toy option for agents that's very near and dear to the airheaded birds."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Least En AI should be fixed"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now use +suit in all ways you could use +womb, for you suitplayers out there!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "All the December-exclusive forms are loaded up properly to appear by magic next December."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Our singular new year form will appear through January."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The Liberty Leopard will appear in July!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Halloween forms loaded and prepared."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Easter forms loaded up."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Our singular labor day form will come out in September"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "And last, but not least, mother's day is covered. That all set up and done, now is a fine time to remind you that you could be making your own holiday forms to share with the game (And get mako for it)."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Everyone should just have gotten 5 perk points. Everyone!"

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty pants, "Badge requirements for Remi and Tila's scenes have been removed."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Two new edges, Health Insurance and its greater cousin."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Suit command should work properly now."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The medicinal now targets perfectly. Enjoy that :D"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Good news, wounds now scale with level. Bad news, only +health has been informed of this and things that hit you with wounds still scale ahead of time... ooops. On it."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Alright, wounds all on the same page. All current wounds purged. Enjoy.<3"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Submitting now applies the correct number of wounds (2.5)."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Respawning causes the correct number of wounds (1)"

[Update] Nuku seductively yips, "Negative wounds, they're silly. The code will be better about doing that from now on."

[Update] Nuku seductively yips, "Web combat should come unstock more easily on its own."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "New stringparsing [if X carried/carried custom by Y <comparison> <value>]. Counts all the items that matches Y in name and engraved name, respectively, both equipped and in your inventory. On RuP, it additionally counts the items equipped on souls other than your current soul."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty pants, "Mental Mouse given a change to verbsay. Was previously too long, has been shortened to something appropriate."

[Update] Nuku seductively yips, "Extra Girth given a bit of extra bulge."

[Update] Nuku seductively yips, "New token recipe modifier made available, Blunt."

[Update] Nuku seductively yips, "New Nanomagic available, Water Propulsion Nanomagic."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Nanite Decubate coded."

[Update] Nuku seductively yips, "Hotel Oblivion locked for now."