Automated Multiplayer Updates/2016 March

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[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Wikibot should now, hopefully, update a listing of updates to the wikis of both games. Guess this is the first live test!"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Edited layouts of new wikibot update pages for both games, a little bit"

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "After some careful thought and review Lay on Paws Damage from 30 to 60."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Critical error in feral mode upgrading found and patched. All existing mutant powers at 3 or lower have been re-calculated automagically."

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "Ultimate mastery is now a choice for Ferals, just like normal agents."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Minor tweak to the basic combat engine to make things run faster in theory. Change to end user: None"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Powers will no longer rely on bodypart size. Such references are being removed. You are now free to be as endowed as you wish or don't wish and will not be rewarded or punished for it, flaws aside."

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "Lay on Paws CD from 7400 to 8500."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Normal physics redescribed."

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "All references to body size bonuses removed from Normal Physics."

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "Bodypart powers help file removed."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Looks Human is now a vanity-perk."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Death Sworn's dedroom now rtracable, though still hidden."

[Update] Highway Song softly churrls, "Nekomata dedication area's location is now hinted to, rather than a wild guess."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Direct Negotiator and Social Paragon removed."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Before I go to bed, a change to roopets, they now lose powers not from the infection in the cock mutation slot when summoned. This will make them much easier to balance going forward. (Note, roo pets with mixed mutations are going to be hurt by this.)"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Roo pets will now have their full compliment of powers, but in the case of non 'native' (powers not part of the infection-set associated with the groin), they will have a debuff of 50% to damage and status mag. A roo god dedicant or somepony with the dedication as a badge and a Fake Pouch item, the debuff is halved."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Swarm of Rats is once again charmable, in light of recent changes to roopet balance"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "You are now informed of your odds of an extra boss vial if you fail to get one and have any chance. This is sent as a web notification."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Mutant Trick should work better now."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Opportunity no longer displays damage with super precision and instead rounds to a whole number."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Areablock debug enabled."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "The map command will no longer attempt to charge you for going through gates."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Mutant trick now works, really! We swear!"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Characters made via the web are no longer neuter to start."

[Update] Highway Song softly churrls, "Arm Divider support added to Sexy Dragoness."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Minor tweak in turn cycling code. Player visible change: None, except maybe a bit less server load which means less lag."

[Update] Highway Song softly churrls, "Added a big honkin' journal lore to the husky den."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "While in auto, you get a much uglier, but faster, hp readout."

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "An unintended intreaction with Hardening found and debugged. Hardening's passive effect given a sub-class."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Fleeing from a fight makes you ineligible to receive rewards from those monsters."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "You can now clear your preferences set with setai with clearai"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Crash in atb addressed."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Hopefully this will be a big improvement to debuffers. The 'random' debuffclears on enemies above boss rank have been completely removed. As a result, Opportunity also no longer applies damage when a debuff is cleared."

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "New Merit made and coded. Healing Factor."

[Update] Do Re Miorna says, "ATB Invalid Turngoer bug found and squished. Sorry about that."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New merit, rpinfo average effort."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Reinstated Opportunity "debuff clear take damage" code and hard boss and higher debuff clearing, pending a review of effects"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Changes to debuffs vs monsters with rank above boss. There will no longer be a repeating debuffclear effect on such creatures. Now, just before level scaling happens, such critters will modify the magnitude of all *debuff statuses down in a similar manner to damageresist, although this will not have the 40% cap on it. More potent debuffs will have a scale applied so it doesn't completely neuter them all (these scales are still being adjusted)."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Primes now have much lower debuffresist."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Prime backup now weaker"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "Terrible Pun has lost its DamageBuffDuration upgrade."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Front Row now gives areablock properly."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Monster editor no longer uses inches."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Ovipositioner should now obey the presence of a spreader bar and not require permission."

[Update] Chinthliss says, "Switched to an alternative JSON encoder for web <> muck communication"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "The Salvage Mastery group perks have a new, improved description!"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Final battle in Puzzling Pillars reduced in difficulty."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Custom Power deed in the elite store removed."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "New Culinary Program has been discovered and is on sale! Jello!"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "New perk added, Pacifist."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "New perk added, Migration Expert."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Creative Accounting now available and coded!"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "New perk added, Superior Adaptation."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "Milk Maiden has been added in! But where? And how? Perhaps if you return to the epicenter of milkiness you could find out."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna coughs, "Ahh, small error in the Milk flow there, Milk Maiden can now be aquired."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "+census made a bit snappier, and will alert you when it's working."

[Update] Highway Song squeals, "Blood Warrior no longer has 'Scavanger' 1, and instead has Scavenger 1."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New Research Available"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "train review display improved."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "The healing skill's formula for hpbuffer updated in code and description."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "You may now remove craftmods at any nanite workshop, using 'craft modifier strip'."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fix in crafting code, cost can never be reduced to zero."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "If somebody is eligible for the 'anything fits' thing during sex, it will now also check the person on the receiving end for a girth controller."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "The Swarm Of Rats fight should be just a bit smarter about telling you to mentor down."

[Update] Writer Song deeply murrs, "Does a Body Good now correctly applies the 'BreastDensity' status instead of 'Breast Density'."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "A useful improvement to formex has been added, allowing it to now reveal a form's powers as well."

[Update] Entomologist Volucris squawks, "Expansive Rut no longer reduces ball size for those who have negative Rut values."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "All the debuffing skills (tactician, enduring malice, and opportunity) all help to wriggle past enemy debuff resistance due to rank, ensuring that some of your debuff can get through it."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "rpinfo of tactician, opportunity, and enduring malice updated."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "Honeyed Words from 14 damage to 8."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Nanite infection strain database now shows which infections you have and haven't mastered yet. (Of the ones stored, of course.)"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Passive powers are now resisted less by things above boss rank, as if their rank were 30 less."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "You can now nanite upkeep to get rid of your upkeep! Type nanite for costs."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New nanite option, nanite restore. Type nanite for details!"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Nanite restore now more affordable!"

[Update] Entomologist Volucris sings, "Looks Native and the Discount Nativizer are now mutually exclusive. Being nativized to 'random' with the Looks Native merit will now show your current mutations in the mut and ws commands, as well as in your autodesc."

[Update] Entomologist Volucris sings, "Previous update expanded to include sayverbs with both the say command as well as channels. Also, say has been fixed and will now work properly with Looks Native."

[Update] Auxilium sultrily purrs, "Case Management (Lawyer job) got the proper target number."

[Update] Auxilium sultrily purrs, "Develop New Studies (Geneticist) TG increased to 6."

[Update] Auxilium sultrily purrs, "Fight The Crime (Guard) TG increased to 6"

[Update] Auxilium sultrily purrs, "Theoretical uses of Magic TG reduced to 4."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "Tears of Life updated. Charge slightly reduced, new Upgrade option, RegenDuration."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Ally and Self HP AI should behave better. Debug left on to monitor. Feedback appreciated."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "A few more tweeks to upgrades on Tears of Life."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Stringparsing -change-. [if <thing> owned by <target>] (checking for jnotes and powers) now treats <thing> as a regular expression. Same goes for 'not owned by'. This means two things:"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "One, it is is possible to check for the presence of multiple jnotes at ones (returning true when they are either all present, or all non-present in the case of 'not owned by')."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Two, it means that, if you were using this, you may need to tighten up the parsing by putting a normal^

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Addendum to above, please don't use 'normal^

[Update] Workhorse Song deeply murrs, "Fixed bug in the Anime Babe victory/ovictory that could make the special scene trigger at unintended times."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "durable recipe modifier buffed."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Nanite Shielded recipe modifier buffed"

[Update] Insaniac Song deeply murrs, "Color Chooser support added to Snapping Turtle."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New 1 point vanity perk, Ambidextrous"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Areablock debug disabled."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "When performing +checks, remorted people will be treated as max level."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Players should now be able to train proficiencies even while mentored down. And uh, apparently it also seems that will make proficiencies counted as if you were unmentored."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "I may have fixed the invalid power thing on auto. Maybe."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "Jagged given a mild nerf. AoE -1."

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Mecha Mole mob no longer spawns with five combat skills. Specifically: Accuracy 2 -> 0, Damage 2 -> 0, Flurry 3 -> 0, Penetration 2 -> 0, Speed 1 -> 0"

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Devil mob no longer spawns with nine combat skills. Specifically: Accuracy 2->0, Avoidance 2->0, Controlled Burst 2->0, Damage 3->0, Durability 1->0, Endurance 1->0, Flurry 3->0, Penetration 1->0, Vampiric 3->0"

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Cyber Serpent mob no longer spawns with 10 combat skills. Specifically: Accuracy 2->0, Bewitched 2->0, Damage 2->0, Enduring Malice 2->0, Flurry 2->0, Opportunity 2->0, Penetration 2->0, Rage 2->0, Reactive 2->0, Speed 2->0"

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Christmas Skunk Chick no longer spawns with three combat skills. Specifically: Controlled Burst 2->0, Damage 1->0, Penetration 1->0"

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Magma Wyrm mob no longer spawns with six combat skills. Specifically: Controlled Burst 3->0, Damage 2->0, Penetration 2->0, Rage 3->0, Reactive 3->0, Speed 2->0"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna smolders, "Stygian Hound toned down. Damage, Penetration, Flurry, and Sac Fury from 2 to 1 each."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna smolders, "Magma Wurm restored, slightly, added Pen 2, Damage 1, Rage 2, and Speed 1 back for now."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Long charge times no longer buff *damage and repeatattack statuses. (They shouldn't have to begin with)"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Flurries interact with armor a bit differently now."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna smolders, "Typo in Shock Trooper found and squished."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna smolders, "Shock Troopers now spawn with the power Gouging Claws."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna gently growls, "Mountain Lions can now be found in the Great Red Forest."

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Leg Splitter support added to Micro Fox."

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Mountain Lion now actually has nipples."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Jelly whip's AoE upgrade notched down slightly."

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Pack Rat now has 26 points in combat skills, not 27, to be in line with other T2 classes. That means Back Row 3->2"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Existing AoE upgrades for jelly whip have been reduced to match new values."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna gently growls, "Udderizer is not going to be altered further, if you wish, you may request a refund at 50% its cost."

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Salamander Femme given Kemonomimi descriptions, content courtesy of Armel."

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Cheetah given Kemonomimi descriptions, content courtesy of Armel."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "terminal/area listing now shows the actual rank number of enemies."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Terminal cleaned up a little bit."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "By way of some fun workarounds, Lucky Charm has returned to original design specs... Mostly."

[Update] Dog Song commands, "Color Chooser support added to Eagle Girl."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Poison Bite significantly buffed. (Charge -1750, Damage Type energy>poison)"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Group Name Classification actually works now."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "The rank bonus given to mobs that are already boss rank or higher due to difficulty is now significantly less (half, to be specific)."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Pacifist perk now honors special spawn conditions and level limits, it also takes into account Nanite Social Devolutionizer and Baiting"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Upgrade to AI successful, the AI can now use 'Instant' powers without ending your turn."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "(That is, powers with a negative charge time that you'd be able to use manually without ending your turn.)"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "List powers appears to be functioning again, (No idea what has changed, honestly.)"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "List powers is more accurate now."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Specifically for DoTs*"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Also more accurate for repeatattacks too, now."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "List powers also shows proficiencies connected to a mutant power."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Correction in the lengthy magazines recipe item. It now uses 'Salvage Amount', not 'salvage amounts', as it should."

[Update] Swordfox proudly yips, "Quilled Tousky will now properly award players with a lore entry for defeating it."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Color Chooser support added to Siren. Also adjusted the form to mention skin changing in the skin TF, not the torso TF."

[Update] Dog Song says, "This is a test, please ignore."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Toggle items shouldn't turn themselves off by the whims of an angry god."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Gaining the Namidian summon power requires the badge now. (How the hell did that get overlooked?)"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Ponies with the "Pacifist" perk will no longer be welcome during web fights."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "You can now enable ponify, lullify or a new secret feature by using #pony on #lulz on or something else. This is per channel and can be turned off in a similar manner."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Fixed a bug in a mystery feature!"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Toggle items should activate with renew command if proper."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New research available (though hidden behind an existing topic)."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "renew will really activate toggle items, for real! We promise!"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "New power type added. Simple. Simple powers are intended only for buffs. They do no damage or healing and simply apply statuses (unmodified) to players. If AoE is specified, then they will apply those statuses to the whole party"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Crazy new options added to chat. See pub #help for details!"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "AI even better at not trying to disable toggle items."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna gently growls, "Leeching vampiric effects now given a subtype."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Minimum value of a regen status is now zero, same for hpbuffer."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Avatar subversion will no longer happen in wiz-chat"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Enhanced lullify"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "You can now enable fish mode in chat. Also, you can now subvert Avatar to talk like fish."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Using emotes while fishified fixed"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Fixed some wording when subverting Avatar"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Lullify should better avoid non-character hashtags"

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "And lullify also avoids color tags in hashtags too"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna gently growls, "Stygian Hound given Damage 2, Health 3, Flurry 2, Penetration 2, and Rank from Hard Boss to Boss."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Numerical ranks vs Named ranks changed. What does this mean for the player? Mobs that had numbered ranks (mostly random encounters) that have a rank over 100 just got easier."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "All enemies above boss rank now reward you for your efforts much more generously. Let the money flow!"

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Arm Divider support added to Mutant Hyena."

[Update] Cuddle Connoisseur Morrigan quietly yips, "Illusion Nanomagic has had the base AccuracyDebuff mag adjusted from 10 to 5, to pull it further from standard mutant powers."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Color Chooser support on Mechanical Mephit has been expanded. You can now use color3 to define the color of the circuit-like lines which run across the form's body."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Mutant Hyena updated with Leg Splitter support."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Color Chooser support added to Aassahke Male/Aassahke Female."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Mobs with higher rank will now give better odds of finding baubles and treasure."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Higher ranked mobs now drop salvage more often."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Higher ranked mobs now drop higher ranked builder nanites, or have a chance to, up to the usual max."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna gently growls, "Flight Perk given a much more detailed description."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Builder nanites no longer increased in level, instead have a chance of dropping multiple vials if high ranked."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Fixed an error with high rank mob treasure drops."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna gently growls, "Pharmaceutical Nanomagic is now a thing! But so far, no one knows it? Who will be the first!?"

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Leg Splitter support added to Otter. Now you can be an Ottaur."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Color Chooser support added to Cheetah."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Color Chooser support added to Tricerataur. color and color2 for skin color, color3 for nail color."

[Update] Ground Control yips, "While coding up the modified cum thing, I found and fixed the thing that kept soothing touch and the like from functioning while using the vanilla fuck command."

[Update] Ground Control yips, "First part of modified cum mpool implemented. Tomorrow/in a few hours when I wake up, I'll code the thingy that actually lets you pick which infection is used for it."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Added something to allow non-description props on items to be stringparsed."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "(Some clarification was requested. This is designed to allow items to read out stats on a person)"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "(This stuff happens when you look at an item with +gear)"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Removed infectious cum from disableable items, in preparation of adding the thing to select the infection to infect with."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Infectious cum has been upgraded to allow for selecting an infection to infect with. You must have mastered the selected infection, and it must not be no-funnel."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "One last tweak to infectious cum, it now requires, but does not prompt for, at least write permission to have an effect. (Since, you know, you can't tell what someone's infectious cum is set to use anymore.)"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "The effects of infectious cum now requires transform permission."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Fixed typos in Bogart Knight description. Cleared stats set by the form on players to make sure people get the tweaked, typo-free version."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Feral Mode auto-upgrading much smarter now and will result in higher numbers. If you had a mutant power at rating 3 or under, it was automatically re-upgraded."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Nanite Workshop removed from elite store."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "The puzzler now had a minimum payout for cash rewards, even after taxing is accounted for."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New recipe in the token store, Caffeine Tablets!"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Gravid modifier's active statuses have been typed, (No, you cannot haz 10 rounds of 11 energymod)"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Making craftmods properly checks for existence of ingredients."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New nanomagic: rpinfo hydrodynamic nanomagic"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Udder-related color glitch fixed!"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "NanoList is now a thing you can type. It gives you a tree-view of the nanomagic that you have on your character. See nanolist #help for additional features."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Nanomagic helpfile given a little dab of paint."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Nanolist #full is now functioning again."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New nanomagic: +rp daemian=special/rpinfo nanite scanning nanomagic"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "rpinfo nanite scanning nanomagic"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New nanomagic: +rp daemian=special/rpinfo nanite scanning nanomagic"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "... Damn keyboard."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Speed ups to combat (AI processing) applied."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fix to monster bait item, it now checks against infection, rather than just the mob's name."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "5 makolunardollars given out to everyone for a great month!"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "The self-damaging power of sacrificial fury tweaked. It is no longer dependant on damagebuff, attack, or other temporary increases or decreases to damage."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Concentrated works better for damage, now giving +4/8/12 instead of 3/6/9."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Chat substitutions now attempt to match case "everypony EVERYPONY Everypony""

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Added more stuff to lullify"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna gently growls, "Description of Fiery Hide changed to not imply that you are constantly burning yourself and your friends."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Two new merits, just for you! Resilient Martyr and Energetic Resilience. Tame that Sacrificial Fury!"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Party leaders can once again set the default target of their entire party with 'target party=(thing)'."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Patrol Energy now shown on +sheet."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Namidian totem thing fixed, again, (badge checker wasn't done correctly)"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Levelling up should give you access to new powers instantly."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fixed a thing with udder enhancement."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Well, the one in mako store, if you have one that turns on and off instead of just being an item you can use, please file a request, so I can fix that."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Nyanify added to the silly substitution options in chat. (No, you cannot subvert Avatar into making cat puns at present.)"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Bit of cleaning up in nyanify."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Oh yeah, almost forgot, Marshmallow chicken is in the mako store for easter."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "(Explains where all those candy eggs went.)"

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Fixed typos in Solar Dragon groin TF."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Enemies are dropping easter eggs! How many can you find?"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "If you are not a Judge, you can no longer into RP-chat. You can still recieve messages there, though."