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Agonizing stats
Description By dispersing the energy release over time, you can deal more overall damage with your weapons. It may deal less over its previous duration of damage, but it now lasts far longer to give more overall ow.
Cred Cost
XP Cost Ingredients None
Salvage Common Energy X 50
Crafting Skills None
Item Stats AcidDamageDuration of +40%
AcidDamageMag of -15%
BluntDamageDuration of +40%
BluntDamageMag of -15%
ColdDamageDuration of +40%
ColdDamageMag of -15%
CriticalDamageDuration of +40%
CriticalDamageMag of -15%
ElectricityDamageDuration of +40%
ElectricityDamageMag of -15%
HeatDamageDuration of +40%
HeatDamageMag of -15%
NegativeDamageDuration of +40%
NegativeDamageMag of -15%
PierceDamageDuration of +40%
PierceDamageMag of -15%
PoisonDamageDuration of +40%
PoisonDamageMag of -15%
PositiveDamageDuration of +40%
PositiveDamageMag of -15%
PsychicDamageDuration of +40%
PsychicDamageMag of -15%
RadiationDamageDuration of +40%
RadiationDamageMag of -15%
SlashDamageDuration of +40%
SlashDamageMag of -15%

Agonizing/Extra Notes Edit notes