Twelve Labours

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While level 30, explore the museum for the "Labours Introduction" to start the quest-line.

A warning in advance, these quests are intended to be a feat of strength and are often difficult, and end the quest line if failed. So if accepting it is a good idea to make sure and save, and be prepared/strong before engaging some of the labours (especially the first two)

Sylvia at the female dorms at the College also has some extra lore or potentially helpful tips if she is asked about the labours as well, if she has been met around the college.

First Labour - The Nemean Lion

*Dangerous combat encounter, fails questline on loss*

  • Encounter or hunt for the "Meet the Nemean Lion" event while at the Dry Plains
  • Fight the Nemean Lion. Failure or fleeing results in the quest-line ending.
  • The Submissive feat will add some extra lines to the scenes if you choose to engage in them.

The reward for this quest being the Lionskin Equipment which is one of the stronger armors in the game.

Second Labour - The Lernean Hydra

*Dangerous combat encounter, significantly more than the last labour, fails questline on loss*

  • Encounter or hunt for the "Too Many Heads" event while at the Abandoned Lot in the Junkyard
  • Fight the Lernean Hydra. Failure or fleeting results in the quest-line ending.
  • The quest and Sylvia hint to bring a companion, and if you do then you only have to beat the Hydra once which is an extremely hard fight on its own. If you do not bring a companion, you have to beat the Hydra 3 times to complete the quest, and it regains its full 600 health for each of the next two fights, and does more damage as well making it easily the hardest encounter in the game.

The reward for this quest if they succeed, is the player is given a boon that causes their companions to attack more often during fights (and seemingly more accurately), and so do more damage help for all future encounters with one.

Third Labour - The Hind

There is no combat for this one, and there is a chance on the post forest nav points that it may trigger without needing to go into the area and hunt or explore for the event noted, such as the park

  • Go to the Urban Forest nav point until encountering the Benefit of Hindsight Introduction event (may leave and nav back a few times, as it is a chance on going there), it won't have an event name shown, but it will talk about Artemis and that the hind was last seen here in these woods.
  • Can encounter or hunt for the Benefit of Hindsight Forest event, where you are told they have headed towards the beach.
  • At the beach nav point, encounter or hunt for Benefit of Hindsight Beach, and this will lead you to going to the Zoo.
  • Go to the zoo nav point, and then east (or any moveable direction) from it as the nav is considered the outside zone, and then encounter or hunt for Benefit of Hindsight Zoo, where you will need to go the Park.
  • Go to the park nav point, and then north from it as the nav is considered the outside zone, and then encounter or hunt for Benefit of Hindsight Park, where you will head off to the Dry Plains.
  • At the Dry Plains nav point, encounter or hunt for Benefit of Hindsight Plains to finish the quest, which is as far as the questline currently goes as of May 2023.

The reward for this quest is the ceryneian antler, a reuseable item that lets you transform into an anthro (two legged), feral (four legged), or tauric (four legged with humanoid upper body similar to a centaur) deer, or revert back to pure human.

This infection unless using the horn again to revert back to human, is a permanent infection along the lines of the Jackal, Nightmare, or Hellhound infections (will automatically revert to the chosen deer form if infected by something else), and like the permanent infections gives stat boosts while transformed: 6 Strength, 8 Dexterity, 6 Stamina, 4 Intelligence, 6 Perception, and 6 Charisma

Each of the three transformed versions is also of the 'supernaturally tall' size (size 4 compared the standard human size 3) for any things that may affect.

Also as noted it above that it can revert back to Pure non-infected Human makes it one of only two items in the game that can revert a player to a completely pure non-infected human, the other being the spray from Colleen, however the spray has a limited number of uses, and is not 100% effective after the first whereas the antler can be used any number of times.